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Ab4, Ab7, And Ab8 Letters No Longer Listed On Ebenefits


All of my AB__ letters have been taken of the Ebenefits letter generator. The only item that is viewable is my address information.

Can someone give me an idea why this has happened.

Thank you in advance!

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all of my letters are still there. dunno.

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Called the VA Ebenefits Desk asking why all of my benefits verification letters were removed and they informed me that;

1. Maybe I was using an outdated operating System. I informed them that my Veteran friend and I used the same Computer System and that his letters were available.

2. The representative then stated that my VA Regional Office may have removed the documents to make an update, but has no idea why all of the veification documents would have to be removed.

I called the VARO and asked them if they new why all of my Benefits Verification Letters have been removed and they informed me that my Claim was with the VARO Appeals Team and that I would have to submit an IRIS inquiry.

AGAIN! Has anyone on this site ever had ALL of their Benefits Verification Letters removed from Ebenefits at the same time. I do recall reading on this site that the AB8 is often removed for updating, but never the AB4 and AB7.

Any Feedback will be greatly appreciated!


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Mine are all there. But, sometimes the system is just stupid and you have to wait it out. Not an easy take, but that has happened to me as well.

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Sounds like some action is going on - try to chill and give it a week or so -

or send the iris.

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Thanks to all of your replys. I will take your advice and wait it out.

Take care,..

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Check Back Monday AM as they update on Sunday nights.


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    • 21-0581? It's an auto form sent every eight years. You can respond with that or 21-686c- If you don't they'll take your dependent(s) off your award and you'll get a nifty little letter from Debt Management Center- back to when the last dependency form was submitted. People neglect to take off their ex, so that form kinda prevents you from getting a massive overpayment.
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    • EODCMC, I can certainly help you with this. Awarded SA claim came through for me this summer.  I too was diagnosed on AD, but didn't get a Bipap until 2 years ago.  Took VBA another 1.5 years to award claim, and I was successful through Board of Vet Appeals.  I did a few things to prepare for BVA while they were gathering eveidence. #1 was I researched similar claims that BVA had awarded/granted compensation for the vet with SA.  There are hundreds of similar case to ours.  Then I had my Sleep doctor sign a nexus letter after he reviewed my military records and he concluded that SA was diagnosed and symptoms were the same / worse than when I was on AD.  Show disease progressed.  I send in letters to the Regional office handling my case by uploaded through eBenefits.  #3, I went through my military med records and found each time I complained to a doctor about symptoms of SA.  Put all that into another letter and uploaded to my claim.  Well worth the effort.   As for going to the VA sleep clinic, they wouldn't touch me until VBA granted SA claim.  I did read somewhere that after your awarded you can do a claim for the part tri-care didn't pay for your machine.  Sleep lab may be able to help you with that info, or maybe Prosthetics department.   Best wishes