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VA's "new homeless program".

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I was at the VA today.  They have a "new" program.."National VA2k Walk and Roll".  

Its to get donations for homeless Veterans.  

I call "BS".  

Why is the VA trying to "solicit homeless Vet donations"?  Dont they get enough billions from congress?  Oh, wait.  I forgot.  The VA squandered all that money on overpriced hosptials, overpriced contractors, and parties for VA execs, which, according to VA, is much more important than providing housing for homeless Vets.  Example:  https://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/va-hospital-scandal/new-colorado-va-hospital-state-art-more-1-billion-over-n898091. That's a billion dollars wasted on one hosptial.  How many Vets would not be homeless if they instead paid that money to homeless vet?  Thousands.  

Here is my method to fixing the homeless Vet program:  Instead of delays, denials, and lowballs, PAY VETS their deserved benefits timely.  

I was a homeless Vet..it took VA 4 years and multiple appeals..to win my benefits "even when" I had all 3 Caluza elements in place.  


VA secretary Shinseki promised "no more homeless Veterans" by the year (2012, I think).  

So, this program admits the VA "homeless program(s)" are a dismal failure.  They squandered all the money congress gave them for Veterans, so now they "have a bake sale" to raise money for homeless vets.  

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I remember hearing that homeless vets had to prove they were homeless for 180 days or something like that.  How do you prove something like that?  Get all the drunks and tramps in your area to say " yeah, he sleeps in the park with us"?  VA suspects every vet is trying to scam them.  Instead of the helping hand you get the kick in the ass.

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