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70% tdiu p&t at 100% rate ptsd + ssdi. Concerns about Ssdi 7yr review

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This site "SHOWED ME THE WAY".. back in 2005 and forward. Always my goto. thank goodness for our founder

Not sure if this question is appropriate...but, looking to see others experiences and opinions..

It may also be relevant to many who attain 100% pt and are dealing with ssdi as well. It all fits together

I have been rated at 70% tdiu at 100% rate for ptsd since 2010. 

I also was awarded SSDI in 2011

I was awarded va p&t status in 2014.

In 2016, SSDI sent me a review questionaire..I(have I worked, doctor appts, can I work and is ptsd the same) filled it out.... benefits continued!!

I will say i've had continuous and ongoing care with the same v a doctors since 2008.

We are all growing old together lol?

My question is this...

I just received another SSDI review questionnaire, ... may 2023

I thought after seven years they would stop asking, especially since i'm under v a care and they supposedly have my records

This is sending shock waves of anxiety through my bones... Which makes me always feel like somebody's gonna try and take something away from me ...kind of part of my thing.

Besides answering obviously questions.. No I can't work, yes i've been seeing MENTAL HEALTH doctors Every month, no I can't work and ptsd hasn't changed....

There is a remarks box...should I indicate my status with the va ...or is that too much info to throw a red flag..because they should already have that info...why are they asking if they already have access to my file,, etc etc..

It kind of throws me into a panic paranoia that what life I have left, and trying to cope, as I know it, may end soon.. logic, would throw in a lol chuckle, but this FEELS far to serious

I haven't been able to function since I recieved this..

Am I making too much out of this?


Your opinions really DO count for something

Thank you




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Im not sure about your age, or status, but, there is "some chance" this may be a good thing!  Allow me to explain.

When on SSDI, it "automatically" and quietly converts to regular social security, sometime around your 65th birthday.  (Retirement age with Social security is always changing, depending upon your birthdate).  

But, if you no longer get SSDI, then you can apply for social security RETIREMENT.   Assuming you have enough work credits (that is, worked much of your life) And, significantly, the older you are to apply for social security, the more you get.  I think the maximum you get is by delaying retirement until your age 70.

The link below shows that, you can get a "credit" (aka increase in social security check), based on your birthday, and the number of years you delay retirement.   

So, there is a chance when you do apply, you could well get more, as you are older now.  

Im not gonna try to explain this, but social security has a formula by which the later you retire, the more your social security check, up to age 70.  Here is how to figure yours out:


If you have a copy of your lifetime earnings history, then you may well be able to calculate if, or how much of an increase you would get.  

Please understand.  This all is my hypothesis, and I can not guarantee it will actually work, because social security could well no longer permit the process.  But, if you were getting 1000 per month social security disability, and, you are now over 65, you may well get a higher social security amount, because you "delayed retirement", now that you are not on ssdi.  

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If nothing has changed, or if you have perhaps slightly gotten worse, or at least more sustained in some of your symptoms there isn't much to worry about. 

SSDI can't just access your record without a reason- there has to be a legitimate review reason to do so, they can't just monitor them, and every access to your VA records is audited and needs a reason attached- even when I do it within the context of a claim. I may log two or three instances for the same veteran over a 2 day period if I have to do something, wait for an update, then do something again the next day. Every access I do has my name attached and can be cross-referenced against my queue of cases for the day in question. If I don't have a claim in my queue I'm not supposed to be accessing it. It's no different with the SSDI people.

So, in short, if SSDI is asking for information its probably in your best interest to provide it and not assume what they have and don't have access to. If they could just pull it whenever they wanted they wouldn't be asking. 

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Thank you for that... I did not know They don't have access. 

Are you saying that if I become a little more sustained, able to cope a little better with symptoms, That, that is okand fine... In other words, I haven't actually gotten bettor improved

And actually, my actual question was that I wasn't able to get across because because I always forget the most important Main thing whenever I address something.

Is, what Triggers anactual medical review... Besides the obvious, such as getting better or working et cetera. Or not having been having treatment

So, Since I've been doing everything I need to do with keeping up. consistent and ongoing Treatment. For the past 14 years. No I haven't worked and no, it hasn't gotten better.....etc...

.......so, Then, they CANT , "just DECIDE"... that, since they haven't seen me in over a decade, That they would want me to come in and see their medical examiner?

Even though the va has had close watch of me for that time..

I worry because, incredibly enough, 2 yrs after the va awarded awarded me p&t, they had me go to a medical review with those wonderful contracted private examiners, who this particular guy I found out was only a part timer two days a week, 6 hours total and a newbie...recommended busting me down to 50%, even though I snapped and broke down, spilled a glass of water on his computer ectopic, because of his apparent newbie status..felt like I was on a sinking ship with a guy who works at best buy! Arghh.

Seems like things like that happen to me...

I dont think i could weather another event like that

However my doctors were not happy and wrote a supporting letter to va and saved me from that disaster!

Sorry for ALL that...but had ti get it out..lol..very stressful

Are you saying that you work for social security claims or something in some capacity??

Just curious

Anyway, I appreciate your time an effort,,after all...I'm only one guy



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Getting better on a sustained basis, finding an error if you were misdiagnosed the first time, filing an increase, filing for IU, and for some conditions just a set time after an initial rating because they aren't stable yet. After 5, then 10 yrs there are more layers of protection on your rating and it's harder to try to reduce. Look up "protected ratings"

I work for the VA for the last 3.5 yrs. I started with regular claims but now I only work on specialized claims that involve just PTSD from sexual trauma. I am not a rater. I am the one that gets it before they do and tries to research it and your records to build it up as well as I can, or request more info from you. 

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And again, forgetting the most relevent concerns, lol

 in the comment remarks box,....

Is it helpful or necessary to identify myself as something like,  100% individual unemployment permanent and total..do they understand the abbreviations?

And if, just saying, 100% tdiu p&t...it won't verify and line up with what my initial information is that  identifies my case..being actually 70% tdiu paid at 100% rate p&t

Cause, I worry if I put 70% tdiu p&t paid at 100% rate...that, a newbie or whoever will just see the 70% and not understand the rest, decide I'm not 100%...

Or do they even see any of that??

Or, just indicate... ive been recieving consistent, ongoing treatment at the va medical center 

Or, nothing at all??

I know I'm splitting hairs, but these are the things I worry about

Thanks again

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That sheds more light, on the va side. And i understand, that is what you do here, to help navigate the va system so, that was very helpful..thank you..

I just wondered if anyone knew the specifics or had a good Idea how the social security operates around veterans cases like this...

I wonder if there are forums for dealing with ss subjects..I haven't found any.


Thank you again

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