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  1. But where do they get that date from? 1/23/2019? The only info in my TDIU claim I provided close to that date is my letter of separation from previous employer
  2. Sorry for the questions but now that I am looking at it I have two different effective dates, does anyone know as to why that would happen? please see photos attached. The only date i have near 1/23/2019 is my separation date from my previous employer 1/11/2019. (Within this claim)
  3. No, there was no commissary/PX letter area that I was able to generate. I can only print a letter with my new percentage for PTSD. Is it to soon and wait a couple days for the letter generator? Thank you Also, can my increase from 50-70% SC mean I was granted TDIU?
  4. So after 5 months of claim being worked by VA and waiting on previous employer, there was a decision made today. I am wondering if anyone knows if there is a way to find out if I received TDIU. I do know that I did receive an increase of PTSD from 50% to 70%. My question is what happened to TDIU? I don't see anything about it on Ebenefits letter generator. Does it take longer for that to show? Should it show up after a few days? Or does it mean I was denied?
  5. Received an email stating that the VA will be going to telephone C&P exams due to COVID-19. Just got this email yesterday.
  6. Correct, I understand what you're speaking about, but I have a 2 files in the claim since the 11th untouched/reviewed.
  7. I was wondering the same exact thing. My claim hasn't been touched since March 11th, 2020, and before it was every week someone would work the files. I have an IU claim in and just waiting on previous employer to send form back. I submitted evidence March 14th that hasn't been reviewed.
  8. Here for the quotes, as the VA hasn't sent me any SOC to work off of for form 9 to be returned (Due April 28th 2020) I am thinking of just sending anything on my form 9 in with just updates from my VA doctor.
  9. I am asking because my claim was being looked @ every week and since the 11th of March 2020 my claim hasn't been reviewed or looked at, I have two submitted paperwork files that have been sitting for review. They last closed anything the 11th. You guys have been very helpful with my concerns, thank you.
  10. Is there anywhere I can view my C&P exams? I don't see them in my health summary.
  11. Return the VA Form 9 by April 28, 2020 in order to continue your appeal The VA made a SOC for my appeal dated Feb. 28th 2020. They also said they sent out a SOC in which I am suppose to review and if I want to contest it send VA form 9 back to them. I haven't received said letters, I have called the VA twice (1800 number) and clarified with them that my address is correct. (I receive everything else from the VA just fine) Now on this appeal I have a certain time frame to return VA form 9 to them (April 28th 2020) for some reason after 3 attempts this paperwork isn't getting to me, anyone have any ideas as what to do?
  12. Same thing happend to me last week on the 21st and 23rd. Do you have any new update on this? Mine still doesn't show any change.
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