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  1. Good day fellow vetrans. My question is this I am currently SMC L with Aid and attendance and P1. I have recently filed a claim for loss of use for hips dues to sever loss of range of motion. Did a nexus with orthopaedic doctor and xrays as well. I put in for a increase to M but now I am hearing that's not quite how it works if I get the loss of use for the hips approved and it is also a seperate Smc L rating. Only found one thing here that suggest it will be combined and become SMC O. But again smc is so hard to figure out I am not sure. Anyone else gone through this?
  2. Well good luck getting your express scrips now through your FPO box. Or VA letters or getting any follow up papers about a claim or anything else important if your living overseas. (UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just got a call, it will be effective 23 August 2022 NO MORE FPO!!!! PROPOSED DISCONTINUATION OF FPO PRIVILEDGES From Jack Walker, Director of RAO SUBIC. We have all received this news with much chagrin and trepidation. And as always lots of rumor attached. After much research and input from some un-named friends, here is a possible way forward on the subject. History-----A change was published to the Navy Order covering FPO services. That change does not identify the discontinuation. However in a supplemental message to the change, sent to MPO offices, a proposal does outline that Retirees will lose FPO priveldges along with a few other groups. (Ironic that Warriors are placed in the same group as Enemy POWS). The message outlines that we will be excluded from the list of approved patrons. There are committies who are being tasked with providing impact statements and recommendations as we speak. From what we can find this is not a done deal, but is immenent. I am sure all of the service organizations are in the process of forming Plan B's should this become reality but our options are limited. That is why it is extemely important that we as Veterans have our voice heard and heard very very LOUD! I encourage every Veteran and family member, and friends. forward a message to their elected officials to make them aware of this travesty and demand action to prevent it from happening. A simple way to do this is to FAX them. Attached I have included a draft letter that some may use, or please feel free to create your own. The most important part is for all to write reps from your state, not just you're party ones, but all. Additionally, writing to the Veterans Afffairs Committee may have a lot of impact. It is also very important that all Veterans Services Organizations join in this campaign. On a little more private note, The Retired Activity Office in Subic Bay, will begin offering free Fax services for this purpose, come tell us your name and state and we will prepare your letter for fax to all your states congressional reps. I enjoin other Vet Service Orgs to provide the same if possible. This is not the time for a wait and see attitude, we must act NOW! “EXPAT does not mean no longer a Patriot!” Honorable Sir or Madam, I t is with great concern I write to you regarding a planned discontinuation of benefits/privledge of American Veterans in the Philippines and throughout the world. Information received recently, (copy enclosed ) regarding a change to the Fleet Post Office (FPO) privlege to receive mail by Veterans who have chosen to live overseas, are to be discontinued in the very near future. This is a devastating change which will effect an estimated 30,000 veterans here in the Philippines and many more thoughout the globe. Not only will it effect the veterans but also their families and survivors, which here is estimated to be nearly 150,000, many are American citizens, tax payers and voters. We have never left the U.S. In our hearts but it now appears the U.S. Is about to leave us. Veterans here use the FPO privledge to receive not only mail, but also life saving medications and pension and benefit checks. Many use the FPO for their banking needs also. The alternative is the Philippine Postal Service or private companies such as Fedex, DHL etc. The Phil Post System is unfortunetly replete with theft, loss and misdirection of important mails and meds. The couriers are extremely expensive and at times also as ineffective as the postal sytem. At no time in our history have Veteran benefits/privledges, been so fragile as now. In the past twenty years Veterans' indisputably earned and promised benefits have been under attack, and once again in this instance we are being treated as second class citizens, for the simple fact we have chosen to live outside the U.S. We are still contributors to the economy of the country we served, and patriots (IE: the term expats), does not mean no longer a partiot! of the U.S, and many have paid the ultimate price, and sacrifice, and have survivors here and worldwide, who also contribute. Just because we have chosen to live in quiet solitude or because our loved ones hail from here, seems to be a reason to force us into the forgotten citizen group. It is also ironic that this group of warriors has been placed in the same category as Enemy prisoners of war, in the MPO ceorrespondence attached. We will not be forgotten and we will speak up against this outrageous loss. I request you give your full measure to change/stop this injustice which is about to be perpetrated. Upon your joining the leadership of those who represent us, just like we who have served in the Armed Forces of America, you took an oath to defend and protect our laws and your fellow citizens. I now request you honor that pledge and enjoin you to submit legislation to prevent this drastic and extemely damaging change. Respectfully, a very concerned Veterans advocate and voter, Excerpt of MPO supplememtal message; This message is to provide clarification with respect to the release of the DoDI 4525.09, dtd 24 May 2022, and guidance for five areas of the MPS immediate impacted. 