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  1. Along the same lines.. I take Ambien, and while some have trouble with it.. I don't. It does not always work (strange how it is hit or miss)
  2. Thanks for the reply john, (BTW, I have no idea why the paragraph breaks dropped out of that post, I did not write it as one sentence so thanks for bothering to even read it... I can't) Funny you should mention that. I got copies of all my post military treatment records, and notice that while the care I have gotten has been good, the documentation has not been. For example, I have had several visits to the neurologist at the naval hospital (using Tricare) and each time he reported that I said my pain was 'zero'... my pain has not been zero at any time in the last few years. He also documented 'no evidence of photophobia' which is strange as I wear dark glasses as artificial lighting generally triggers nausea and he has forgone shining the sight in my eyes to prevent this reaction.... Same kinds of issues with my primary care doctor, not recording statements about my memory impairment, or other secondary symptoms (like sleep impairment) even on appointment's where she prescribed Ambien... ??? Do you think the Active duty providers at the naval hospital are being told not to document these things? What gives?
  3. I am currently 80%, I have not had gainful employment since October 2007 when I transferred to Fleet Reserve. My last few years on active duty were spent highly impaired, fortunately I had a job where I was able to still be productive. I have persistent, prostrating migraine headaches most days. This has been documented as SC and rated at the maximum of 50%. I also have adjustment disorder (memory loss) that is rated as 30%. My 80% rating breaks down as; 50% Migraine H/A 30% Adjustment DO 10% Lumbar spine 10% Rt thumb tendonitis 10% Lt Knee Patellofemoral syndrome 10% Rt Knee Patellofemoral syndrome 10% Bilateral tinnitus I was called in to my local VA center for re-evaluation on the first 2 conditions in Feb, and I just got the result back. My rating was not changed. The Mental health eval did make some comments that I never made (saying I was content not working as I was retired). I am a trained Clinical Mental Health Counselor, but can not drive to work or keep appointments due to nausea and medication use. I also doubt that I could work in a clinical setting with the cognitive impairment issues (clients tend to expect you remember their names without consulting your notes over and over while you are working).... My local AMvets Rep has encouraged me to file for TDIU, but I am not sure I am up for the battle. What kind of anxiety will the VA likely inflict on me through this process? I already have sleep related problems, but the wait for the result of the re-eval was terrible. If I file for TDIU will they make me go through the entire process again>? What kind of effect will the statement that the MH evaluator made (that I was experiencing no work impairment as I was retired) likely have on my claim? My bills are paid right now, but we have moved my mother in with us and are barely making it with just getting by. Tdiu would help, I am frankly not sure if I am up for the fight, how bad is it likely to be?
  4. Brother (sister?), Remember when you were some place you may not have chosen to be? Maybe you were needed to defend the country, or maybe for some politicians promise... it was difficult. There were sacrifices, but you delt with it... even did more then survive. You WILL survive this also. Coming to terms with what is a bunch of numbers and percentages on paper... as the real limits to the physical body are like another deployment.... you did not ask for it, but you will go and you will make it through. I can understand, I could go into the detail but that is for some other thread... for your thread I will simply offer that you WILL get through this, and you will learn that while life may be different it is still very much worth waking up every day. You WILL get through this, it is just part of the process. Try not to panic, and do yourself a favor... focus on as many positive things as you can. Don't let any anxiety rob you of the opportunity to enjoy the moment. You can do it, even when you are in pain. Please continue to post here, and talk to someone in real life. Be it a pastor, counselor, or just trusted friend, connect with someone. My dog was a wonderful listening post in the wee hours of the morning today.... There is a choice to make, you can look to the limits and find dispear or you can look beyond them and find hope. Choose hope... choose hope.
