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Driver's Medical Certificate for CDL

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Carl the Engineer


I have read in numerous inter-web locations, that in 2017, the VA would facilitate Veterans needing a Driver's Medical Certificate, form MCSA-5876, for their CDL (Commercial Driver's License). 

One of the new benefits afforded to us Veterans.

We'll as usual, my local VA clinic and my VA hospital are unable to do this for me..

So, no soup for me,




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This is from January 2018 so there must be some kind of hold up getting VA people certified or maybe they don't want to take the time i.e.,  "The exmainer must be familiar with CDL medical standards" :        https://www.overdriveonline.com/military-vet-truckers-will-be-able-to-use-v-a-examiners-for-dot-physicals/

Usually the company that hires you will pay a clinic to complete the DOT medical exam.

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I am retired, howerer, I do collect old trucks and tractors as a hobby.  In order to go across state lines with a trailer, weighing over 10,001 pounds, I need a DOT number for my truck, to be legal.  And the driver (me) of the truck needs a medical certificate, whether, "for hire" or "not for hire".

I do have a CDL, thanks to the military.

I do not need to keep a log book, however, which is good for me.

There is a Chiropractor in town that does them for $75, so that's what will probably happen.

Just trying to get the VA to do their damn job..



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  • HadIt.com Elder

I had to get a new PSL (Public Service License) which isn't the pedigree of a CDL but is necessary if you drive for a social service agency or business. Usually vans 14 people or less as passengers. You know, just another (tax) gimmick to get fees for the state. Anyway I asked during my annual physical and I thought the APRN or whatever at the VA was going to have kittens. "Why didn't you tell me this when we first started. This takes time." It was reading a eye chart and checking my flexibilty, like turning my head for driving. It took maybe 3 minutes. So...

1 hour ago, toddt said:

"Just trying to get the VA to do their damn job"    You, are quite the optimist.

You are so right!

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