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  1. --- From: Bobby Ross <kittytahoetoy@yahoo.com> Subject: Fw: Happy Holidays from LT Bobby Ross To: Kittytahoetoy@yahoo.com Date: Sunday, December 21, 2008, 2:54 PM > Hello to you Veterans or Veteran supporters! > > I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very > Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year. > > What follows are exerts of a speech given by president > elect Obama to the VFW on August 8, 2008. It was full of > promises to help Veterans and reform the VA (Veterans > Administration). It is time to make sure these promises are > kept. The Iwo Jima LRRP Network founded by me, LT Bobby > Ross, is committed to making sure that these promises are > kept. > > There is no excuse for the VA to not be fully funded. There > is no reason for military personnel to be kicked out of the > military because they are struggling with untreated PTSD. > 23 page claim forms are ridiculous. Waiting months for > care and/or appointments is unacceptable. Refusing to treat > Veterans simply because they make a dollar more than some > arbitrary means test is breaking a promise made at > enlistment. > > These are just some of the problems Veterans are facing > when going to the VA. It is time that Veterans get their > just rewards and proper health care and a decent > compensation pension for disabilities resulting from > military service. With this in mind I urge you to contact > your Senator, Congressman and the President urging immediate > action on these promises. While nothing will be done on > these issues until the new President and House and Senate > take office on January 20th, we can put those now in office > on notice that we demand and expect action immediately after > the Inauguration the 20th of January. > > The President will have a majority of both the Senate and > the House at his disposal. Action on this will only happen > when a majority of Veterans speak up in a unified voice. As > the saying goes the squeaking wheel gets the oil. It is time > for us to all squeak together. If we do our squeak will be a > roar that the politicians cannot ignore. > > “Keeping faith with those who serve must always be a core > American value and a cornerstone of American patriotism. > Because America's commitment to its servicemen and women > begins at enlistment, and it must never end.” > > “To keep our sacred trust, I will improve mental health > screening and treatment at all levels: from enlistment, to > deployment, to reentry into civilian life. No service-member > should be kicked out of the military because they are > struggling with untreated PTSD.” > > “No veteran should have to fill out a 23-page claim to > get care, or wait months - even years - to get an > appointment at the VA.” > > “We need more mental health professionals, more training > to recognize signs and to reject the stigma of seeking care. > And to treat a signature wound of these wars, we need clear > standards of care for Traumatic Brain Injury.” > > “Recovering troops should always go to the front of the > line, and they shouldn't have to fight to get there.” > > “But we know that the sacred trust cannot expire when the > uniform comes off. When we fail to keep faith with our > Veterans, the bond between our nation and our nation's > heroes becomes frayed. When a Veteran is denied care, we are > all dishonored. It's not enough to lay a wreath on > Memorial Day, or to pay tribute to our Veterans in speeches. > A proud and grateful nation owes more than ceremonial > gestures and kind words.” > > “Caring for those who serve - and for their families - is > a fundamental responsibility of the Commander-in-Chief. It > is not a separate cost. It is a cost of war. It is something > I've fought for as a member of the Senate Committee on > Veterans' Affairs. And it is something I will fight for > as President of the United States.” > > “It's time for comprehensive reform. When I am > President, building a 21st century VA to serve our veterans > will be an equal priority to building a 21st century > military to fight our wars. My Secretary of Veteran's > Affairs will be just as important as my Secretary of > Defense.” > > “No more shortfalls - it's time to fully fund the VA > medical center. No more delays - it's time to pass > on-time VA budgets each and every year. No more means > testing - it's time to allow all veterans back into the > VA. I will immediately reverse a policy that led the VA to > turn away nearly 1 million middle and low-income Veterans > since 2003.” > > “The VA will also be at the cutting edge of my plan for > universal health care, with better preventive care, more > research and specialty treatment, and more Vet Centers, > particularly in rural areas.” > > “I will revamp an overburdened benefits system. The VFW > has done a remarkable job helping more than 120,000 Veterans > a year navigate the broken VBA bureaucracy, but you > shouldn't have to do it alone. I will hire additional > workers, and create an electronic system that is fully > linked up to military records and the VA's health > network.” > > “One of the most admired principles of the U.S. military > is that no one gets