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Myhealthevet notes

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I was going through my healthevet doctors notes. You would be amazed on how my notes are all jacked up.

Has my correct SSN, but my age is wrong as well as my diagnosis. This is probably some of the reasons that I am getting denied.

Supposedly I am 76 years old. Far from that. I weigh 275, far from that. The only thing that was accurate as to the reason for the doctors visit that day. 

I think that this is another way that we are getting screwed. Check and double check your VA Doctors notes. 

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  • HadIt.com Elder

When I first filed for an Agent Orange claim I had trouble because the VA was saying to my congressman that I was not a Vietnam Vet.  This really pissed me off since it was right there in my records and on my DD214.  I have about 30 years of medical notes in my file at the VAMC.  If you read them you would think I was in an Iron Lung.  I am bad off but not that bad.  However, if VA wants to grant me increase in compensation based on those notes it is fine with me.

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Another discovery while going through my VA notes.

My primary care Dr. had uploaded a letter in my VA notes stating that she have been treating me for x years for my chronic neck, back and knees, also pointed out events or injuries that are in my record, and used the magic statement as least as likely caused by an event or injury while in service.

The c&p examiner trumped my primary care doctor and her magic statement is less than likely than not.

Although treatment records shows an invent or injury, it was an acute injury and had been resolved.  Lack of continuity while in service and immediately after service.

C&P Nurse practitioner have power. 

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  • Content Curator/HadIt.com Elder

@WhodatI know many vets who self medicated, one way or another, to avoid going to the docs and stay in the good graces of their command. Seems like the VA's NP examiners have no clue that is just a way of life in military culture. Right before I got out, one of my docs prescribed me a one year supply of medications just to ensure I did not encounter any issues getting my refills from the VA.

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@Vync you are absolutely right, Vets often do self medical treatment as to where we were to do self treatment while in military. Hospital was the last resort. Now our brain is train to do so.

But Department of the VA isn't hearing that. There is no proof that you had to pressure dress your own wound and taken a Motrin. Not in your records. Or, your scar from your wound was self inflicted due to your self treatment so therefore the claim for scar is denied.

Just so much red tape to claim a disability.


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