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  1. Tbird, I appreciate the link and document. This stuff is confusing! My mind was scrambled before and still after my Claim closed in late April. A part of my MH problem seems to be having impaired abstract thinking. That seems to fit part of the criteria for the 50% rating.
  2. pr, I appreciate your reply. In May 2014 when I filed my PTSD claim, the DSM-IV was used in the MH persons notes exclusively. To my knowledge, right or wrong, it changed in Oct. 2014 for new Claims. It makes sense if the DSM-IV was consistently used by my CBOC MH team then to be consistent the same would hold true for the VA's C & P Psychologist and the St. Petersburg Florida RO Rater . Maybe that would have benefited me more. How does a lay person as myself determine which DSM, IV or V favors me? A Nam Vet
  3. Hi Navyforlife, Yes, my C & P did have section about the s/c 30% rating. His narrative also did not fitI disagreed right away. Three days after my exam, I saw and copied my C & P results from my HealtheVet, I disagreed. The year plus of notes by the MH team had the wording which fits the 50% criteria rather than the former one. Last Friday, I met with the VSO about my Rating results. He concurred I should file the NOD and get a DRO. He is away on VA updates/training this week. We will get together to prepare the NOD upon his return. A Nam Vet
  4. Good day fellow Vets, It appears many C & P exam results posted the last few months are quoting the use of DSM IV, some DSM-V. I filed my claim in May 2014. My C & P exam was in March 2015. The VA Psych examiner official results quoted using DSM-V. Since Feb. 2014, my primary CBOC, MH practitioner (a contracted LCSW) exclusively used DSM-IV. Most of his notes about my visits from Feb. 2014 through Sept. 2014 quote DSM-IV terminology; all have a GAF of 45. (None recently. He was on medical leave from late Oct until this month) Recently, in April 2015, my Regular meeting with my 2nd MH person was changed at the last minute. Upon my CBOC arrival, I had a tele-conference with a MD/Psychiatrict at the VA's W. Palm Beach Regional Center. Her notes of my "visit" quoted I was at a GAF of 55. Btw, my Claim closed about 2 weeks ago. A few days ago, my VSO stated the VA's RC Raters are suppose to be using the DSM in effect when a claim is filed. He has been a VSO for 15 years. A few days ago, the VSO and I met about the 30% rating I recently was given by the FL Regional Office. I am filing NOD but not specificially about the DSM issue. I am confused ! Can I please have guidance on what is correct VA rater policy? Thanks for any clarification. A Nam Vet
  5. Great for you! Enjoy relaxing now. a Nam Vet
  6. Hello PR, Well, it is now a month since your post above. My Claim closed yesterday at 30%- a BIG disappointment. But I am happy I got in the door. I saw the rating & $ amount on eBenefits- my stomach sank! (I just signed up for Ebenefits in early April. I spoke briefly with my FL. VSO. Of course we both disagree. We will be filing an NOD, appeal. But, I have to await the BBE /package from the Rating people. I do need to find out WHAT is going on with the effective date. My eBenefits Dashboard, Disabilities has 05/29/2015 as effective date. I saw and printed my AB8. But the AB8 letter of yesterday has the effective date of Dec. 1, 2014. a 6 month difference ?? The Dashborad Disabilities sounds correct or at least more accuate than the letter. My Notice to file was May 28, 2014, the VA Claim shows my Claim received 06/04/2014. Back in May 2014, and yesterday, my understanding confirmed by VSO that my effective Claim date is June 2014. Now the struggle. I am confused. Somewhere on this forum I thought reading that one can ask for a review of the C & P and Rater? Well this became a long reply. I do appreciate your post of Mar 23rd. XNam Vet
  7. Thanks GP, I did not know about your comments above. No travel pay yet for my 120 r/t for C and P exam of early March. Is it automatic? My claim closed just yesterday, Apr.22 I've been searching to see if my new Priority 2 still has co-pays and so on. I am going to appeal the 30 % rating. XNam Vet