left behind. Yet too often America does > not keep faith with this principle. On any given night, more > than 200,000 Veterans are homeless. We're already > hearing about hundreds of homeless Iraq War Vets. That's > not right. That's not keeping our sacred trust. We must > not leave these men and women behind. My principle will be > simple: zero tolerance. Zero tolerance for Veterans sleeping > on the streets. I've fought for this in the Senate, and > as President I'll expand housing vouchers, and I'll > launch a new supportive services housing program to prevent > at-risk Veterans and their families from sliding into > homelessness.” > > “I will listen to them as a candidate, and I will listen > to them as President. And I will be clear that whatever > disagreements we have on policy, there will be no daylight > between us when it comes to honoring these men and women who > serve, and keeping faith with our Veterans. This is not a > partisan issue. This is a moral obligation. This must be a > beachhead for bringing our country together.” > > End of Obama’s remarks > > As you can see the President Elect has put forward some > proposals that will result in “Change” for the VA. This > “Change” will be of great benefit to our current > military personnel and our Veterans. > > As he said, “This is not a partisan issue. It is a moral > obligation.” It is now up to us to make sure the > “Change” in the VA comes about and is not lost in the > memory of campaign promises. > > To locate your congressman, go to > http://www.visi.com/juan/congress/ > To locate your Senator, go to > http://www.senate.gov/general/contact_info...enators_cfm.cfm > > > Thank you for your support. > > >PEACE, > >
  2. I agree with Pete, even though I don't have a copy of my c-file. I recently had a meeting with my rep. his office office is in the the RO building. I had an appointment so he had my c-file on his desk when I arrived. The reason for the meeting was an up coming Dro hearing on Jan. 9th 09. I had one claim denied for allergic rhinitis with chronic sinusitis which they denied. They agreed that I had been treated on numerous times while in the service, but no treatment after getting out of service. I sent with my claim 44 treatment records from private Doctors. I had in my possession 60 treatment records from my local Va. which I didn't send on advice from my rep.. Twenty of the reports identified the conditions on my claim as chronic. None of this was listed as evidence used in my denial. My Rep. went through my c-file and it was all there. scattered but there. He said this was a definite CUE which we should get straightened up at the hearing and get a proper decision. WE WILL SEE. By the way I have records of every visit I ever made to the VA.. about two inches thick I will be taking with me to the hearing. Also I had a claim denied for meniere's disease. Me and my rep. think I have a good shot at winning this claim since the same thing happened with it. Then he looked on the computer and noticed that claim was no longer active since I had not singed and returned a certain document in time. I keep separate notebooks for each claim and quickly opened the one on meniere's and showed him my copy of the form I had signed and returned one week after I received it. He looked through my C-file and you guessed it bigger than life there it was. He called me the next day and told me he took it up stairs and they admitted they made a BOO BOO and it to would be reviewed at my hearing. I have two more claims that will be reviewed on the ninth, both with similar errors. At any rate I will be getting a copy of my c-file after this hearing. its too close now to rock the boat now. I learned from this sight how to keep proper documentation of my claims. As a matter of fact my Rep. told me he had been a rater up stairs for five years before taking this job. He also told me my records were laid out and tagged better than they had been taught. Thank you BERTA and others here at Hadit, the compliments belong to you guys. YES GET A COPY OF YOUR C-FILE AT ONCE
  3. PTSD is an ugly beast. I totally agree with Pete. Group helps, but the word ptsd hardly ever comes up. At my C&P the Shrink told me and my Wife he could help me a lot more if I would talk in more detail about my stressor. I clammed up and didn't say another word. Ptsd reminds me of FREDDY, Just waiting for me to go to sleep. Jim 501st
  4. Hi Wings DSS is my idiot way of saying disability social security.
  5. Interesting" I got out of service in 1964, On my discharge physical it states "Infection of bladder - Aug. 63- symptomatic with frequent urination- sequelas at present. UCHD. I was not made aware of this and never new it was in my records until a few years ago. I filed a claim several weeks ago. I might ad I was put on DSS in 1985 with the reason being back injury and neurogenic bladder. The Law Judge stated that Doctors were unable to diagnose cause of neurogenic bladder since it preceded the back injury, but it was apart of my award. I wonder if this would fall under the topic being discussed. Granted I didn't file a claim when I got out but I didn't know it had been service connected. Makes you just love the military.
