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  1. Thanks broncovet, very valuable information, i will remember this while i am filing my claim. I really appreciate everyone for taking the time out to offer me help during this trying time.
  2. Ebenefits has each state listed under benefits explorer. It will tailer state benefits to you.
  3. Thanks, do i ask for that under remarks on the tdiu form or some other place? I am also asking for my back to be considered for unemployability also, it is rated at 10% but it should definitely be higher. Should i just focus on extra scheduler for my migraines or include back as well?
  4. No it was denied service connection(no rating, completely denied) stating no evidence it occurred or was treated in service. I did have a recent c&p exam, however my records at the time of denial showed the same thing. I presented the same records available in 2009 to the dro in april. So i state cue on my doe with request for increase? Or do I just use Nod for cue and request increase on tdiu claim or both?
  5. Not sure if it was mentioned already but Veteran's Advantage Card has great discounts.
  6. A little background before I get started. I filed for compensation for my lower back condition back in 2009 and was subsequently denied. Then I applied again with new evidence and was denied again because the VA stated that my condition was not service connected and no evidence was in my SMR. I was awarded other service connected disabilities and others denied. Anyway, I appealed the denial of service connection for my back and requested a DRO to review my case. I went to my hearing in April of this year and was approved for service connection at 10%. She stated that she is not sure why they denied my claim because all of the evidence showed that I was clearly service connected. Keep in mind that I brought my own SMR to prove this during my hearing. This just tells me that they did not request it back in 2009 or review what I sent to them. So I disagree with the percentage I was rated by the DRO and I think it should be much higher. I am filing for TDIU for my migraines rated at 50% and my lower back. Should I file the NOD and the TDIU at the same time? Also do I file the NOD and request a DRO to review it again or file the NOD and ask for BVA review? Please help. Also I think that there could be a CUE for the effective date for my initial denial for my back. Not sure what to do next.
  7. I have two other conditions rated at 10%, tinnitus and lower back spinal arthritis rated as degenerative disc disease. My back was originally denied to be service connected back in 2009 and then again in 2013. I appealed with Dro and was granted service connection with 10%. She stated she was not sure i was denied in the first place and i am sure they just didn't look in my records. The thing is, I was only rated 10% for my back and it should have been rated my higher. I feel that with how bad my back is it should be rated over 60% alone. It goes out at anytime and even effects my posture and walking. I didn't know I could as for an increase so soon cause it hasn't been a year yet. I was going to dispute the rating with a NOD. What should I do next?
  8. Thanks everyone. I did make more than $12000 but I find it odd that your capability to work is sometimes valued by your earnings. Trust me if i felt i was capable, i would rather work. It just seems wrong that they can find all these ways to say that your service connected condition is not important but then again this is the Va. I will fight cause I know that I should be awarded TDIU based on what I go through on a daily basis.
  9. I am aware of the rules for filing TDIU as I am only 60%. However, I still want to apply using the special criteria if you don't meet the 70% rating. I have 50% for migraines which is the highest they can be rated. I have episodes sometimes twice a day lasting hours causing me to be in total darkness and silence. I have trouble doing my daily duties as a mom and wife and need help from my husband and mom. I was laid off from my job due to reduction in force but I know that my disabilities played a factor. I am not fit for any type of work because of the frequency and intensity of the migraines. Don't get me wrong, I would love to continue working but I would be no good to any employer. It really is depressing. Has anyone had any success being awarded TDIU for migraines? If so please share any information that would help or ease my mind. I know it is a long shot but I will try anyway. Also how should I file? I have a DAV rep helping me but not so sure if they have my best interest at heart because of their caseload.
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