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  1. I finally reached 100%, but it is not P&T. Thank everybody for your help and thanks for posting all your questions. I spent a lot of time reading other people's questions and answers.
  2. So I just back from the TBI clinic. I read the instructions wrong about the exam. It said be prepared to stay 3 hours. I mistakenly thought I would be examined for 3 hours. I was there 3 hours but I accomplished a lot of stuff. Filled out paperwork. Met the nurse and she prepped all the info for the doctor. She wanted to get a clear picture of what was going on with my case. Saw the doctor for about one hour. Gave me the test that is on one sheet of paper that was used for the TBI C&P Exam. Checked me out physically and then we talked about some of my problems and what I most needed to improve on. I am going to see him in three months but I am going to take some kind of memory class/rehab thingy. Nurse came back in and told me about all the programs they could set me up with. Then I went to meet my new caseworker. Spoke with her for about 30-45 minutes also. I actually wish I could have been refereed right after my TBI! OH WELL!
  3. Hey Armorer, Thanks bud! That has a lot of info that breaks it down so it is easy to understand!
  4. OK Thanks! I am learning so much!
  5. So maybe somebody could clear this up for me. I thought you couldn't be rated for a TBI and migraines? That would be pyramiding, right?
  6. I am going to the TBI clinic next Wednesday. I have heard from other Vets that the clinic is really good and the people are helpful. These same Vets had TBI's and PTSD. The most important thing is this will be my first time I see a specialist for TBI. The C&P exam was a joke. So after next Wednesday I will have more information about my TBI. I can't really make any decisions till I have all the facts.
  7. This is what I am rated for. Shoulder ROM 10% Scar 10% (These are from the accident and I was rated before I deployed) Migraines 30% TBI 0% Neck 20% (These are from the accident and I was rated after I got back) PTSD 50% (This was caused solely from my deployment) In total I am 80% My deployment was difficult for me because of the migraines, neck pain, shoulder pain and concentration,attention problems. I stopped working when I got back because of the PTSD. VA keeps telling me I can work and that I am rated right. I keep appealing. Because there is no way I can work at any job. I also applied for IU and the VA denied it. I am on appeal for that also. I didn't appeal the 0% (I should have) on my TBI and yes it has been over a year.
  8. I have a question and I would appreciate info from anybody. I had a vehicle accident stateside (while on duty) about a year and a half before I was deployed. They told me I had a concision but later the VA told me it was a TBI. The VA sent me to a TBI C&P and I was rated at 0%. I also have real bad migraines from the accident. The VA decided I was rated 30% (I think this is a low ball, I told the rater that I have several migraines a month that are deliberating). I also have tinnitus, can't smell or taste all due to the accident, that I haven't been rated for. Well I found out that my local VA has a TBI clinic. Been going to my local VA for other reasons since 2013 and just now found out there is a clinic. So I am going to this clinic next week. The first appointment is supposed to be three hours. I want to see what residual effects I have from my TBI. My question is- Should I just be happy that I got 30% for migraines and file for the tinnitus, smell and taste? Or should I get re rated for my TBI and have everything rolled up into one rating? I figure if I get re rated for my TBI the VA will just low ball me on it and take away any other claim associated with it. I forgot to mention that I also have Photo-phobia and am not rated for it also.
  9. Hey everybody, I am a National Guard soldier. I served 1991-1995 in the Guard. I got tired of being in a unit that was Sargent heavy. There were maybe 10-15 lower enlisted. As I got older I kept thinking about joining back up. When I turned 35 I decided it was time to make a decision because I was right at the cut off age. So I went to talk to the recruiter and he said "I want you to join but if you do you will be deployed". That was in 2009. I was deployed to Afghanistan 2011/2012. When I got back things were real bad. I put it off as long as I could but ended up going to the VA to "talk with someone". I have been going to the VA for "treatment" since 2013. Oh and I am still in the National Guard and 2 years into the Med Board process. I have been reading some of the post for awhile now. I am learning a lot and appreciate all the good info.
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