  6. Thanks Josephine for the advice. We only have one hospital and my Dr. did send his patients there. I went their two years ago and asked but the Lady in records advised me that the hospital had been bought and sold so many times they were having problems finding records from five years ago. I went back this past Jan. and the Lady told me she had only worked there a few months, She checked the computer. (nothing) Then she went through there hard copy files. ( nothing). She said they had boxes of Micro-fish and as she got time she would try to locate them. She said if I didn't get a call within two weeks, she couldn't find them. I suspect the first lady I talked to was probably right when she said they most likely had been destroyed. Thanks Jim501st
  7. Callover007 Dr Bash charged me $2500.00. Was it money well spent? I think so: Yes the RO made reference to his opinion in their decision. The document in question had an unreadable date on the Dr's notes. The injury occurred in Sept. 1961. The document he used showed the Knee was still swollen 13 months after the injury, but as I said the scribbling in the date section was unreadable. Dr. bash picked up on this and went on to explain at the bottom of the document Of the typed in date, And the difference in my rank. I had got A PROMOTION since the original injury. Of coarse Dr Bash was correct but the Rater insisted he was wrong, and insisted he / she could read the unreadable date at the top and it was a year earlier than the injury, that the knee was still swollen. You have to love those folks at the ro. a little simple math would show I was a civilian on the date she insisted she could read. Oh well I have a dro hearing coming up sometime in the future, And I think Dr. Bash's IMO will speck for it's self. I think I will eventually win with his IMO, But stupid is as stupid is. I don't remember what the range of motion was, but do remember it was bad enough to equal the amputation rule rating. Jim501st
  8. Berta I don't have a copy of my service personnel records, so I don't know. Unfortunately my family Dr. who did treat me for this and many other things for 14 years died. I have used every resources I have to find his records but have been told they most likely were destroyed. I live in a rural town and that was along time ago.
  9. I recieved a ssoc on a right Knee injury. i have a dro hearing coming up in the future. I was green when my rep filed this claim. Later I asked him if we could change it to bilateral. He said not until we got a decision on the rt. knee because it was well into the process. does the following make it an infered claim or am I dreaming. The following is my responce but I will wait for some feed back before I take it to the ro next week. I don't want to look like an idiot and can still change it. Thanks Jim 501st --------------- SS ------------- Claim # ----------- 20, May 2008 This letter is in response to your decision for service connection for degenerative joint disease, right knee ( claimed as right knee condition. Your first sentence says “ Records from VAMC -------- show that you continue to seek treatment for bilateral knees.” I am now assuming this is a claim for (inferred) bilateral knees, rather then rt. Knee only. Now. You refer to the statements received on Jan. 4, 2008 and the use of the right knee during military training. I would like to call your attention to title 38, sec. 4.22. ( attached). There is no record in existence except my word of this injury, and I don’t deny it happened, but I do deny the importance the C&P Drs. Assistant put on it. It is not possible to have gone through the training described in my statement on Jan. 4 2008 with a knee in that condition, and since you accept the pre-service statement of the injury, I think you should accept my word when I say I was given light duty the remainder of my enlistment due solely to this knee injury. Also I have attached an article showing how an acute fracture of the knee cap can be mistaken for bipartite patella. It bares credence to Dr. Bash’s statement, especially page two ( number 6) starting with This case is confusing because. I am also sending a copy of the material I sent with an appeal on meniere’s disease. It has nothing to do with this case per-say, except to show how my smr’s were changed and add credence to the argument I made in my letter dated Jan. 4 2008 of my knee being swollen more than a year after the injury. In summery I think reasonable doubt should weigh in my favor. Thanks ----------------
