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Supplemental claim

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As LightofSolitude says it was probably done to protect your EED. It is always best to submit claims complete, because after a few weeks, every time you submit new evidence, it causes a delay. The RO has to go back and eval the new stuff as it relates to whatever you already submitted. Of course, being the VA, more gates to go thru, the more time it is going to take. But, the world isn't perfect and there are many reason why you have to submit new evidence after you have filed. You probably filed in the "Supplemental" lane, which allows additional evidence; HLR fane, would not. BVA does also in some cases as well. So no, you may not have been screwed. Yet!

Good luck.

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Well 25 days later after the supplemental claim was submitted. It was closed today. No new changes just showing the claim was closed. I had set appointments up but they are two more weeks out. I could not submitted any additional information until i had went to those appointments.   I am waiting for the letter to come and i think it will say. "the evidence submitted is not new and relevant".  What would be my course of action now? 

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