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  1. I'm here, I've been here! :) I've been going to school, which explains my lack of presence. I am helping a local Veteran right now with his claim. Miss all you crazies! :)
  2. Shoot! I forgot again! I'm still here, still alive, still reading until my eyes cross! Still studying hard, and sending folks who need it to Hadit. Miss you all, wish I was able to be around more. If anybody needs me, they can reach me by PM!
  3. Hey Y'all! Just checking in, I actually made it before the middle of the month! I always forget to post in the roll call. School is going well, I'm taking two history classes this semester, which I LOVE, and I can't wait until my last few core classes are done so I can take only history classes every semester. I'm on track to finish the BA pretty quickly, and hopefully I can start my masters in historical preservation soon. (I recently thought about the historical preservation aspect, and am still in the I'm gonna do it, but maybe not.... stage.) I hope everyone is well, and KEEP FIGHTING. I'v
  4. Hey, CowGirl! He's doing alright. Well, they can't figure out why he keeps puking his guts up in his SLEEP, but other than that, he's on another medication trial, and we're still looking for a good therapist, and they're still trying to find the right combo of pills. Same stuff, different day! Thanks for the kudos for college and teaching the little termite! It hasn't been really easy, but it will be worth it in the end, I KNOW I'm doing the right thing for all of us. Plus, my sister homeschooled both her children until last year, and they're 11 and 8, so she helped me put together a great cur
  5. I'm here! I'm taking two history classes this semester, and my sister came to visit from Germany, so I've been running around like a chicken without a head. Did I mention that I'm also homeschooling my son?! YEAH! What an adventure! I never wanted to do it, but the school system here was just too much bad stuff to take! ANYWAY, I'm here, still running around! Taking Western Civ II, and the American Civil War this semester! I'm excited!
  6. I'm HERE, GUYS! I'm HERE! I swear, I'm here! I'm swamped with school, working hard on my History degree! I can't wait to finish, I think I'll be almost a junior at the end of the semester I'm starting on 09 August! A JUNIOR! I never thought I'd see the day! PM me if you need anything, I'm always around, one way or another.
  7. I might be late, but I'm still here!!! School is kicking my teeth in, but I'm doing well, I still can't believe I'm back in (I'm a sophomore!!!) I still thank my lucky HADIT stars every day for all of your help, support, and compassion. PM me if anyone needs anything!!!!!
  8. I missed April! I've been going back to school since March, and I've been going craaaaazy!!! The semesters are mini-mesters, so everything is jam-packed into 8 weeks!!! I'm here, using the Ch. 35 benefits (it takes FOREVER for the Atlanta RO to pay out! It has been SEVEN weeks since p/w was submitted!!) and my baby boy turned five on April 30, and I had family for a week from out of town... May isn't looking any less crazy, either! :D
  9. I made it! BEFORE the middle of the month, or the end!!! I missed last month, but I posted anyway.
  10. SHOOT! I missed February! Darn it, I was trying to remember to post in Roll Call!!!
  11. Hey Yall, from just outside Savannah! I'm a little late, as usual for me, and we're experiencing freezing temperatures around here. Ugh, I hate cold weather, on the upside, I'm not going outside to smoke in this freezing weather! YAY ME! I've started the patch, my health is in a pretty nasty state, so I had to quit smoking, the only vice I've ever had.... it kind of sucks. Anyways, I'm here, wishing and hoping you all have a wonderful New Year. This time last year, I was at my wits' end, and the folks here wouldn't let me quit, and I didn't, and now we've finally got what we were owed for all
  12. I'm still here, and late as usual on my roll call check in. Have wonderful holidays everybody!
  13. Larry, I'm so proud to know you! Congratulations, and I know you'll do wonderful work. I wish I had your gumption! (Maybe I'll find it buried deep inside me somewhere) I'd love to do what you do. You should post a how-to guide.
  14. I'm here! I promise, I'm here! I've been pretty sick, pretty busy, and it has been pretty crazy in my neck of the woods. PM me if you need anything, I'll get it and respond asap! I miss my hadit family!!!!
  15. Veteran For Life, great tips, I have tons of documentation, and it really does help. Also, having a great doctor, who's actually on your side. Congrats, you deserve it!
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