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Cash Assistance for Veterans in need. Six Steps you need to do.

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Its been brought to my attention that there is a need for cash assistance for needy Vets.  

My county and state has a special cash assistance program for needy Vets.  I can not vouche for other counties or states.  Having been down this very hard road in the past, I get it.  VA loves to delay our benefits for months or years, and Veterans need money now to pay bills and keep their home.  

I lost my home, to foreclosure in 2005-2006, while waiting on VA benefits, which finally arrived "too little too late" to save my home.  

What I learned:

1.  Apply for pension from VA, (ASAP)  while waiting on compensation.  Yea, the VA is supposed to consider a claim for pension, when you apply for disability compensation, but, they obviously did not do that for me.  Dont count on VA to do that for you.  Instead, apply for pension, sooner rather than later.  Its a needs based plan, and, if you have little or no work/income, and have served in wartime, you should qualify.   Your VSO may "expect" you to know the differences between compensation and VA pension, but I certainly did not.  So, he/she may not suggest applying for pension, even if you are otherwise eligible and in desperate need, like I was.  

https://www.va.gov/find-forms/about-form-21p-527ez/#:~:text=Use VA Form 21P-527EZ,to file a pension claim.

2.  Also apply for Social Security.  There are also needs based programs here, such as SSI, and social security disability, which may help.  

https://www.ssa.gov/ssi/.       or. https://www.ssa.gov/applyfordisability/

3.  GO to your local VA medical center, and tell 3 "or more"  different VA employees you are about to be homeless, and need help bad, because half of them wont know where to send you for help either.    Maybe one of these can direct you to the right place.  VA's homeless assistance programs are a closely guarded secret, and they dont tell employees about them either, out of fear too many homeless Vets will need assistance.  

4.  Go to your state or county Veterans services, Ask them for assistance.  My State and county generally will pay electric/water/gas bills in arrears to keep them from being shut off, and will often also give you a $100 Kroger gift card (not good for alcohol, or cigarettes) to tide you over.  Your state or county is probably different.  

5.  BEWARE of pension poachers.  "Pension Poachers" are attorneys and other "advisors" who "apply for pension for you" for a percent of the money.  You dont need an attorney to apply for pension, if eligible, you should get it by just applying at the VA or use a VSO which costs nothing.   Dont pay for someone to help you apply for pension.  

6.  Dont abuse the system.  Dont lie about your income or circumstances.  Dont exaggerate your disabilities or needs.  These lies will come

back to haunt you, and could prevent you from getting money you do need and deserve.  Truly needy Veterans need these benefits.  JUST tell the truth, 100 percent of the time, get the help you need while waiting on VA, then move on.  Lastly, appeal if VA or social security denies you.  Mostly, its not your fault, the system is set up to delay and deny.  


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With my SSDI and SMC S disability does that make me ineligible for a pension claim. Ive feel so unaware of this mostly because I was married but now divorced still with two kids, feel like I could qualify now living disability check to the next sucks when taking care of myself and my kids? Or am I missing something

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A Veteran can get "the greater of" Service connected disability compensation OR pension.  But not both.  If you apply for compensation and pension, the VA should award the greater of the two.  

If you are getting 100 percent plus SMC S, no you wont get any additional for VA pension also.  

    In my area, its not that hard to live on Social Security plus VA 100 percent compensation.    My house payment is under $500 per month, but we got this home about 15 years ago.  The interest rate is 4%.  

    If I bought my home today,  I estimate that it would cost $792 per month plus taxes and insurance.  My home taxes, with a waiver for disable vet run under $100 per year.  I got a letter the other day they will be going up, not sure how much.  

     I have a Vet friend in Dallas, I think his house payment is around $2000 per month.   As always, you need to be frugal and spend what you do have wisely.  For example, while I have credit cards, I never pay any credit card interest.  I simply "dont buy it" if I dont already have the money.  Then I pay it off each month.  I get the credit card rewards, and pay no interest.  

     If you are on disability, it makes sense to move where costs are low.  

      I have no idea how expensive it is to live in Delaware.  

       This article shows the 10 most affordable places to live:


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Its not that easy to move in Delaware when you have two minor children and your sharing custody with the ex wife. And then you have limits to the location due to the custody agreement. Very cumbersome especially since she was the unfaithful one for years but my kids are happy so I dont mind dealing with a little stress as long as their happy….




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