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So I have a few questions about this service.  Not sure if anyone can help.

I am wanting to start a small business doing bonsai tree nursery.  I am wondering how much help the VR&E will be and do they have funds or sources to help with obtaining land and products needed to start the nursery?  

Trying to figure out if this is good idea or not.

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Not much- they don’t provide equipment and you/they cant buy land. They will assist with eval of a business plan, saving you from having to hire a lawyer or consultant to do it, and they can put in touch with the SBA and other resources. They approve like less than 5% if that per year for the self employment track based on the last few years average. Very few vets present viable plans and/or aren’t self funded for the first year when they present. 


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Yes, you can go through VR&E, fill out the half page application, and you will be assigned a case worker. If it is determined that you are not a candidate to be re educated to go back to work, they will put you in their Independent Living Program. There you can request anything that you need to be able to live in your home and community more independently.

In the ILP I requested and was given a computer, a printer, software, Dragon Naturally Speeking Program, $3,000.00 theraputic box springs with matress, sheets pillows, pillow cases, matress covers, and a $2500.00 stand up recliner. 

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Ok let say you are tdiu they will not help with anything that is to make money.

That was what I was told ilp.

If you are 100% the self employment track of ch 31. Is basically go to SBA and see what they can do for you we ain't got nothing for you.

Now if you are tdiu and say the thing you want to do is a hobby for ilp purposes 

You can get help with supplies an maybe help fix up part of your house for the hobbie.

It will be a fight believe me look up the case of the guy who got the greenhouse to do his hobby. Ilp It took years and I still can't tell if he got it.

Myself the ch31 ilp program was just another battle.

My VR&e refuse to put in my appeal on there plan  after I did the DC administrative review.

Which is the first step to appealing a ch31 decision.

DC told them to purchase item and draw up a new plan..

I have got nothing from the program they tell me my case is closed lol.

I have all the paperwork in my record an just refuse to start another fight with them .

Maybe after this fight I am in now I will fight it..

Good luck


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