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Buying a home

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Anyone know of help with closing cost for TDIU Veteran?

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There are programs, mostly in each state. (They are often not specific to Veterans, but to first time home buyers) . 

  With a VA loan, you can get 100 percent financing, and have the VA funding fee waived for disabled Vets.  

Beyond the funding fee, when you negotiate to buy the home, you can ask the seller to pay closing costs.  My son just bought a home and the seller agreed to pay closing costs.  

Even then, you will likely have to pay at least for an appraisal (around 400 dollars) some other things, too.  However, you can tell your realtor to time the closing to coincide with your paycheck, probably schedule it in the first few days of the month.  

By doing the things I listed, you "should" be able to buy a home.  

If you have not gotten control over your spending habits and overspend each month, you may not be ready to become a homeowner, as you need to manage your money well to keep the home as well as inevitable repairs and maintenance the home will inevitably need.  

Sometimes the seller will offer a home warranty for a year or two to cover things like a broken hot water heater.  Of course, you, too, as the buyer can ask the seller to provide a home warranty.  You simply so state that in your offer.  You can also ask the seller to pay closing costs by simply including that in your offer.  "Seller to pay closing costs (sometimes you put a limit of, say, 4000 dollars).  Sellers want to know how much they will get and dont like "unknown closing costs".  

If you are working with a realtor they can guide you.  

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Now days  depending where you live in the country  the Home buying is something else.

We just purchase a New Home  3 years old actually  new to us.

You have to submit that you want the home at the cost Advertised and the realtor lets the home buyer know  and or the other Realtor handling the sale of the home  what usually happens is you get into a bidding war with the Realtor that has the home up for sale.

if like my home it 's advertise price was 263.000...they had a higher Offer from a home buyer at a more higher price (they won't tell you what that price is)   they simple tell you the home will cost you more than the advertised price simply because they have a higher offer on the home so you have to counter offer your price for the home if you want the home...

we were so tired of this happening and wanted to get out of the Apt we were renting  at 2000 a month plus utility's

Well 263,000   We offered 268.000 and not a dime more...we won the bid and closed in 3 weeks.  now who to say the home realtor of the home was dis-honest and just made another 3% on the extra 5000. 00 we  paid?  I think  a lot of realtors do this but what do you do? if you want the home?

WHICH now were not Happy with the HOA at 300.00 a year  they dictate what you can have and what you can't have outside your home   even the color of your home ,color of storage building , if you have a outside project  if any hammering is going on you have to contact the HOA for their approval..I hate that....eh!!!

 how high the grass can be,  no old cars out front that's broke down and won't run,  you can't have a regular size storage building built  & the building has to be 10 feet from your back fence and 5 feet from your side fence  this would put a 12x12 storage building at my back door  and the storage building can't be over 8 ft from the ground to the center of the building or the crown..were as a 12x12 building would need to be at least 10 feet to the center and you need the building setting on cement blocks because of the rain water..

.we been here little over a year and already looking to sale out and move and never ever get in a HOA arrangement again.

The sellers would not pay our closing cost  but  the Veteran don't have to pay the High cost of home owners insurance  or PMI And a good time to move in is before Jan 1st  and April 1st so you can get the property tax exemption..if you move in After  April 1st of the next year  then you can't get the  home stead and property tax exemption   so after April 1st you will need to wait the next year to get the property tax exemption check with your county appraisers office before you buy a home for the complete property tax exemption   some county's do not give a full property tax exemption.and the only time they give the property tax exemption is between Jan 1st and April 1st in most county's here in Texas  Were lucky  the county I live in  gets the full propert examtion.and this saves on your house payment  we were paying 1.952.75 month before the property tax ex  then when we got it our payments when to 1.300 .00 month and an extra 175,00 for home owners insurance  put the house payments up to 1475.00 month  which certainly helps.

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I forgot to mention you can get on  your e- benefit's account and print off your eligibility HOME LETTER

 most realtors can get them but its much faster to just print off the eligibility letter your self and present it to realtor.

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