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  1. Hello, I suffer from depression from my injuries (70% rated) loss of mobility and pain. I am seeing a Psychiatrist and plan to file for s/c major depression. I know that I will need a nexus letter connecting it to 70% injuries. Who would be a good doctor to seek for a Nexus letter that knows exactly how to write a VA claim nexus letter? (Dr. Bash, Ellis Group, etc..) that is a psychologist or Psychiatrist
  2. I am currently rated for 10% on each knee for Patellofemoral Syndrome. My knees both are starting to give out more when walking. I want to file for knee instability but I am afraid the C&P Exam they will want to do ROM again on my knees. I dont want to get screwed on my range ROM because the doctor doing it scan screw you easily. Please let me know if knee instability is required to do ROM ?
  3. I am service connected for both knees for Patellofemoral Syndrome both rated at 10%. I am having both hip problems and lower back. What is the code I should claim for this? What is the name? I plan to go through my medical doctor to get xray and treatment next week. Also I will get a IMO letter to connect it.
  4. I updated my profile to reflect my S/C %. Currently I am at 70% for various injuries. However, I was unaware of secondary injuries when I filed so I have nothing filled for depression, chronic pain for my injuries.
  5. SF running and jumping reason why I have 10% for both. There is a complaint of pain and swelling in knees in my SMR. I dont understand your response: Can I file two secondary claims such as Osteoarthritis and Chronic Pain? If so do I file under both knees?
  6. Both of my knees have patellfemoral syndrome. Can I file two secondary claims such as Osteoarthritis and Chronic Pain? If so do I file under both knees? Right Knee – Patellofemoral Syndrome 10% Left Knee - Patellofemoral Syndrome 10%
  7. I tore both of my shoulders had surgery that is S/C already. At the time of me filing for VA claim I had no idea about secondary conditions (just learning bout it). Both Shoulders I have these Symptoms experience: Chronic PainPain Pain Diisorder (believe if I push or grab stuff) Cause Depression Cant Sleep (get well since suregery over 2 years ago) What is the best way to file the secondary injuries? Can I file for each shoulder all those symptoms I experience? Basically trying to understand the best way to file this so I dont get screwed by the VA.
  8. I went to my second C&P Exam for my knees. The first exam about 9 months ago went well and normal based on the board stories. The doctor measure my ROM while I was sitting in a chair. No big deal I just move it forward to I feel pain. Well today exam I expected the same thing. During the exam, instead of sitting down measuring my range of motion I was told to lay down on the table. The doctor had me move my leg by bending and measuring that way. I thought it was very strange for ROM measurement. Has anyone else experience a measurement for ROM on legs while laying down vs in a chair/sitting up? Concerns.....
  9. I went online and added depedant (spouse). A week later I got a form in the mail from the VA with the increase in pay. I have not received backpay yet but I was surprise how fast I got the letter.
  10. Thanks Rootbeer. At the division level the LOD was approved but since I filed INCAP pay (loss of civilian work) while in recovering they wanted more paper work. My guess is unless you lost eye, leg or arm if you request INCAP they will do formal investigation. Kinda BS for people with a torn knee or shoulder. The want to make 110% sure that if they pay out $$$ it is going to be correct. I just received a sworn statement from a direct witness and still waiting for the old commander to send me her statement.
  11. I am currently in the reserves. I had a shoulder injury while I was training and told my commander when it happened. The commander said okay if your pain does not go away then go to the doctors. Less than 48hrs I go to doctor because my pain never went away. I had the 2163 filled out and completed. My commander signed off on my LOD as informal because she was there when I got hurt. I did physical therapy but did not work and surgery was needed. This is a year later from the original LOD. I filed INCAP because I will be out of work for period of time. My INCAP gets denied "put on hold" because regional command says that the initial LOD was not done properly. That they want a formal LOD done. I feel that they want to screw me out of my INCAP pay. How can they revoke a LOD issued already by my commander with nothing has changed?
  12. Thank you very much! That really helped. I logged my information in the system. Question: If you have more than 1 child does it effect your disability amount?
  13. I recently got my disability va approved. I have 50% rating and I noticed that it does not have my spouse (married a year ago) on the va acceptance claim. So I went to ebenefits dot com to add my spouse. I went to deers button and I can see my child and my spouse in there. ??? Is there another location eBenefits to add a spouse so the VA sends the appropriate payment amount?
  14. The main issue I have is the inflammation and soreness from using my left arm now since I have to over compensate from my injury.
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