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  1. Could I get some advice and a push in the right direction if possible please? I am 100% p&t for bipolar since 2011. I was recently hospitalized and the doctor diagnosed me there with MST PTSD. He wrote this in my records and I believe I can prove service connection for this issue. I don't know if I can get additional SMC or if it will only serve to change my bipolar diagnosis to something else to include the ptsd or is it a seperate and different issue? I certainly don't want to lose what I already have. What to do? How to proceed if at all?? Thanks so much. Bonnie
  2. Recieved my white envelope yesterday, 100 p and t for bipolar. Took 6 years. Don't give up. Thank you had-it.

  3. Recieved my white envelope yesterday, 100 p and t for bipolar. Took 6 years. Don't give up. Thank you had-it.

    1. ChooChoo


      God Bless U, I just got denied I IU wasn't going to Appeal just felt like giving up...but change my mind and put the Appeal in. my mental health dr. didn't have anything in my medical record about me not able to work because of my PTSD...he wrote a letter 4 me....but nothing in medical record... big Denied

  4. I go to the VA in Fayettville,ar. and they gave me cymbalta. Bonnie
  5. I went to a private doctor that I picked out of the phone book. I had been rated as incompetent. One hour and two hundred dollars later I had a letter that he wrote using an example letter from watchdog. The VA accepted it and I am rated competent thanks to the psych. doctor I went to. The whole process took less than two months. I don't understand why anyone would spend thousands for an IMO. BONNIE
  6. My disability onset date was, according to va, 9/78. I have a dr's reporting that. Will ssdi take this as a legit onset date?
  7. I have tried ambien, ambien CR,and am now on lunesta. Best one so far is lunesta. Athougth I don't sleep all night, never have, it does allow me 5 or 6hrs, that's good for me. Trazadone gave me nightmares. I have got valium also but it relaxes me does'nt put me to sleep.
  8. thanks, I was having the same problem. Much better now BONNIE
  9. My c&p examiner stated that in her opinion I was incompetent to handle my benifits at this time but should be re-evaluated within one year. I assume this means a rating of incompetence even though none of my other dr's ever gave me a rating of incopotence. I haven't been awarded anything yet, but should by months end. Will my examiner's statement alone be enough to rate me incompetent? I'm really hoping that they look at my whole record like they are supposed to but have my doubts. My case is over 2years 8months old. My examiner did say that my mental condition had its onset in the military,and that my employabilty was impaired due to my medication and depresssion.
  10. I wish I could help you but instead am asking you to help me. I am about to be rated incompetent. How did you get your husband as fidiciary? They told me they would get me one of their chosing. Did they pay you while you were waiting for your appointed fidiciary? How long did it take? Are you appealing? Anything you could tell me on this subject would help. Thank You Bonnie
  11. I, also have been recently rated as incompetent. I have not yet received my grant yet but expect it any day. Do I have to wait to get a fidicary or will they give me my money when I am approved? Should I appeal this right away or will the process hold up my money or should I appeal it later? I have so many questions what ever info anyone could give me would be appreciated. Thank you Bonnie
  12. I applied for ssi on 6/06. My claim was denied. I applied again 12/08. Should I get retro from 06?
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