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  1. Yeah I waited three years total to get my claims adjudicated. Vietnam Vets got shafted for years and they have fought like hell for themselves and they are fighting for Gulf War vets 1 and 2 . Still the VA screws us Gulf I and OIF OEF guys plus it seems the VA is just overwhelmed with claims. Vietnam Vets have major health problems and they still wait 5 years it seems. My Dad got exposed to agent Orange. Waited 10 years to get a measly 10%. Finally six months before he died the RO sent the tidu letter. He was approved. Me three years. Vocational Rehab was quick. Not disability. VA health care rocks in California. I used to go to the LA VAMC and I've been to San Diego. The first claim I filed was in LA. And from all the vets I spoke with took a good while lots of vets in CA.
  2. He was on an Aircraft. Did a search online. Not going to violate his privacy but he was shot down and nabbed. It was at the end of the first gulf conflict. He is a confirmed Pow. Well the POW medal can be awarded to anyone captured or imprisoned for any length of time during a conflict.
  3. He was held in either Kuwait or Iraq. He is in his 40s. He gets compensation for PTSD. He was Air Force. Thanks for posting the regs. I'll start reading.
  4. I have a pretty good friend that didn't tell me a few things about his service: I noticed he had a letter from NPRC verifying his awards. One of the medals he has is a Prisoner of War medal. Now, I do know this guy served in the Persian Gulf I'm not sure about the circumstances surrounding his confinement either. I had seen a few of his medals and I noticed the POW medal. Apparently he lost them at some point and needed them replaced by the Gov. What can I do to help him? He has alcohol issues and explosive anger. I don't blame him. But, I'm just wondering how I can get him the help he has earned. He does receive 400 or 500 dollars a month from the VA. But, he can't work. So, I know how to file for increases but what is the purview of Pow's and VA regs? I mean from what I've read you need a certain amount time confined for presumptives and I don't know anything about said confinement.
  5. It's free here in WV. Bring your DD214 and sign a form voila done. Most states do it I'm sure.
  6. When You Speak About Your Sw Asia Experience

    Thanks for your kind reply. Sorry to hear about your having to drop out of a PHD program. In a way I wish I would have went to a science based Doctoral Program. It would have helped me immensely. Science jobs help society and they pay more. My cousin has 14 years with the Treasury Dept. He makes good money.
  7. Now before I go on you have to understand that my family is a military service family. The man I'm named after was a Union Veteran from the CW. My dad is named after a vet who fought in the Revolutionary War. Both grandparents fought in WW2; one stayed in for the first few years of Korea. My father Vietnam. My brothers Desert Storm/Shield and me in OIF. I have a doctoral level degree, I speak three languages fluently and am a generally even keel guy. Well, my BA is totally unrelated to my doctorate. But, a PHD I know gave me an invite to lecture his class. I spoke a little nervously. I am a research guy I've never been too inclined to teach. Even though docere is the exact definition of Doctor. I believe writing articles, researching texts and translating texts; Is my way of living up to the phrase " to teach". I digress. After the lecture I was smoking a cigarette and a rather liberal professor accosted me. He had somehow heard that I was a combat veteran. He proceeded to tell me that the war was illegal, we were war criminals etc. Well, before I knew it experiences of IEDs, Suicide Attacks and Mortar rounds hitting the FOB were pouring out. Next thing I know.... I'm smashing this man's face. Well, I ended up sitting in a corner crying. Police were called and of course I described to them with great emotion what had happened. They said " he hit you first didn't he?" I answered I don't know. It's like I blacked out. The cop who happened to be a National Guardsman fresh back from the Stan'.... Told me that he would be writing this up as a self defense case. He'd take the case to the prosecutor because no one witnessed the initial altercation. But, I am checking myself into a VA PTSD program. I always think I have something under control and I fall apart. I got a notice from the sheriff today that ill have a meeting with the prosecutor on the 23rd. But, no charges were being pressed! I don't know what this meeting will bring about but please pray for me. I am honestly sorry this incident happened. I hate myself somedays. Thanks for letting me rant hadit.
  8. Do you get on the burn pit registry through Ebenefits? I'm on the GW registry but someone said ds login so is that ebennie or DoD... Little confused.
  9. Yup it's our right to have medical care... That is competent and safe. I have a sinus infection and they got me on 500mg of cipro 2x a day... Sucks.
  10. Suspicious Health Issues Since Southern Iraq Tour

    Oh yeah... I believe of any one of you need a specialist make sure the VA pcp is the one who sends you there. Pulmonary docs can't understand why I'm having such problems yet my chest X-rays and PFTs are abnormal. May be some incompetence on their part but as arng said its continuity of care. And you're well on yr way to service connection.
  11. Waiting Game...need A Hobby

    Also on the matter or subject of Veteran organizations such as: VFW or DAV idk. But, I'm a member of Amvets doesn't seem too bad. They have a small post near me. I've gotten pretty drunk in there lol. But, it seems most all of those places condone drinking to excess my wife has pulled me out of VFW and DAV quite a bit. So I avoid both.
  12. Ptsd?

    Sorry double post edited
  13. Suspicious Health Issues Since Southern Iraq Tour

    Another thing as ARNG said get your entrance records. Very important.
  14. Suspicious Health Issues Since Southern Iraq Tour

    I'm rated 0% for IBS. I had the exam to get an increase on that and also get sc'd for whatever breathing condition I have. One doctor said COPD another asthma(never had asthma as a child no family history either)... Idk but all you GW vets go to a pulmonary doctor and get a PFT done.