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  1. Larry, I'm so proud to know you! Congratulations, and I know you'll do wonderful work. I wish I had your gumption! (Maybe I'll find it buried deep inside me somewhere) I'd love to do what you do. You should post a how-to guide.
  2. Veteran For Life, great tips, I have tons of documentation, and it really does help. Also, having a great doctor, who's actually on your side. Congrats, you deserve it!
  3. Congrats! Stick around, share your story!
  4. Well, Bob, as a matter of fact I haven't gotten a new washer yet, but it is in the plans! Will be money well spent! I can't wait! I did get a new mixer, though! Haven't been able to bake like I usually do since my twenty year old hand me down mixer finally groaned out its last cake! I am sure looking forward toBaking again when I get healed back up!
  5. Well, Bob, it was my BlackBerry pearl that fell off the car! And Pete, I did upgrade to the blackberry storm touchscreen! So far, so good although it takes some getting used to I like it!
  6. I still hurt so bad! Thanks, Purple, and everybody, for not making me feel quite so stupid about leaving a phone on the car. It could have been worse! I just want to feel better, they had to switch pain pills because I ran out of them, and now I'm on one that doesn't seem to work quite as well. Probably good, though..... maybe :P
  7. Well, most people just leave coffee, or a briefcase, I have always said go big or get back on the porch!
  8. Thanks everybody. It will be spent very wisely. I'm penny pincher. J, haven't gotten any paperwork at all yet. Pete, I had insurance for ten years and never once used it, cancelled it last year! Figures, on the up side it was time for my new every two from Verizon so it cost me nothing to replace and even upgrade my phone. Ended up a good deal. Thanks again everybody. I am going back to sleep now. All I really can do right now anyways! Still miss yall!
  9. I am still in recovery from surgery, but am on the mend! The hubby can get back in the bed now without me screaming in agony! We got a huge deposit from SS and p called to ask why. We got one year backpay and will receive monthly benefits now! Still very medicated and not even sure if I make sense. Had to let you know though. I love all of yall and can't wait to be beTter. Had to get new phone too. Forgot mine on top of car and it fell off going about 55 mph. Got BlackBerry Storm love it takes getting used though
  10. Alright everyone, prepare for this video by gathering the following: Your tissues and your family. This happened in my old home town, and I thought it should be seen; I personally cried my eyes out. When my son asked me why I was crying, I told him that a SuperHero died, and this is them bringing him home. Every soldier, passed, present and future, is a SuperHero to me. Please don't forget that there are still soldiers fighting a war. We may fight the war with the VA, but there are others fighting a whole other beast. The folks in this video made me proud, and that's not a place I'm usually proud of. (They're not usually what one could call "military friendly")
  11. This was on our local news tonight. This is a good story. There is a story and video.
  12. Hey everybody, I'm so sorry I haven't been around much. I've stolen a few minutes this morning to see how all of you are holding up. We met with an IL counselor yesterday afternoon. He seems to think that my husband can get some wood working tools to improve his quality of life. They're also talking about getting a second GPS, because we have two vehicles, and only one GPS, and he has spatial disorientation. Anyways, the counselor asked me for a quick list of things that would make wood working easier on my husband. (He currently uses chisels and hammers) Anyways, how long are we looking at here? And what can I expect? The counselor said that this type of thing would have to go to Washington DC, because they want to get a workshop built (one that can be moved, because we don't own this house) and several thousand dollars worth of routers, lathes, saws, shakers, and a laptop that connects to the router. Anyways, I wanted to update everyone, and see how everyone is doing, if you can tell, I'm a little scatter brained today, I have been for weeks.... life is crazy right now. Absolutely certifiable. Fourth of July, I'm taking the day off to hang out with my family, and NOT the crazy ones.... anyways, thanks for any help you can give, I'll try really really hard to get some time on here. I've been keeping up on my phone lately, so I'm not totally out of the loop, it is just a pain to post on the phone. I hope yall aren't mad at me for not being around as much, I'm just running and running lately. Families are crazy. :(
  13. We haven't gotten ours yet. I'm getting irritated. It is the 18th! But, like yall said, June ain't over yet!
  14. Oh Berta, that makes my heart sing! You deserve it! Keep fighting until they give you the justice you deserve!
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