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  1. This happens to me as well; using Google............ but does not happen just for VA matters. All you need to do is use a different browser i.e. Internet Explorer and try using Bing as a search engine.
  2. Supported!! Come on Hadit members, this is not just supporting "Support Dogs". This is also supporting T-Bird..........where would you be without this site??????????????? Think about it. Hadit should have enough of donations that would actually pay for T-Birds dog. Get on with it.......and show your support!
  3. Personally speaking. An Agent Orange Exam, was a waste of time for my husband. The examiner noted that he had tremors, but did not even deduce that it might be related to Parkinson's Disease which is a presumptive of AO. Basically the exam was a physical which also included some blood work. Try to educate yourself here on Hadit or anywhere regarding the presumptive conditions of AO. Best of Luck.
  4. How they rated his PD: shortened it a bit: Right upper extremity (dominant) (claimed as bradykinesia, tremor, muscle rigidity, and fatigue. 40% moderate Left upper extremity (claimed as bradykinesia, tremor, muscle rigidity and fatigue. 30% moderate Right lower extremity (claimed as bradykinesia, tremor, muscle rigidity, fatigue and cramps. 40% moderate Left lower extremity (claimed as bradykinesia, tremor, muscle rigidity, fatigue. 40% moderate Postural impairment (claimed as stooped posture) 20% moderate muscle disability This disability is not specifically l
  5. Thank you all....for the congrats.......(me being sensitive and emotional, it brings tears to my eyes) from the support this forum has to offer. Hadit is one heck of a huge family, it is its own village. Carlie, I had not realized that you can also use Chapter 35 for online classes. Thankyou Tbird, proud of myself, I think not...........humbled, grateful for this site that YOU created arng11, try to keep yourself out of those dark places "it takes dedication and perseverance to accomplish" we all have it, just need help sometimes
  6. Shyne, You are always there congratulating everyone else on their success of their claims, when your day comes through, (in time it will) then we can be congratulating you. My thoughts are with you and all who still struggle for that peace of mind; hoping, that their service to OUR COUNTRY will not be dismissed, nor overlooked but treated with respect and dignity. Reality just isn't that way, we do need to be tough, have perseverance and tenacity so we can jump all those hurdles the VBA puts in front of us.
  7. Great idea. But VSO can also be for veterans service officer, but I guess one in the same. Happened to me in a post. Was trying to figure out what happened
  8. Thank you for the congrats. jbasser: the form 21-686c dependent form was filed along with the Parkinsons Claim.........had the vso submit it both electronically and by mail today....glad that I had taken the time to figure out the amount and found the discrepancy right away. The rep stated that it was SOP, I guess the va really wants to try and see if we are paying attention!
  9. If the exam was done by QTC it will not show up on myhealthevet. You will have to wait until your claim is finalized and ask the VARO for a copy. Unless you have a VSO with connections then it might be possible to get the exam from your VSO or POA rep.
  10. First, Congrats to All who have had success with their claims. And for those who have not, persist until VBA gets it right. Just saw on e-bennefits, my husbands claim has been completed. He is rated 100% P & T with SMC and SMC-K. We do not know the breakdown of the claim yet. It was for hearing, tinnitus, (already rated at 20%) PTSD & Parkinson's Disease. They did forget about me though...........no dependents..........VSO stated it was standard operating procedure, because they don't know if the veteran was divorced or not at the time of decision. Took care of that
  11. He's still shaking! I dread the day when the PD becomes incapacitating, and wonder how humor might even help. Then I will def. need to change my username.
  12. Agree with Navy and USMC, honesty is extremely important. They are referring you to be helped with your issues. A diagnosis of PTSD may not even come right away. Just be straight forward as best you can with your answers, let them help, and keep all appointments that are set up for you. It may become very difficult to talk about yourself and feelings just do the best you can. You should be fine, you are just going to talk to someone about what bothers you and the behaviors that you may exhibit.
  13. Received a corrected letter today. No permanent and total. It is truly amazing how fast the VA can correct things when something is not in favor of the vet.
  14. Called the 1-800 number. They stated that the letter was a mistake. That it should not have totally and permanent. Checked out the exam for hearing and tinnitus, and on the DBQ for Hearing loss and tinnitus. The examiner checked the box YES, for "Does the Veteran's hearing loss impact ordinary conditions of daily life, including ability to work?" Also checked the box YES, for "Does the Veteran's tinnitus impact ordinary conditions of daily life, including ability to work?" So, can one be totally and permanent without being 100% or TDIU? Confused........................
  15. Received letter today "summary of benefits". This letter is a summary of benefits you currently receive from the ........................ VA Benefits Information: Service connected disability: Yes Your combined service-connected evaluation is: 20 Percent The effective date of the last change to your current award was: 01-JAN-2014 Your current monthly award amount is: $258.83 Are you considered to be totally and permanently disabled due to your service-connected disabilities: Yes Letter was dated Feb 26, 2014. Signed by the Veterans Service Center Manage
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