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High Level Review Timeline

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I recently posted on here my confusion about appealing an EED to VBA or HLR. My VSO had me submit an appeal with a HLR. In case anyone is interested in how that process is going for me, here's where I'm at.

Submitted HLR received August 7th
HLR made decision September 19 (claim closed temporarily) 
VA identified an error September 19
Veterans Benefits Administration is correcting an error September 22 (New status)

The HLR did make a change to one of my EED appeals (I have two that I'm claiming for a EED).  HLR changed it from 1/30/2019 to 1/13/2016. Retro pay hit my account today.

I'm sure I will receive some details on the decision in the mail and hopefully what the error is. I called Peggy Friday and they just said I'll get the decision in the mail and they couldn't tell me anything over the phone.


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2 minutes ago, GBArmy said:

Well, I am sure it is only for our own good to keep that kind of info away from us. I mean, after all, they ARE veteran friendly and always have the veterans' best interests at heart! Right?

you forgot the snark symbol /snark

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6 hours ago, GBArmy said:

This brings up a separate question. How often will the VA decide and grant some, but not decide the rest of a multiple disability claim. I don't mean a court and remand decision situation, but say actually grant 1 or 2 claims and still keep the other 1 or 2 open?

To answer your question, I had a DRO award 100% for "bent brain syndrome", and not decide any of my other conditions on appeal.

Been in appeal since early 2016 and not a single condition, thus far, has been made it to the desk of a Veterans Law Judge.

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I’m in the exact same boat as you. My messages are identical with the exception of dates which are only a few days off.

Keep an eye on Ebenefits as it updates pretty quickly (at least in my dealings). Either check out the disabilities or use the letter generator. 

Good luck! 

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No. I have received no information at all. A while back my status was changed to decision letter sent. When I didn’t receive it after two weeks I called and they said that no letter was ever sent. I have received no information at all. Every time I call the veterans benefits administration I get the runaround and each time I’m told something different. 

I still check Ebenefits and VA.gov every day though just to make myself nuts.

Did you say you already received back pay?


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