1. No approved DoD procedures. 2. The lack of an authorized patrons section codified with identified and named patrons. 3. The lack of mitigating policies to address impacts of sending official mail to home addresses of tele / remote work employees. 4. Free Mail law authorizes only “first-class letters mail.” 5. Release of the pending MPS Procedures Manual. 1. Following addresses no approved DoD procedures: Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment published DoDI 4525.09, chg 2, dtd. 24 May 22, and rescinded DoD 4525.6M and DoD 4525.8M procedures manuals. As a result, until MPSA publishes the (pending) procedures manual, the MPS has no approved procedures manual to consult. Therefore, in the interim, we recommend the continued use of DoD 4525.6M and DoD 4525.8M where applicable unless it conflicts with the DoDI 4525.09, chg 2, dtd. 24 May 22; in which case the DoDI 4525.09, chg 2, dtd. 24 May 22 takes precedence. 2. Following addresses the lack of an authorized patrons section codified with identified and named patrons: DoDI 4525.09, chg 2, dtd. 24 May 22, defines a patron as individuals authorized to use MPSA postal services and mail program within and outside the United States, consistent with international agreements; laws; and Federal, USPS, GSA, and DoD regulations. The MPS must enforce the strictest host nation agreement since authorized patron eligibility in host nation agreements are the most restrictive part of the definition, and there is an almost certainty of mail from an authorized origin (country), ending up in an unauthorized country. Therefore, based on the definition in DoDI 4525.09, Chg 2, dtd. 24 May 22, and the rescinding of the “patron section” in the DoD 4525.6M, the only authorized MPS patrons are military members and their dependents, DoD Civilians and their dependents and DoD U.S. Contractors. NOTE: Some examples of individuals and organizations that will lose their current authorizations are: military retirees, enemy prisoners of war, Red Cross, foreign military individuals and units, U.S. Citizen NATO Direct Hire, banks, universities, and other government agencies. Please stand by, MPSA-Operations will provide further guidance on notification and termination procedures (at the appropriate time) for those individuals and or organizations no longer authorized MPS privileges.)
  3. Good day. Have a quick question. I received SSDi, I have two dependents one just turned 18 on April 6 and does not live with me he was reciecing 1/2 of my half while my daughter who does live with me was getting the other half. Do I need to contact SSDI office to restore my daughter's full 1/2 or is it automatic. Seeing they have not done the are you alive letters in a few years
  4. That would be very good if it happens that quickly. Thanks for the response.
  5. My dependent claim was completed 31 July 2013, I am retired USN rated @100% The AB8 letter shows the new rate as of the 31st as well, Does anyone know the average time for the retro payment I am owed about 1 years worth. Anyone know the average time from for retro once the claim is closed and AB8 letter is updated. Still wating for my package since it comes all the way here to the Philippines for my FPO box. I am hoping it comes this month, sure could use it.
  6. Good day all, I am active duty Navy and I retire in about 10 months, I had PRK Surgury done in December 2004 by the navy, The tech who removed my bandage contact also scooped off a piece of my cornea in the process, I did not notice until the numbing drops wore of and I had to be drven back to the hospital and have the duty optomitris come in because the pain was intense. Fast forward 1 year, i developed a significant corneal scar in that eye that is dead center in my field of vision it severly scatters light making reading a computer with that eye almost impostible, Like looking through dirty glasses. Post PRK vision was 20/15 not it's back to 20/50 and climing every year. 2007 I had to get it re lazered to cut down the corneal scar because it was big enough I could feel it when I blinked, the cornea haze from the scar contiues to get worse, so far the only option the navy has given me is I would have to get a corneal transplant which everyone knows is not 100% and could have a slue of complications. I even had to switch from being a left handed shooter to rigth handed to qualify on the rifle range. The vision is not correctible with glasses and if I ever lost my right eye due to a accident I could no longer drive at night nor read street signs even in the day time. Just courious to what kind of compensation to expect from this. Not very much on this subject on Hadit.
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