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  1. Richard 1954, I just went through this same process and had the same questions as you did. It simply means that despite your additional ratings - unless you have 1 additional disability that is both independent and rated at 100% (i.e. not combined rating) you will not get the desired bump from L 1/2 to M going this route. When I received my additional independent rating for 100%, I left the L 1/2 ratings and conditions that constituted the 1/2 behind and the increase (bump) was based solely on my newly acquired independent 100% rating. So it seems your route to SMC M in this fashion
  2. RCS, In the future it better if you make your own post as this causes confusion with Taylor's post and answers. Not a criticism just an observation. I know how it is to be new to posting in sites like this one and wanting to get answers. RCS, when I look at your ratings I see 60%, off the top of my head please confirm using VA math, (20+20+20+10), in addition to the 100 using VA math. I will not insult you or him by reaffirming what ASKNOD said earlier to Taylor or here in the message boards previously. I will only say please see his previous posts or his site explaining SMC fo
  3. https://www.va.gov/vetapp18/files3/1814284.txt The above resulted from a remand from the court. It represents two regular aid and attendance ratings becoming R1. I have several of them but this bookmark I was able to readily find and post. Although not sure if it is a precedent decision it shows it is possible to get to R1 on two SMC (l) ratings. It may depend on the judge but the court had already said it was possible and the board agreed and awarded the the two (l) ratings. VICDE
  4. Oceanbound, I have done some additional research, as I always do if told I am not correct. I believe this is the only proper way for me to learn. I think your reply although correct is not 100%. The CFR implies that other conditions other than dialysis can result in a 100% condition as long as the symptoms or lab values are present. It states, and I have emphasized the basis of my reasoning in bold below: Requiring regular dialysis, or precluding more than sedentary activity from one of the following: persistent edema and albuminuria; or, BUN more than 80mg%; or, creatinine more than 8
  5. Oceanbound and Buck 52 thank you for your comments. Yes, Buck52 I understand about the IMO, I think. The Ortho doctor who performed my exam and 2680 was previously a C and P doctor until the VA switched over to outside providers. He is the one who decided that I needed so much assistance due to lower back and 4 extremities of "severe radiculopathy" (his words) pain, multiple Ortho problems and pain medications, I guess these are what he used in deciding that I needed help with most activities of daily living. He is also is one of the regular doctors I see during my VA visits here, so he is
  6. I recently filed a claim for the VA to look at my total record and determine if the totality of my service connected condition combine qualifies for a second SMC L-aid and attendance determination or that of SMC O or R1. I had researched the BVA site and internet the last few years and found that such determination where, for a time, hard to find. However, now there seems to be an abundance of search determinations for me to review and pattern my case by. One case that is very similar to mine is actually posted here by Jamescripps2, I believe his name here is. Also, I have profited greatly,
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