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Ms Sharon Duncan

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I was in the Army for seven years.  Been out since 85. I presently have a 90% disability due to a knee replacement, back stabilization, organ loss, and sciatic partial paralysis.  Recently I have developed Vertigo. Out of nowhere for no obvious or apparent reason. (no water, no concussion, no infection) The Doc prescribed prednisone to reduce internal pressure/swelling in my right ear. I've been receiving the Eply maneuver via physical therapy which helps but does not stop the dizziness. The Doc says give it time it should go away.  It definitely interferes with quality of life. Is it compensable? I am a long timeout of service. I've claimed hearing loss but was denied long ago for not enough loss and no service connection according to raters. 

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Hi Sharon. Short answer is maybe. You have to get service-connected to an injury or illness or have it secondary to an already service connected disability. I understand about the vertigo; absolutely disabling. Do you have your c-file and all your medical reports? If not, get them. It is hard to get connected, but we don't know very much about your existing disabilities or what is in your records.Take another look at your decision letter. Does it say denied, or, does it say 0% s-c? Anything in your records about tinnitus? What was your MOS? Were you exposed to loud noises?  How about tinnitus? Did you put in for a disability for that? Tinnitus could be a connection. Look up the disability codes/conditions for meneire's disease, which has as one of its symptoms, tinnitus. You may need to get an IMO from an audiologist/hearing specialist when it all settles, but you need your medical info first.

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Do you have any idea what causes vertigo?  Here are some possibilities:


One of these is Meniere's disease, which can be related to SC hearing loss.  Do you have hearing loss?  

You "only" need a "mere" 50 percent additional to get you to 100 percent.  

Or, are you working?  If you are not working, then maybe its SC, that is, tdiu.  

All of this is speculation, we have not seen your medical records.  

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Compensability is determined by the VA after you file a claim.  As the elders state above, in order for the VA to pay for your medical condition, they must first determine that your disability is "service-connected," meaning that you -- the claimant -- must prove that your claimed disability was incurred in, or aggravated by, your military service.  The best way to do so is to provide the VA with as much evidence as possible connecting your specific medical condition to your time in service.  In addition to your service records, have a medical doctor (or even better, a VA medical examiner) provide an opinion clearly stating that in their professional medical opinion, it is more likely than not that your disability was caused by or is otherwise connected to your service.

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