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If you already have a VA (backed) loan, call the loan company and see if you can get the new/better rate.

I did it three times and went from 4.5% (2016), 3.25% (2019) and 2.375% (2020).  All with the same company and same bank.

IFreedom and Wintrust Bank.

I did it to reduce my payment amount.  The first time, I got a tax refund for points, but none the second time.

I kept the time period the same, just got the better rate cause of the government program.




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cause I can
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We moved for 3 reasons  one was to get cheaper payments  2. we wanted to down size  having a bigger house with just two people   well we had rooms we never used.  so we down sized.

3. I didn't get along with the  H.O.A. People and their rules. & normally I can get along with anybody.

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