  10. I posted recently on my forged final exam. They forged everything concerning my hearing, vertigo and meniere's disease. Problem for them is they forgot to extract the originals. I have the attached documents as well as another form-9,for UM, and meniere's, plus two other claims. The sad story is I should have been made aware of all the above at time of discharge, but they decided to change my documents rather than discharge me with the known service connected disabilities. I ask again do I have a legal recourse to this fraud. I was already 50% ptsd. on my recent decision I was awarded 30% hearing and 10% tinnitus which brings my total to 73% rounded off to 70%. I mistakenly posted before that my ptsd had been increased to 70%. My error it wasn't. They denied my original claim for hearing and tinnitus without a C&P. Probably they looked at the forged document, when I hand carried both copies to the RO they gave me a C&P and the award. I didn't notice the other forged documents concerning vertigo and meniere's until recently. I will be hand carrying everything again this week and I guaranteed someone will talk to me or my next post will be from the Huntington jail. If they want a war I'm the one. I have survived more than one ambush. Pissed off Jim 501st ---------------- SS --------- Case number ------------- 17 May 2008 Please accept this letter as my official Notice of disagreement with your decision (SOC dated May 13, 2008) for Meniere’s disease (also claimed vertigo.) Service medical records showed that you were dizzy related to a urinary track infection and there was no record of vertigo or Meniere’s disease. I don’t think this record exists. I think a June 28, 1959 record was misread. It speaks of a possible Upper Respiratory infection, not a urinary track infection. (Attached) 2. Records dated in 1980 mark the first reports of dizziness diagnosed as vertigo. I have attached a record of a physical done on 20 September1960, where under dizziness and fainting spells I checked YES 3. A VA examiner reviewed the claims file and indicated that Meniere’s disease was not caused by nor a result of military service. The examiner indicated that the chronicity of disease was not indicated by the chronological evidence for review. I would like to prove that the evidence she examined was flawed. I have been through my medical records many times, and notice that there were three pages that were duplicates. (I requested and received these records from the Huntington RO.), so your copy should be the same. All three sets are on my final physical. I have labeled these four documents exhibits 1 through 4. I would like to point out that all four of these documents pertain to hearing and vertigo or meniere’s disease. Notice that exhibit 1. was altered by adding another graft underneath the original and was signed by C McGinnis in block 79. In block 82 it is signed by officer or approving authority. (Name unreadable.) The second graft drawn in changed my hearing loss from a category 2 to a category 1 in block 76. On exhibit 2 all information is the same except block 82 was whited out and copied. I think this proves that exhibit 1. was meant to be destroyed but was accidentally included. On exhibit 3 and 4 I highlighted all the obvious differences. However there are two changes made in the two documents I want to point out. Exhibit 3. in the block for car, train, sea, or air sickness I checked YES but it was X-ed out and checked no. I think someone at this point didn’t think it looked right and decided to create a new document, (hence document 4) If you turn this document over you will see it was signed by C. McGinnis. Exhibit 4 notice under car, train, sea, or air sickness it is checked no but if you will turn this document over you will notice there is no signature. I think the signature and other stuff on this document was whited out and redone. I also think exhibit 3 was changed and meant to have been extracted from my records but left in accidentally. Page Two NOD-Meniere’s Disease Case Number ---------- The lady that did the C&P for hearing disease admitted I had proof of severe Meniere’s disease ratable at 100%. I had service connected hearing loss and tinnitus which was necessary as one of the components, but she could not find in my service records that I had the two other things needed to establish MENIERE’S disease service connection. Those being dizziness and motion sickness. I am of the opinion that my service medical records had been altered on my release to insure that these could never be claimed but they made an error by leaving the original records intact. Thanks -------------------
  11. Pete I am such a dummy. I reread my decision and guess what , I completely miss the fact that they raised my ptsd from 50% to 70% +30% hearing+10% tinnitus 10%. So I suppose my new rating went from 50% to 80%. Boy if I'm right I can handle that.
