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  1. You can use your VA identification card for the discount. If you are service connected it will say so under the picture and they look to see if you have that printed on the card.
  2. Believe it or not I don't have any tattoo's. I thought about it but they would be out of place on my wrists.
  3. bionoce, If you find information on the connection of scars being service related please continue the post. I did ask the question at the beginning of the post but have been more about hiding them or getting them corrected. So far I've been unsuccessful. Everyone I have talked to has said the scar tissue is too deep and would cause additional problems with the functioning of my wrist.
  4. I haven't looked at the appeals but will do so. Currently I do have a diagnosis of CFS but have not filed for it. I was diagnosed by a rheumatologist outside the VA and my PCP has recognized it and mentioned it several times in my VA medical records. He has also mentioned there was no additional treatment he could provide. I have been concentrating on the migraines and headaches for the past several months. In a couple days I see a specialist to treat the headaches. The VA is finally looking at acupuncture as the next step. I know I need to get out the house and see my service rep to file for both CFS and Migraines/Headaches but it seems as I research I always see that I should have more documentation.
  5. I agree with both of you. I would love some biscuits and gravy. My wife has been reviewing my medications (very many)and we are talking to the doctors about decreasing the dosages and getting off what I can. I hate all the meds anyway. We also set an appointment at Scott & White to be checked again. Something has to give. IMO. and it's not me. So Friday I will be looking and asking questions with the new care provider from an outside the VA agency. We all have our ups and downs. It's just another one of those things. Thanks guys.
  6. UPDATE: I eventually began to gain weight again. The doctors could not realize what had caused me to lose the weight. I finally got back up to 165lbs. and have maintained it up to recently. Again my body is going through the transformation of constant pain and headaches and it seems I am loosing weight again. I notified my doctor via myhealthvet that I was having these problems again. I was surprised when I received a call and asked me to come in for a lab and a check up. (The VA NEVER done this for me before). Weighing in at a total 137lbs the doctor said I defiantly had something wrong. But he does not see the problem. Referred me back to MH. I guess my shrink can explain it to me. Meantime I will be going back to Scott & WHite and hopefully they will figure it out this time.
  7. Be careful, 100% PTSD and working can only lead to reduction. PTSD and mental disorders rated that high usually means the person has total occupational and social impairment. Clearly by working you would be demonstrating you are not totally occupational and socially impaired. Good luck, the choice is yours!
  8. Well ebenefits changed again. Claim complete. Now the disabilities section of the new ebenefits show the award of 30%. Finally over.
  9. That is BS. How did he get by the VA examinations? How did he get his claim approved? Many veterans including myself go through hell to get correct diagnosis and treatment. We look for help for our problems and this SOB walks through the system and then enjoys a pain free life celebrating daily. Burns my ass up!
  10. Wow! Again and again I see this in the media. Is this a nightmare I'm in or is it reality that the VA is continuing to fail. My heart is saddened by the news and statistical evidence of veterans seeking false hope through the VA and ending up left abandoned and dead!
  11. broncovet, This would be hard to implement. The VA MH and PTSD psychologist and psychiatrist are so overwhelmed by the influx of veterans they often get over booked and end up canceling too many appointments with the veterans. By the time between the initial visit with the veteran and the next follow up is too long. The doctor usually has to read notes that was inputted hastily and often incorrect. By that time it would be hard for the doctor to identify the veterans that really needs help with suicide prevention and refer him/her to an outside independent psychiatrist/psychologist for proper evaluation. Sounds good on paper but would be hard to implement.
  12. Speaking for myself only. I wanted help but didn't know what kind. Sounds stupid but it's twice as confusing. I didn't want to be locked up! Feeling as if I was trapped, so I told the VA doctors what they wanted to here to keep from being locked up. But on the other hand I tried to explain my emotions and how I was feeling. Reading through the stacks of notes the doctors written in our conversations it shows that they one (1) really wanted to help. But it takes the psychologist and the senior PCT councilor to make the final determination that you are a risk to yourself or others and neither wants to be put in a situation of having a veteran admitted against his will. Even if they should. The doctor usually ask a couple times before your session is complete if you feel like hurting yourself or other. I would say almost every veteran will respond with a no answer. Even if it's a lie. I don't know who to blame in my situation but I'm sure it is half a dozen one way and 6 the other way. Luckily I was admitted to another hospital and a MH professional took interest and helped until she also moved on. So now I am in limbo and the mercy of waiting for the VA. rootbeer22, There is no need to explain to your civilian buddies the why! They will never understand. It is not one factor that leads a person to the point of taking ones own life. It is a combination that builds up and cannot be expressed. Guilt, Remorse, Fear, Anger, Memories that are imbedded in the heart and mind of time spent with a person lost, Hatred of yourself for the responsibility that was imposed on you and your failure not to have kept everyone safe. There are so many things that goes through ones head and you can only deal with so much of the roller coaster. No amount of medications or counseling can relieve it. Sorry, but IMO that is the facts. At least mine. I will not speak for the veteran that hung himself but I'm sure the VA doctor asked him the same questions they asked me. It is there protocol to do so.
  13. This is the typical treatment of the VA!!!!! I know! I am much better now but not due to the VA. Two years ago I was in individual counseling and had mentioned hating myself and blame. I also talked of suicidal thoughts and plans I had made. It seemed all was hopeless because I felt helpless without hope of relief and support from the VA doctors. The VA let me come and go knowing my condition. I ended up trying to take every medicine I had and drug overdose. That didn't work. I woke up in the Waco VA and was treated for suicidal thoughts and my attempt. Seemed they were in a hurry to take care of me and send me on my way. After released I was seen twice by a Temple VA physiologist before I tried a second attempt. I sliced my wrist hoping to bleed out. Again it didn't work. After treatment by the VA I was released again. At first I had weekly meetings again with my doctor. Then he left the VA and I was lost. I have been reassigned doctors several times and appointment after appointment has been canceled and rescheduled. As of now my psychiatrist has put in twice for me to be seen for individual counseling. Finally I was given an appointment for April 3rd. But was notified Monday it was also canceled and rescheduled to July27th. So I can see how the VA has failed him and many veterans like him.
  14. My claim for IBS has been up and down. My DAV rep notified me Feb 11,2015 the VA had awarded me 30%. Two days later ebenefits went from pending decision approval back to review of evidence. I talked with the DAV rep this morning he said it is just waiting to be signed. Everything from DAV rep, VA to ebenefits is all jacked up. Bottom line is we just have to wait for an official letter. Oh by the way waiting is shitty.
  15. Yes hang in there. I received notice from my DAV rep for my pending claim that the VA approved my claim at 30%. On ebenefits it was in pending decision approval so I was waiting on the claim to change to complete. Instead a couple days ago it went back to review of evidence. Lol!!! Today I checked ebenefits and it was not there at all. So I called my DAV rep. He looked and thought it was complete but instead was still waiting to be signed. Just minutes ago it showed back up under review of evidence. So with all that said! It's a roller coaster. Jump on and ride. The anxiety will go up and down but you have no control. More than likely they have your claim and s awaiting final signature. If it moves backwards don't freak out. They are more than likely trying to ensure they are right before a signature is put on it. Good luck and relax.
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