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  1. triple duece

    100% Iu / I Cant Work ...but Cant Afford Not To.

    Every body includes ssd claims. I have a small social security wage, I have been working for a railroad for 19 years until a PTSD moment and lost my job. Can anyone help me with weather I can file for SSD and VA or RRB and VA? Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Anybody ever applied for ssd, va, and rrb disability. I had worked for a railroad for 19 years, after Iraq I had an episode and lost my job. I have also produced social security wages on other jobs and in the National Guard. I can't draw social security retirement because of the railroad retirement, even after the wages that I have put into the system. My question is can I draw disability from the social security and the VA when the majority of my wages are from the Railroad.
  3. I to have had a hard time with the VA concerning both of your posts. I have been fighting allergic rhinitis for 2 years with no results other than sc. I also cough phelm all day long to get it out of my lungs. I haven't filed for bronchiectasis. I am wondering if this can be the results of the burn pits. Please let me know if you find out anything new. Thanks

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