  8. Hi Fellow and lady Vets, My claim closed today which was good to read on Ebenefits. Last month, I began to read this Vet forum. Note, before continuing: I use large font because it's easier for me to type and read. Difficult for me using a standard KB. Thus, I've used an ergonomic KB for 15 years. I wasn't sure which topic to post this item. Below covers PTSD, Claim and eBenefit processing times,C and P exam, and related issues or symptoms. Summary: A Vietnam vet who waited 45 years to seek VA MH help. I filed for PTSD, combat and MST in May 2014. My claim was a FDC. Three weeks before my Mar. 2015, C & P exam by a FL VA PhD, the VA informed me that my FDC was changed to a regular claim. I'm unsure why. I complied to a Dec. 2014 VA letter by re-submitting data I first filed provided with my FDC, and the VA acknowledged receiving in May 2014. The VA acknowledged in June, and again this AM that my original FDC claim's effective was May 29, 2014. About eBenefits, I joined in early April 2015. Below is my EB activity since April 5: On April 5, my Claim status was "Pending Decision Approval." Monday April 20, it went to "Prep for Notification." This AM, it was closed and I saw the results. I appreciate my 1st ever VA claim being decided in less than a year. However, the overall rating of 30 % was not expected- a disappointment. My rating is 30% for PTSD, MST and Combat. My MH history, and "My Healthevet" notes and problems over the last year plus shows me having MDD, Anxiety, alcohol Abuse, and other symptoms. I understand DSM-V was to be in use about October 2014. My MH notes had my DSM-IV GAF at 45 several times until Sept. 2014. My primary MH person was on leave from Nov. 2014 until April 20, 2015. The 2nd MH person reiterated in her notes that I have PTSD, Depression, Alcohol Abuse and a few other issues. Repeating my belief: I am happy my claim closed. But, I am very disappointed at the rating. I realistically expected a higher overall Disability rating based on my overall MH record since 1st seeking treatment in early 2014. On one of my first forum posts, I stated not being happy with the C and P rating by the VA psychologist. The exam was about 50 minutes; none of my issues were brought up to discuss by the PHD. Likely I will be filing a NOD having spoken briefly with my local (FL) VSO today. Now, I have to await for the mailed BBE or BWE to read the Raters rational. Well, my NOD and appeal is another topic. Take care. XNam vet.
  9. Hi Navy04, Yes ! I usually check in AM, noon, and about 6:00 PM or so. I checked about 2 PM today. Nothing there.
  10. Hello GP, Thanks for the reply. One thing I did NOT mention is my estimated completion dates changed from 04/05/2015 to 05/20/2015 for PDA to 05/06/2015 - 06/20/2015 on Prep...now. Interesting ! After browsing related topics, it looks like many vets see their Bennies before letters. Others do not. I wonder if it might depend on the Regional office ? I am in Florida. Take care, XNamVet
  11. Hello Vets. At noon today eBenefits had me at "Pending Decision Approval". Tonight, I got some news-I hope. My claim now shows "Preparation for Notification." I am relatively new to eBenefits, this forum and been following other Vet postings to get ideas of what to expect, when, and so on. My Notice of Intent was sent in May 2014; my 1st ever claim (FDC) was for PTSD Combat & MST. It was received by the VA effective June 2014. The VA changed my Claim from a FDC to regular about 3 weeks before my Mar. 4, 2015 C & P. The C & P, by a VA PHD went well. The Opinion is yes, for SC on both PTSD stressors. I am confused on whether or not I can see the Rating(s) %, monthly and other data on eBenefits before I receive the BWE or BBE. My eBenefits level is Premium. Should I be able to see the Rating results, etc on eBenefits first ? Thanks XNam vet
  12. Weavvv Congtrats ! In a way I can relate to your situation. My Ebenefits has shown me at Pending Decision Approval since April 5 which is the date I first logged-in. I find my self checking my Ebenefits every day even though a few weeks ago, I told myself that I would check it every other day. Keep the faith. XNam Vet
  13. First of all, I realize times vary on various factors. My FDC was filed in Florida in mid-2014. Brief summary: My 1st-ever VA Disability claim for PTSD ((Vietnam 1968-69), both Combat & MST was filed in May, 2014. It began as a FDC. But in mid- Feb 2015 or 2 weeks before my C and P, a VA letter stated it is now a regular claim. My C & P was in early March 2015. The VA's Psychologist said yes to having both types of PTSD; both are Service Connected. His opinion language included "at least as likely as not (50% or greater... "" probability) .., and MOST LIKELY parts in his opinions. About wait-time, I began using eBenefits 2 weeks ago. Since then, if not before, my Claim is listed as PAD. Hopefully the next step is forward, to the Preparation for Notification. EBenefits has an time frame of 04/05/2015 to 05/22/2015. I read the tag with it about wait could vary based on ... Generally speaking, what is the average time lapse between a claim going from PAD to Prep for Notification? Thanks for your feed back.
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