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    • Just my opinion, but I would suggest that your doctor also explain exactly how the Xanax that you take to treat PTSD causes YOUR sleep apnea, specifically.  What is it about that medication that leads to sleep apnea?  Add what clinical evidence exists to back him up, like in a journal or something like that, then have him attach his curriculum vital (aka resume).   VA raters who review these forms are not healthcare professionals and need things spelled out in plain English.
    • The VA also said my back was not so bad.  I ended up getting an IMO for $250 from a specialist in Orlando for my service connection.  He said I needed surgery.  They also sent me to a young neurologist who said I needed surgery.  Thanks to the VA dragging its feet, I ended up with permanent nerve damage, to slow to act.   The Choice program has to be approved by the VA Dr.  If they cannot see you in 30 days, you can ask them to give you choice authorization.  The neurology department never gets you in that fast. Its like 7 to 11 weeks to get an appointment, so you should be within your rights to make them give you the choice option. From that point, you can get on the healthnet website and find a good spine surgeon, and get an opinion from them if you need surgery.  They in turn must request authorization from healthnet, and you can get free surgery at the best hospitals in town that way.  If the Choice people dont ask you who you want to go to, tell them, there is a list on the web site based on your zip code.  The orthopedic surgeon in downtown Orlando is the only one in town that accepts healthnet, and comes with good recommendations. Link to healthnet: https://hnfs.com/content/hnfs/home/va/home/veterans-choice.html   go to find a provider link in top left side of front page to find  (surgeon-orthopedic of the spine)
    • I agree.  Any time there is a significant amount of retro on the line,  it is definitely better to hire an attorney who only gets paid if you win.  There are good VSO's out there but there are also vso's that seem to work for VA rather than the veteran,  and they get paid regardless if you win or lose.  Best of luck to you. 
    • Get an attorney. You are in a legal issue.

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Ab4, Ab7, And Ab8 Letters No Longer Listed On Ebenefits


All of my AB__ letters have been taken of the Ebenefits letter generator. The only item that is viewable is my address information.

Can someone give me an idea why this has happened.

Thank you in advance!

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14 answers to this question

all of my letters are still there. dunno.

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Called the VA Ebenefits Desk asking why all of my benefits verification letters were removed and they informed me that;

1. Maybe I was using an outdated operating System. I informed them that my Veteran friend and I used the same Computer System and that his letters were available.

2. The representative then stated that my VA Regional Office may have removed the documents to make an update, but has no idea why all of the veification documents would have to be removed.

I called the VARO and asked them if they new why all of my Benefits Verification Letters have been removed and they informed me that my Claim was with the VARO Appeals Team and that I would have to submit an IRIS inquiry.

AGAIN! Has anyone on this site ever had ALL of their Benefits Verification Letters removed from Ebenefits at the same time. I do recall reading on this site that the AB8 is often removed for updating, but never the AB4 and AB7.

Any Feedback will be greatly appreciated!


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Mine are all there. But, sometimes the system is just stupid and you have to wait it out. Not an easy take, but that has happened to me as well.

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Sounds like some action is going on - try to chill and give it a week or so -

or send the iris.

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Thanks to all of your replys. I will take your advice and wait it out.

Take care,..

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Check Back Monday AM as they update on Sunday nights.


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