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C&P exam for foot and knee

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What you should do to prepare is to  look up the dbq's for both conditions; Google VA dbq feet or knee; they will be listed in the musculoskeletal section. Print it out and understand what they are looking for, and what symptoms will likely pertain to you. Also, look up your disabilities at https://militarydisabilitymadeeasy.com/search.php and find out what level you might/should be rated at based on your conditions. Be sure to pay attention to pain levels; be sure to tell them to stop with the extensions when it starts to hurt. That is where you should  be pegged at. I am not pessimistic, but realistic; most of the time the rater will rate you lower than you should be rated (low balled). It is almost a sure bet on a new claim like yours because it is so subjective i.e. what he got for readings on a specific day at a specific time. So, read up on taking C&P's, and especial see what the examiners' screw ups are so you may be able to appeal. For example, the disability says the examiner is to use instruments to measure your flex and record twice; he does it only once. Or he doesn't do it at all but writes a value in there anyway, Or, total time for the exam was 6 minutes; I asked him if he read my medical records and he said he was doing it now. There would be no way that he could do the whole exam , including reading your strs in that amount of time. Just take notes and write them down during or after your exam. Also, if you have copies of medical evidence, bring a copy with you and ask them if they read and/or need a copy from you. If you really want to be prepared, do your research. Good luck.

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GBArmy thank you very much for your response. I am actually very surprised to get a c&p exam for these conditions. I have them in my service medical records but did not get a medical opinion for these conditions before sending my claim in. I continue to seek treatment for these conditions. I will do as you recommend. Thank you.

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