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Ken Dillon


I applied and denied my claim of Gerd secondary to Lumbar back pain link to medication I did take and are still taking. I applied to have supplemental claim was contracted by email that I being sent for another C@P exam. Just wondering does anyone have any thoughts on that.

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Do you fit in the Presumptive category by chance?  Gulf war era.  All I needed was a diagnosis.  I got one from an outside source putting me in the 30% range.  VA approved my claim at 0%.  At least it's still approved.

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  • Content Curator/HadIt.com Elder

My GERD C&P consisted of two parts. The first was the traditional exam, but they brought me back to have an upper GI. However, I think that still counts as a single exam.


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I recently won a GERD claim at 60% due to Nam PTSD and long term PTSD MEDICATIONs plus Agent Orange Nam HTN and Heart disease medications from VA that all are known to cause and aggravated GERD.  I supplied copies of medical articles from Mayo Clinic, Harvard Medical, etc and other reputable institutes showing these medications side effects cause GERD.

The QTC C&P exam was oral only and the examiner also accepted my self reported severe symptoms of GERD along with copies of my VA and private medical records going back to 2000 that included VA prescriptions for GERD.  QTC has been my friend on 3 different C&P exams for GERD, HTN, and Tinnitus.

When other tell you that providing copies of reputable medical institutes research studies as evidence are worthless without also a doctors nexus then they are flat out BSing you.  I know this from 30 years handling my own claims and appeals.  Doctors nexus medical IMO opinions are of course valuable also.

My comment/opinion is not legal advice as I am not a lawyer, paralegal or VSO.



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