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Va claim help



Is there someone you can talk to that help you decide if you even should file a va claim. I was never one for going to sick call or the doctor so I've always toughed everything out. So I would have no evidence and nearly anything. I do have a few things I would like to talk to someone about with no strings attached if they could even qualify or if I'm just wasting my time. I've been out for the last two years now and I'm not good at any of this stuff. I don't want to make a big fuss if I can't even link it nor do I understand how.

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I know for me; I did not have all the doctors' things that I needed.  

I would file the claim

The VA has a duty to assist you.

Depending on when you served and where you want there are records.

You will want to use Lay statements and Buddy statements

These will come from you or friends in the military who saw your issues and can be your SO

There is no harm in filing a claim, but some are harder than others

The longer you wait the longer the VA does not need to pay you

You would also be surprised what is in your medical records from your time in service

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I'd also suggest you Google VA diagnostic code for "X" (whatever your seeking a disability for) ex. sinusitis, knee, back). Notice what are the symptoms that the VA calls out and how they result in a rating. For example a diagnosis which calls out you take medications may have a minimum rating of 10%, while the next highest rating calls out additional criteria. Remember you need a current diagnosis, an event or illness in the service such as str's, etc,. and or buddy letters,  and thirdly, a connection or nexus that connects the first two. The third leg you need a doctor or medical opinion that makes the connection. But Shrek is right, the longer you go, the more $ you leave on the table with the VA. 

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