  12. Update I just got back from my ptsd group session. Got two letters from the RO. I mentioned in my original post that I had a claim in for hearing loss, tinnitus, vertigo, and meniere's disease. I was awarded 30% hearing and 10% tinnitus. combined with my 50% ptsd I am now 70% I am going to do as Pete said because if they would correct the fraud in my records I feel I could still win on my Meniere's disease also I was also denied unplayability because they said I was awarded DSS on a back injury, which is partly correct. A part of my award was also on neurogenic bladder. As noted above from my final Physical exam. from the Army; (infection of bladder- Aug. 62- Symptomatic with frequent urination- sequela at present) Present referred to was 20 Aug. 1963. I know I should have filed a claim on this years ago, But having ptsd and I forgot why I had it, or where it started. At any rate I shouldn't have any problem getting this claim and take away their excuse for denying unplayability. I will file this claim and nod the unemployable to protect the filing date next week. thanks a million Had-it Family , You are why I am receiving anything from the VA.. I would have died never knowing I was due anything. Thanks again. Jim501st
  13. Actually I thought the Army had altered my records but now I'm not so sure. I asked and received a copy of my medical records from the RO. Maybe I should send for a copy from the army record department
  14. Pete thanks for your reply. I got my copy of my medical records from the ro about four years ago, so I would say it would be safe to say the same is in my c-file. I talked to my rep who's office is in the ro a couple of weeks ago. He went up stairs and found my c-file. He said the rater let him look at it and it appeared i had gotten a partial award on the hearing claim. He said mine was among about 70 others piled around her desk that she was working. He advised me not to file the other claim yet or it would probably stop this claim in its tracks. Do you think I should wait for my letter on this before taking this to the ro? Jim 501st
  15. I have been looking at my medical records for several years and some things just hasn't looked right. One of the pages in question is the report of medical history. This information is for official use only and will not be released to unauthorized persons. is the heading at the top of the page. it is stander form 89. I have always noticed there was two copies of this form several pages apart and just assumed they were duplicates. I finally took the staple out and laid them side by side. On the front of this form there are seven areas that don't match. Some are important to claims I have now. And some should have been bought to my attention when I got out. I should add that on the back of these forms are three discreficences, including the fact that one is signed by the examining Doctor and one isn't. the same side of this document is a block where I printed my name and the second block, my signature. on one form it has my last name middle initial and first name printed in my hand writing. On the other form it has my first name middle initial and last name , not in my hand writing printed. If you would overlay these two documents they would be Identical, except for these three differences. It is clear to see by a blind man that certain areas of this form was whited out and redone. On another form, my final hearing test made me service connected for hearing loss at o% and 10% for tinnitus, However another graft was drawn under the first and one of the numbers changed making me unqualified, and at the bottom of this form they had my hearing marked as a profile 2 and blacked it out and wrote a 1 beside it. This is important because on the other side of first mentioned form under car, train, sea and air sickness block I had checked the block yes. On the other form without a signature it is marked no. I have a claim that is on appeal for hearing loss, tinnitus vertigo, and diagnosed meniere's disease. Also I am preparing a claim for neurogenic bladder which was mentioned as part of my disability for dss. It is written on both copies under Dr's statement on final physical.( Infection of bladder- Aug. 62- symptomatic with frequent urination- sequela at present) On the other side of these two documents under frequent or painful urination I checked yes on one the other without a Dr's signature is checked no with an x through the yes. Again except for the changes mentioned you can over lay these document and they are identical. One other thing is this Dr's signature block is empty. ( whited out I expect to protect his a-- if it was ever found out.) I could detail more but you can get my drift. I think they doctor my records but neglected to take out the undoctored one. I have a dro hearing coming up on my Rt. knee soon. There is an altered document they used to deny my claim. The date on one of the key pieces of evidence was changed to make it appear that my knee was swollen a year before my accident, but I think I can prove by my rank at the bottom of the document that it was actually a year after the accident. They did extract the original so this is all I have. Now a question. By proving that my medical records had been altered in one area would it help prove they could have been altered in another? Another question. Its been 40 years, do I have any legal recourse on the fraud committed against me at my discharge? thanks Jim 501st
