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  1. Dfinnusmc, I am getting ready to file Sleep apnea secondary to PTSD also. I am very interested to see how your claim turned out. Also if you have an example of the Letters your doctor wrote? My doctor said he would write a letter but wanted to know the format. I wish you the best with your claim!!!
  2. I have been following the thread for Sleep Apnea secondary to PTSD. I am in a similar situation I am on TDIU and was just diagnosed with moderate to severe sleep apnea. I am trying to get sample nexus letters to my doctor so I can file claim. Do you have any sample nexus letter I can show my civilian doc. He asked me how it needed to be formatted etc.... Let me know how your case wound up
  3. All, few days ago I was awarded 90% being paid at 100% TDIU. Ebenefits says not P & T. I have 3 questions if someone could help me. My DAV rep was let go and now I have nobody to ask question about my claim. When I applied for TDIU she wrote increase for rating for my Lumbar DDD and PTSD which was 40 & 70% respectively. I have another 30% with both knees and tinnitus. Total rating of 90%. left and right knee is bilateral and radiculopathy is bilateral of left and right leg (not sure how those 4 ratings of 10% each are calculated)? Additionally, I was just diagnosed wi
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