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  1. Ratings increase went from 30 percent to something a bit higher. I don't want to give too much info but does anyone have the list of what veterans qualify for at 50 percent or higher?
  2. Signed up for it and clicked the download records. Only thing that came up was my personal info and my allergies. Is this normal? I have been to the VA a bunch of times but nothing pops up.
  3. After everyone's advice, i submitted it. Rather have sent it and have them already have it then not send it and they don't.
  4. I was able to get a hold of some medical records from a clinic that i went to a few years ago. Is this something the VA normally request or would i be better off submitting? Like i said before, i'm new to this so i want to cover all grounds.
  5. Wish i could go back and do it. But even then my sgt. would tell me to suck it up and refuse. Being young and internet wasn't that big (2003) i didn't know that i could seek help with that. After i got out a year later the Fresno VA hospital pretty much gave me the run around til i gave up and didn't do anything til years later when somebody showed me what to do.
  6. I will just going to answer her questions and let her know how i feel most of the time. I just turned 38 and it's sad i should be better off, but that's life for ya.
  7. I will for sure on handing her the list, that's a daily list for me, not including all the ptsd crap i go through.
  8. Awesome, should is the imo when i talk to them or is it something i should write out?
  9. Sadly not notarized, Most of my family and friends live a couple thousand miles away. Here's the symptoms i normally have on a daily basis. I started this list about a week ago because i knew i would forget some. Body feels like it has been rung out like a rag. Numbness in right shoulder Aches in knee migranes stomach pain and diarrhea Tossing and turning while trying to sleep lower back pain numbness in left arm shoulder and hand legs feel like jello feeling tired during the day even though i slept all night hard time concentrating angry stiff neck pain in right hip shooting down to my foot dizzyness taking dogs for walk or checking mail feels like i have been at a gym all day cramping in ankles, calves, and thighs Numbness after sitting for long periods upper shoulders and neck hurts after sneezing difficult to lay on left side neck cramps up while laying down frequent urination, peeing at least 3-5 times a night dropping stuff with left hand left arm feeling sore like it's had an intense workout struggling to lift stuff with left arm when i sneeze, pain shoots through my body mainly in my neck, shoulders, and knees painful to get in and out of car hard to grip things with left hand thumb goes numb and into my hand, last from 5 to ten minutes trouble getting out of bed because of stiffness struggled to lift a gallon of milk with left hand sudden urges to go to the bathroom, even if i just went less then 30 minutes prior legs feel like they are moving still while im lying down back gets numb as i bend over to pick something up burning throat throwing up a little in mouth pain in neck shooting towards chest chest pains heartburn if i don't eat during a certain time(a few hours after lunch time) difficulting swallowing, feels like a chunk of dry bread is going down my throat plain foods like chicken and rice give me heartburn upset stomach
  10. I'm going to bring the medical records from the doctor that diagnosed me and my lay statements. I also have my results of my MRI with bulging discs. I have seen the va doctors about my issues. A doctor did a test with my left arm. I even went to Birmingham to have a nerve conduction type test to see if i had nerve damage. I have also had multiple xrays on my back and neck. I also have a list of the issues that i wrote down when i felt them. I also avoid terms like ibs and used words like having the urge to use the restroom even after using it 30 minutes prior. just stuff like, struggled to lift a gallon of milk with my left hand. Or woke up with my thumb staying bent into my hand for about 5 minutes. I have been to the VA and private doctors the last 2 years about these issues. With your guys help and having talked to doctors before about these issues, i'm feeling a lot better about tomorrow.
  11. I'm going to the health clinic later today to get the diagnosis paper. She will come with me and hopefully the doctor speaks to her. As for coffee, i don't drink that stuff lol.
  12. Thank you all for the responses, less then 48 hours away and you have all made me feel better about this. To answer some of your questions, yes i do get help at the va clinic. I have been practising what to say with family and friends. I looked up some paperwork about something none related and see the doctor did diagnosed me with it in August of 2017. I just need to get the paperwork stating that just to be safe. One more question, what does she have access to va wise if anything at all? Edit- BTW sorry i didn't reply sooner, since i'm new my messages were pending approval.
  13. Im sure i can talk to my va guy here to get the c-file unless he already requested it. Does the va do a heavy metal test? Money is tight so im hoping i can find a good rhuematologist. I have had blood work done so i know i can rule out std's and they said nothing about me having the others. Sadly i stop lifting weights a few years back.
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