  16. I said in an earlier post that on my final exam the Dr. said I had a neurogenic bladder ( frequent urination one year ago to date; unchanged). I was awarded SS in 1985 with this exact diagnosis as part of my disability. I have SS's decision and the documentation they base their opinion on. I didn't know until recently that this was recorded on my final exam. I have not filed a claim yet but plan too. I know the rules for effective dates on a claim. However I am confused when I read the article in TITLE 38 SEC.3.201 Exchange of evidence; SS and DVA. Could someone look at this and explain it to me, verses date of claim or with in one year of discharge. I know I'm missing something, but shooting a blank trying to figure it out. Thanks Jim 501st
  17. This is exactly why we are in the shape we're in, as VETERANS. UNITED WE STAND; UNTIL ONE GROOP OF VETS GETS WHAT IS DUE AND SCREW THE REST. I see nothing to rejoice about when 75% of existing claims are flushed to the glee of a few. 501st Jim
  18. First thanks for the response TEAM. Sorry it took so long to get back, appointments and such, you know. No I never have filed a claim on this, but I plan to. I have suffered with this since 1962, a year before I got out. Yes I have documentation. Its unfortunate for me but my family Dr. that treated me for this and other ailments from 1966 to 1980 died and I have been unable to find his records. Have been told they most likely were destroyed. I do have a few treatment records from 1980 to 1988. I had euro dynamics studies done at two Major universities. both diagnosed as neurogenic bladder with incontinence. I alouded them to treat me for two years. They kept experimenting with different meds. to the the point of having to start cauterisation's finally through away all their meds. and got back to where I was before treatments were started. I use the bath room about every half hour, and wear protection when I go out. I'm lucky to the extent that i can get away with a baby pamper in my underwear. If you can call that lucky. I had these studies done for disability ss and I still have them. Also as I said before it was a part of my SS award. I hardly mention it to any one any more, and don't think I ever have to my primary Dr. at the VA. That I been seeing for the last year. As stated before, I didn't know it was in my military records until recently. Now need advice on what would be the best way to go about it now. Talked to my Vet rep. and he suggested I wait until I get my decision on some pending claims, and I think He's probably right in my case. In my last post I said the RO. had reached a decision on some pending claims on 28 Jan. 08 and I should here something in a few weeks. STILL WAITING. Should I go with whats already on record concerning a new VA claim or should I get an IME or what. I could use some advice on this. Thanks a million Jim 501st
  19. To start with I admit to not being too bright on VA matters, for instance I finally looked in the dictionary and found that Sequel a is any abnormality following or resulting from disease or injury or treatment; Briefly i had an operation for appendix at Ft. Bragg in Aug 1962. That was not my home base so after 10 days in the hospital I was medevaced back to Ft. Campbell Ky. I had a developed a bladder infection that would not clear up, so orders were sent to follow this up at Campbell. NOT. After several month I went to the clinic at Campbell with urinary complaints. I was treated for this for the next year until I was discharged. On my final medical exam under my statement I wrote Fair- Bladder infection due to appendix operation in July 1962. On question 40 of the Dr.'s report he wrote Infection of the bladder-Aug 62- symptomatic with frequent urination-Sequela at present. UCHD. I have had severe problems since I got out to date. I was awarded disability from SS in 1985, and neurogenic bladder was a part of the award. I have a claim nearly ready to file for this but was wondering about effective date. I understand about the date, and filing or before the one year after you get out. I recently received a copy of my smr and found all this out. As I have stated before, I got out of the service and never looked back until my world came crashing down a while back. If I should win this claim could they go back to the date I was awarded SS in 1985 and this being a part of the reason for my award. I'm a little upset that they discharged me with out at least making me aware of this. Anyhow thanks for taking the time to read this and any comments would be appreciated Jim 501st
