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BVA Docket System

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Background: I have had my claim with a docket number for approximately 40 months now for a hearing with a VLJ. The timeline was supposed to have been 365 days with the new AMA. I recently conducted miscellaneous checks for specific cases on the BVA search. There are many cases similar to mine with docket numbers much newer than mine getting their hearings with a VLJ. Many are from 2021 where I have been waiting since 2019. None of these are under the emergency's listed at the BVA website for advancing more quickly. 

Question(s): Does the BVA not go in order? Is this something I need to follow up on with WH hotline or Peggy or just wait out?

Thanks for reading.  

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I would for sure reach out and find out what is going on.  


This has worked very well.  I have asked them two questions and go answers back with 7 day and then 5 days.  They fixed the issue I had, but I did not know I had until the first question was answered.

Mine had a hearing scheduled that I did not want then they kept trying to reschedule it.  This has caused a ton of delays.  

It is removed now from what they say.

I would ask what is going on and see what their reply is.

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I have been doing the same as well. I have been waiting since 2019 as well.

Have you been assigned a Judge? Some judges work faster than others. 

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Great question!!!!!  Of course, most of us know that Veterans can apply for an "advance" on the docket, and, of course, at least some of these are justified.  

The BVA publishes "average" numbers as far as processing time, but the VA is quick to point out "that each claim is different" and, thus, the VA adamantly refuses to promise, or deliver, a timely claim result.  This should stop.  

Instead of putting pressure on the Veteran, to file/appeal his claim timely, that pressure should be put on the VA to "complete" the claim timely.  

In the social security system, I understand there is a 120 day "limit" on claim time.  That is, the social security claimant can expect a decision in 120 days or less..as it should be.  (There is not time limit on SS appeals, however).  

It seems backward to me that "citizens" applying for social security or social security disability, get a better time frame than Veterans seeking something similar with VA benefits.  

VA is quick to say, "Oh well that is because VA benefits are service connected....and that is much more complex than "just" whether or not you are disabled. "

That argument fails to the IRS example.  As complex as VA benefits are, the tax code is way more complex, and IRS says that taxpayers get their refunds in an average of 21 days or less.  

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14 minutes ago, Whodat said:

Have you been assigned a Judge? Some judges work faster than others. 

No, unfortunately I have not been assigned a judge as of yet. 

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