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  1. I honestly don't know how I want to proceed. I am at 80%. 70% is for PTSD which is why they denied me for CFS. 30% IBS and 10% for tinnitus and HL. I am at 0% for Firbro. I could try to file a reconsideration since I have been given medication and it isn't refractory to therapy. But even if I'm given the max of 40% it barely bumps me to 90%. My biggest fear is a re-eval and I get lowered. So I really just feel like I'm stuck.
  2. Congrats on your 30%. As for the migraines, the issue I see is it's denied because migraines are a diagnosed problem and it does not fall under 3.17 as an undiagnosed illness. FWIW I too have horrible migraines and was denied. I normally notice them whenever my Fibro gets worse. I am considering filing migraines secondary to the Fibro.
  3. Well here is where my claim may be slightly different than others. I had the referral to the rheumatologist. Did the appointment and all and received his recommendation. I could not get him to tell me any other cause of the joint and muscle pain other than lack of sleep. So I had no diagnosis of fibro at that point. I have a C&P exam. I'm asked about the muscle and joint pain. That's where I get diagnosed for fibro. During the C&P. Which goes beyond my thinking that you have to have a DX before a claim is filed. The same thing happened for my IBS claim. But all was done by the same examiner.
  4. I quit smoking but then picked up snuff tobacco. After 15 years of that I decided to quit that too. What I found was the withdraws exacerbate the effects of PTSD. It lasts for 3-4 days from what I remember and sleeping was the worst. But it can be done and it's worth doing.
  5. Yep...all the same. I know exactly how your feeling. I had a rheumatology exam. The doctor said I needed to get more sleep. Told me I didn't have rheumatoid arthritis. Stated there was no inflammation in the joints and blood work didnt indicate anything significant to point to inflammation. He just said do stretches and get more sleep. It was pretty discouraging. My PCP prescribed me Meloxicam. It's an anti-inflammatory and does nothing. Hopefully you'll have better luck. I'm confident that discovering the right treatment and therapy will be key.
  6. I have PTSD and am SC'd for it. I was reading another post about scars and PTSD. Rather than hijack that thread, I wanted to start my own. After my trauma I never realized what was going on. I would lose touch with reality briefly. Now I realize it was a flashback. During one of my first episodes I was a 3rd person watching me have a flashback. This is my best explanation. I didn't know what was real or imaginary so I decided to cut myself with my M9. Now I'm left with an 8" reminding scar on my arm. I'm not proud of it. Nor am I ashamed. But nevertheless it's a reminder and imposes fear of what I'm capable of doing to myself. It happened in the service. I never sought aid. I kept it well hidden until I was out. It was documented during a physical when I entered the reserves. But that was it. I would like to try and get rid of it if it is possible.
  7. That's mine to a T. I equate the muscle pain to those times when you used to work out. The couple of days after soreness. Only it's all over. Any weather changes make it worse the the damp cold is brutal. I got a hot tub a few years ago after I discovered its effectiveness. It only helps the pain for a few hours though.
  8. fortitudine...Good luck in your process. I was granted 0% for Fibro. Only because I am not being treated for it. My PCP still denies it's Fibro. My next step will be go to my outside Dr. and try and get treatment. My labs are all normal with the exception my vitamin D is slightly low. So they give me a vitamin D pill, B12 pill and meloxicam for my widespread muscle and joint pain. All of which have done nothing for relief.
  9. For what it's worth I was denied headaches due to 3.17. This was based on the fact there were no records in my SMR. When I read my C&P I saw where I indicated that I "thought" it was a migraine. The examiner DX my headaches as migraine. Then the examiner opined it was not likely related to military service and listed a bunch of causes of migraines via a study from the Mayo clinic. The only reason I can think is that they accepted my self diagnosis. It may have been overlooked by the examiner, but I was SC'd for Fibro. I'm going to try to get it rated as secondary to the Fibro.
  10. That's great news flyfisher. I have a Fibro DX @0% which was given in a C&P exam. My next visit to my C&P I'm going to ask for treatment protocols. It's taken 3 years have something other to show him other than I'm just getting older.
  11. Thanks. See this is where I get confused. I thought that headaches / migraines were a presumptive of SW Asia. Like airborne82 mentioned the rater may have saw I said I feels like a migraine. But frankly I don't know what a migraine is supposed to feel like. All I know is my head hurts. So I guess since I said it was I migraine I self diagnosed myself. Therefor it's not considered an undiagnosed illness. ??? I have no idea.
  12. That would make sense that the self dispagnosis was used. Since I said it was like a migraine. I could possibly file migraine as a secondary to the Fibro I am aware for or the PTSD maybe. I think the main goal now is to ask my PCP to begin treating me for the headaches an see where this goes.
  13. I saw that. But under the CFR it states headaches. I'm not certain my headaches are migraines or some other type of headache. I am unsure how I should proceed. Looking for some additional ROE.
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