  20. Bernie I was originally award 30% ptsd. with out a c&p. I appealed this decision and was sent for a C&p. DECISION Evaluation of post- traumatic stress disorder, now rated as post- traumatic stress disorder and major depression, which is currently 30 percent disabling, is increased to 50 percent affective ___________. My case , hope this helps. Jim 501st
  21. ---------------------- VA claim number ----- I ------------------- wish to file the following claims. 1 Neurogenic bladder. I have to urinate 12 to 15 times a day. I get up an average of 5 times a night. I leak in my bed. If I go out I have to wear protection. I carry a urinal in my Automobile. I have always bought my own protection for leakage. 2 Erectile dysfunction. This started in 2004. I took medication for this from the VA for about a year in 2004 or 2005, but for what ever reason they quit supplying it. My problem started in the Military. We left Ft. Campbell Ky. And jumped at Ft. Bragg N.C... While there I awoke one morning with pain in my right lower quadrant. I was taken to Womac Army hospital at Ft, Bragg. Upon arrival they did an Appendectomy and exploratory laparotomy. During the operation they discovered my appendix was all right, but removed it anyhow, since they were already there. Due to finding my appendix was not the problem, the small bowel was run for a distance of approximately 3’ from the ileocecal junction with the finding of multiple enlarged nodes in the mesentery. I was in the hospital for 8 days. My hospital records show I had a bladder infection that did not clear up while there. A note on my discharge said I would be followed up for this condition when I got back to Ft. Campbell Ky. Notes from Ft. Campbell on 27 Aug. 1962 showed I still had a urinary track infection. This condition was never addressed and followed up or corrected as the record is silent on this issue. I went back to the clinic on my own on 24 July 1963. I stated to the Dr. on this visit I had been having problems urinating for the last four or five month, including wetting the bed, among other things related to the subject. The lab work attached confirms I still had bladder infection on this date. On 20 Aug 1963 I stated under (health in my own words ) Bladder infection due to appendix operation July 1962 On the other side of this final exam form, the Dr. wrote. Appendectomy- USAH Womac- N.C.- Aug 1962. Occ’l pain over scar Infection of bladder-Aug 62 Symptomatic with frequent urination- Sequelas at present. UCHD. I HAVE ATTACHED ALL THE RECORDS FROM MY SERVICE MEDICAL RECORD MENTIONED ABOVE I was awarded total disability by Social Security in 1985 as this condition being mentioned as difficulty controlling urination. He has an impairment that is severe,” as defined in the definition. (I Didn't included this in my claim, but sent a copy of my award letter. I also had back problems from a fusion surgery.) This problem has consistently gotten worse since I got out of the service in Sept. 1963. I only went to emergency rooms for illnesses after I got out of the service. I lived in several different states until 1966. I married in 1966 and moved back to ---------- We used Dr ------------from 1966 to 1980, when he closed his practice due to retirement. I have tried for years to find his records, but to no avail. After 14 years of being treated by him, the final conclusion was it was something that was untreatable and I would just have to live with it as best I could. I have included a few pages of records from Dr. -----where we discussed the issue in the 80's. YOU HAVE ALL OF HIS RECORDS IN MY C-FILE I ALSO ATTACHED A COPY OF THE HOSPITAL RECORDS FROM WOMAC WHICH I DON’T THINK YOU HAVE. I ATTACHED A COPY OF MY SOCIAL SECURITY AWARD WHICH YOU ALREADY HAVE A COPY IN MY C-FILE. I ATTACHED A COPY OF MY MEDS FROM THE VA WHERE I WAS PRESCRIBED SILDENAFIL FOR ERECTILE DISFUNCTION (VIAGRA) I ‘m not sure why they took me off it. I think it was because of a heart medication I was taking. Well that is the letter I have prepared to send with my claim. Sinec I am a novice please read and advise so I can amend. I am working on another claim I'll need advice on soon. thanks a million 501st Jim (kkp)
  22. Just looked at the video e-mail. It bought tears to my eyes. Sent it on to a retired navy friend of mine, who thinks this Government can do no wrong, when it comes to vets. I ask now what do you think of W and all his predecessors concerning vets and our fallen comrades. Its a pity Jim 501st
  23. The gentleman I talked to was very nice and we talked awhile, but he insisted that all that was on the computer screen was a decision had been made on the 29th of January 2008. He said I should call back in a couple of days and maybe something else would be added. I'm getting nervous, so I just sent an inquiry to IRIS. Maybe they will have more access. Waiting is always the worst part isn't it Jim 501st
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