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  1. anybody know anything about VA training programs for disabled veterans? I know I can go to VR&E for an appointment. I am 100% P&T for PTSD. I know that the VR&E pushes college ect and they probably are gonna tell me to get to stepping. But I also read that they can take guys and put them to work as claims examiners ect ect according to something USC. something have a link somewhere. I guess what I am asking is anyone aware or have any real world experience with trying to go to work for the VA in some sort of training program to get trained up to do say contract specialist work
  2. I’ve heard to apply and I’ve heard they will award for housebound for ptsd even filed and printed the form and see the doctor tommorow...but is this true they will award for this? I mean I don’t go anywhere I’m not fit for anything in public I never seem to make it to any appointments due to panic attacks ect.....is it this simple as filing the form with my pcp ect? she handles all my meals and keeping me bathed ect ebennies let me file for it and just gave me a link and with instructions to have my pcp to fill it out. anyone with any experience or thoughts, advice or gui
  3. Navy4life is correct 100%, the others will be "moot"
  4. When I first applied for my initial claim for PTSD it started from just a "unspecified anxiety disorder" and it was not until a routine visit with mental health that I even picked up the PTSD diagnosis. Sometimes you still find doctors in the system how are blunt and point blank in that manner. My social worker said something very similar to me about my VA Comp early on and encouraged me to file in the first place. Which I am glad I did or otherwise I would be like your dad waiting til I was in my twilight years.
  5. Relax and be cool, I had the same experience and won at the hearing. A lot of us do and all my life all I ever heard was they denied everybody first couple times although from other vets ive been in contact with locally it seems to be getting better as far as first time approvals. One of my buddies applied in October with VA 100 for ptsd they approved him in December and is expecting his back pay and first check here in a few months. I know they are fast tracking for vets too on first applying as well. Good luck, you can do this.
  6. they are suppose to take it with the same weight but with the VA who knows?
  7. Well Ebennies finally shows 100% P&T and an effective date going back to 2014....glad its finally close to being done. My jump from 70 to 100 was more money than expected but atleast now I can live and support my family.
  8. still waiting on envelop...Although finally on ebennies and vets.gov it shows my appeal was finally closed on 12/31/2018. Vets.gov says I was granted 100% but thats all it says. I keep checking for my letters and benefits on ebennies but so far nothing. I reached out in December due to my financial hardships was told they were aware and had notated it in my file back in October right after my C&P. They told me I had been granted what it says on the site i.e. 100% but no further details what so ever and that seemed like they did not want to tell me even that much. Have not had hot wate
  9. And one more thing, in the past I was able to get on and use the blue button to access C&Ps and other reports rather quickly often within 3 days of the visit but this LHI consult and eval has yet to appear in my blue button records since October when I found out I had been awarded and they were closing my appeal. I called my regional office who told me it was not uncommon for us not to have access and I explained that previously with other appeal I had in fact gotten the results but ofcourse this was blamed on a fluke and was told not to expect the same results this time. Although they d
  10. I think you are good to go, the hardest part now is the wait for their evaluation to go through the system and for regional to actually get their end done and send your BBE and get your back pay squared away. I had my appointment with doctor October 1st and on October sixth I saw on vets.gov that they had approved something and no action what so ever until 01/01/19 when I logged onto ebennies for my weekly check I saw that my active appeals were now historic and that it said they were closed on 12/31/2018 the last day of the year. I still have yet to receive anything at all about anything.
  11. I would Goto ebennies print just the letter that lists disabilities and dummy up past that unless it directly benefitted me. I worked at a Federal agency and I didn’t even disclose I was a disabled veteran directly it kinda leaked out cuz I was direct hired and forced on them as a disabled vet. Later people started being “friendly” I kept dummying up but it ended being a witch hunt and once my disabilities were disclosed a lot of my coworkers were distant and some of that is just pure and simple misconceptions about PTSD but I was over pretty much at that point. And yes you are pr
  12. I myself researched and filed my initial claim and it allowed me online to appoint one and I did at first but after getting my award and then losing some stuff and never heard a peep from VSO and I contacted them and ended up on the phone with a state of TN state employee that manned the particular VSOs phones in my area. She tried to be helpful but I dropped them after that. Since dropping them and after meeting an attorney (friend of family) who assured me I’d win my TDIU and/or 100% for PTSD with or without him and advised me to just ride alone unless I hit any snags and needed
  13. Also Let me say THANK YOU I have spent many hours on this site reading and researching things, this site is a valuable tool and have sent other vets here and to the podcast as well
  14. Also employment unemployment nothing like that even came up
  15. lol, yeah if it was in our favor too much I would not have been allowed to go. Strangely it must have went well as I was checking vets and ebennies and found my appeal had been granted for an increase ptsd rating (which I don't get im already at 70) and award of TDIU as well, not sure how I could get both or if that's even possible. I am grateful to the doc although still haven't seen her report I keep checking blue button but no dice as usual. Waiting for the envelop to see effective date and back pay bennies for kids ect is gonna drive me up the wall all I can do is hope Nashville Reg
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