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  1. Psychiatrist prescribe me ED medicine to combat side effects of PTSD/depression meds, months ago. My advocate submitted a claim for ED secondary to PTSD. Now I've got a comp & pen exam with some company next week. What does an ED comp & pen exam consist of? Is it a physical or questions or what? I haven't been to a c&p in a few years after getting 100% T&P. Kinda nervous.
  2. Thanks for the info. I just sent my current loan company and asked them how to get a lower rate. And now we wait... Sheesh this feels like the disability rating struggle all over again.
  3. Yeah, I just want to get my interest rate down. Cash back and all would be a bonus. I don't have any plans on selling this house anytime soon. I'm just getting bombarded now with offers to refinance and dropping my interest rate to about 3% less. I just don't want to end up in some 2008 Fannie Mae situation. I haven't even been in the house a year but my credit score has gone up. Really close to the greener section on the credit meter. LOL It would be great if someone actually knew a reputable VA loan refinance company.
  4. So this company sent me an offer to drop my mortgage rate down 3% to 2.5%. No out of pocket expense to me. All fee financed in new loan. To me it seems too good to be true. Has anyone ever used this company? I'd hate to ruin my first home purchase by refinancing with a scam company. Any help/ knowledge is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for that. Yes, If we can get a 2.5 or less, that would be great. I think I'll wait a little longer. I want to have the best credit to get the lowest rate. If I get the lower rate, I'll use the difference in mortgage payments to pay off my car. After that, we'll take all that money and pay extra for 6 months and use the other 6 months worth for improvements or savings.
  6. Thanks, I just wanted to get a lower interest rate. I'm less than a year into my loan. I'll keep researching.
  7. Hello, I'm wanting to refinance my VA loan, since my credit score has gone up. I get tons of junk mail about it. I just want to know who's legitimate, please. This is my first home and first year of my VA loan. Thank You, Jason.
  8. Two of my kids are already using Chapter 35 for college, so I know that I lost the extra disability compensation for the kids out of my disability payments. My question is if my wife uses the Chapter 35 for college, does that mean my disability payment will decrease as well? If so, how much?
  9. Hello, I missed last year's clothing allowance deadline. Currently using a hinged knee brace and an AFO foot brace, both on the same leg. I applied on time for this year. I thought we got it in August. Some posts have said in September. I searched both e-benefits and VA.gov to check the status;nothing. When do we get it? How can I check the status? Thanks.
  10. All of these were are S-C. The migraines 0 rating have confused me since I got out. Been hospitalized twice in one year for them on this claim. Still probably not enough. Who knows. Yes I plan going into the Jax clinic and requesting my C file's next week. Then I'll break out the Googler for all the VA "written to confuse you" jargon.
  11. So I went in Friday. Saw two examiners. I didn't have time to submit my Statements in Support of Claims (PTSD & knees) my wife and adult children filled out but I had them read them while I was there. I just uploaded them on Monday. The first wa a Nurse Practitioner. She checked my feet and knees. Don't know if this was the smartest idea but I didn't wear my AFO or knee brace at first, because I wanted her to see how I walk, move unassisted. I put it on after her examination and showed her how I'm still not stable on that leg no matter which apparatus I'm using. I explained my quality of life at work sucked becaue there's only one elevator, which means I walk twice as far to use it. I work upstairs and have almost fallen several times. I also told her I was concerned because the last rater wrote I was doing good with my orthotic insoles, when I 100 percent told him that I can't use the Navy issued insoles for regular shoes. My feet rating was decreased because of that. So I made it clear verbally that I was not getting better. For the Migraines increase i showed her my migraine tracker chart and she barely looked at it. It shows that I missed over 100 hours of work last year due to migraines. The second was the Psychiatrist She didn't ask me much about anything my VA psychologist wrote in her nexus letter. She skimmed over my buddy statements. She asked me about 6 questions, pretty much (yes or no) when was my last fight about my job am i taking my medications have I been arrested about my work history about my sleep It lasted about 15 minutes. So who knows what is going to happen. All I know is I left there without any confidence that the evidence nor my exams helped. We'll see.
  12. I have 4 C&P exams this Friday. All for increases. (Migraine, PTSD/depression/anxiety/chronic pain/agoraphobia, bilateral foot pain and knee pain increase [including VA issued knee brace and civilian issued AFO foot brace]). Should I have my wife ad adult kids who both witness and suffer from my mood swings, depression, anxiety and antisocial like living on a daily basis? They can also talk about my constant leg pain and migraines. I also want my supervisor to do one regarding my migraines that have me leaving work early, alot. But that is a touchy subject, because I don't want me asking him to affect my employment. Also I hide a lot from them, to keep my job, like just suffer with headaches and migraines at work. Or fake my way through the day, pretending to want to be around people.
  13. Hello, I have C&P exams all in one day in January. Any advice on what to expect? Here's a synopsis on what I'm up against/working with. - PTSD increase is based off several years of VA mental health treatment and a Nexus letter written by my mental health doctor, which named PTSD, Depression, Chronic Pain Syndrome with depression, Panic D/O with Agoraphobia and survivor's guilt as a diagnosis (last 3 are recently added to records). - Knee pain- VA issued me a big knee brace and my primary care (tricare) orthopedics specialist just put me an Ankle-Foot Orthosis (AFO) brace because she says I have drop foot and weakened ankle support which tried to compensate for my weak knee/muscle strength - Foot pain- I reviewed all of my previous C&P exams and realized my foot pain rating had dropped from 30% to 10% because the rater misquoted me (lied) on the C&P exam. I told him these insoles and stuff didn't work. that my feet hurt all the time. He wrote, I said they were not effective insoles and I have to use all kinds of feet massages equipment to get through my work days. The primary care sent me to this foot pain doctor. All she did was cortisone shots (3 times) in my feet and tried to up-sell me on her brand of insoles. - Migraines- Been at zero percent since retirement. Last year I was hospitalized twice and misdiagnosed with having TIA and strokes/CVA. My VA advocate put in a secondary claim to my service connected cervical damage. End result not service connected for CVA/TIA. However, ALL TESTS revealed that I've never had a stroke. The neurologist diagnosed me with Hemiplegic Migraines. These rare migraines an mimic strokes, causing weakness on one side of the body. They can last from a few hours or in my case,first one lasted 3 months. The neurologist provided a letter stating that all of the hospital doctors had misdiagnosed me with having CVAa. He also diagnosed me with exertional headaches. I know I'm no more special than the millions of other veterans out here, but this "deny 'til they die" tactic is wearing me down. Thanks for any advice.
  14. Okay update. They actually dropped my GERD percentage from 60% to 10% and no increase for my actual claims increase request. Now I sit at 87% rating vice my 94%. Nope I haven't received the decision letter , just saw it on ebenefits and VA.gov. sooo appeal it is.
  15. Has anyone used the Vet Comp & Pen company? I've heard about them, but never talked with anyone that used them? Are they legit? More importantly are they effective?
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