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  1. Be careful, 100% PTSD and working can only lead to reduction. PTSD and mental disorders rated that high usually means the person has total occupational and social impairment. Clearly by working you would be demonstrating you are not totally occupational and socially impaired. Good luck, the choice is yours!
  2. Superlue72 Check your messages. I sent you a letter for fibro. Good luck buddy.
  3. Did you have any treatment while in service? Or did you serve in the Gulf at any time. I have a letter prepared for a claim if you need it. You could alter it to your needs.
  4. I have been maxed out on 3200mg of Gabapentin, 800 mg times a day with no results. We also have a hot tube and that's where I get most of my relief. But Just last month my med's doctor prescribed me Venlafaxine. It is an anti-depressant just like Cymbalta and Lyrica. After slowly getting it in the system I started having some relief. Not only with CFS and FM but my headaches have been tapering off. I was in disbelief at first but man it has been working. Might ask your doctor about it.
  5. Fibromyalgia claim was approved at 40%
  6. How has this claim progressed. What did they say? I am sitting and waiting for my results on the exact claim.
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