  5. Still here, keeping the faith... praying for a good result. Hope everyone else is well and happy.
  6. Thank you for the reply. I had not realized the option to choose the provider applied to the C&P, I will look into that if I ever have to... thanks! I hope I do not need to take action, but want to get any advice I can on what I might need to do now, or what actions I can take... ...anyone who might be able to give some experienced based feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  7. I am rated 80% right now, with 50% for migraines, and 30% for adjustment disorder (many symptoms related to the headaches, memory impairment, anxiety, sleep problems, etc). I also have several other rated conditions (knees, back, wrist,) all 10%. I was notified I was being re-evaluated for my migranes and my adjustment disorder. I showed up as required. In both cases, I was unable to drive myself to the appointment. The Dr. who saw me for the migranes noted this in his report, the Mental Health Evaluator did not. The Mental Health evaluator omitted several things I said, he did not report my statement that I had not slept the night before, or that I was wearing sunglasses and a hat as the light in his office was causing me to be nauseous. He seems to have copied most of the things I said, but omitted much of the symptoms I reported. My GAF as rated in my initial claim was 55... he suggests that my current GAF is 75. I have had an increase in symptoms, and have been unemployed since I left the Military. I am unable to work, and am working with an AMVETS rep to file for TDIU.... The Mental Health evaluator is known for controversial evaluations, and according to my AMVETS rep has had multiple Congressional investigations for prior claims. Anyone here have any advice for me? Thanks, As you might imagine this has been weighing on me rather heavily.
  8. It looked like it worked ok.... wonder if this one will get through?
  9. Man, I am thking a big hammer might make this work better.... I think I slept an hour last night and tonight is not looking good either. I had a bone biopsy so I can not soak in hot water tonight (which can help the ambien some times)... any suggestions>?) (If this post even gets posted past moderator approval.... any time before tomorrow )....
  10. I have a long and complicated history with migraines. I type this post from a dark room with a low e monitor turned down all the way.... so trust me when i say I feel your pain. It was strange, most of the time I was on active duty I was seeking to minimize my symptoms. First out of pride (not wanting to admit that a 'headache' would get in the way of my doing my job) then later trying to avoid a med board. I was very fortunate, that although my symptoms became very severe I was able to make it to retirement. Some of the things that turned out to be very helpful were the documentation, specifically of the medications I had tried and the frequency and severity of the headaches. The fact that treatment was ongoing was important, as well as the documentation that one of my last neurologists had me keep which was a headache log. I wish you well, mostly that you would find some effective treatment. I have tried every thing I have ever read about or had suggested that did not involve dead cats and grave yards at midnight... and have not had much success yet. blessings, and thank you for your service.
  11. Hello all. I used to get the emails from the OSD group back before there was a Gulf War registry, but was on active duty at the time so I never registered. I was too busy avoiding being discharged, and did not want to draw any additional attention to myself. I have since retired, and been rated.... should I register now? Are there any advantages (for me, or the group as a whole?) Thank,
  12. Yes, the Ambien mostly does not do much for me anyway. Whatabout the sleep apnea issue? Should I try to get it rated? Does it matter that it was discovered after I retired>? Thanks,
  13. Is this thread for the new guys too?
  14. Thanks to any who may read this and have something to offer. I have a SC 50% for migraines, which pretty much keep me in the house many days.. I have not had a pain free day in as long as I can recall. My rating leter said I woudl be reevaluated and it is happening now and I am fairly anxious about it. I had my first of 2 re-evaluation appointments last week, a mental health evaluation for my 30% adjustment disorder rating. I had not slept, and have no idea how I came across. I took a test I remember from college but am not sure how that will effect the result.... The Dr. did not ask me much, just kept asking me what I wanted to tell him. I was honest, I have not worked since I retired (3 years) have problems with my memory, sleep, and that my life is not what I had planned. My medical evaluation for the migraines is next week. I have not read much about cases being adjusted after re-evaluation, and wonder if anyone can shine some light on this for me. My symptoms have not improved, but have gotten worse. ----- also, I know I could apply for unemployability, but don't really want to believe that I am always going to be like this. I have been on 22 differnet meds over the years, but am hopeful. Should I apply for un employability? ----- Third, I was Dxed with sleep apnea a year ago. Since it was after my retirement, should I submit it for evaluation? I had documented sleep problems while on active duty... does it matter? Thanks,
  15. It means to 'bump' a topic to the top of the page so others will notice it.
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