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  1. http://www.hadit.com/forums/style_emoticon...ult/biggrin.gif Hello, I'm here. It is such a beautiful sunny day here in Alabama today. I'm enjoying each day God gives me. Still haven't received my dic award letter yet but I'm still WAITING and WAITING !!! 4ransom
  2. WAY TO GO COWGIRL !!!!~http://www.hadit.com/forums/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.gif Congrats on your win. I feel you're excitement, relax now and let it sink in . You did it ! May God Bless you and yours. 4ransom
  3. :D Congratulations !! Wow I'm excited for you, and it happened so fast without years of waiting. I'm so happy for you. God Bless you. 4ransom
  4. Hi Hadit friends I'm here ! I'm still walking on cloud nine after getting my winning DIC decision. Still no award letter yet. Wish everyone the best with your claims. 4ransom
  5. http://www.hadit.com/forums/style_emoticon...ult/biggrin.gif Hello Jim and CONGRATS on you win ! It sure was a long time to wait, but hey you made it bud. Thanks for your service !!! 4ransom
  6. Congratulations on your win ! I know you did alot of hard work on your case. You're right a lawyer would not have worked as hard as you did . I know you put in countless hours on your case but it finally come through for you . WOW ! I feel you sigh of relief. I was just granted DIC so I know where your coming from. (No details yet) I also did hours and hours of research and foot work to proof my case. It sure feels good to know it paid off. Good Luck in the future!!
  7. SO glad it was finally reconized, but so SAD it took so long. Seems VA has too many errors, and of course never gets in a hurry. Good for you. Patience pays off.
  8. :) Congrats on your win. I know its been a long hard battle so now you can relax and let it sink in. 4ransom
  9. Hello hadit friends , Finally after 4 years of blood sweat and tears and lots of prayers. I got word today that a decision has been made. Service connection for the cause of the veterans death is granted. Thank God , what a relief ! My hearing with BVA was Aug 5th, 2009 and got word today Sept. 26, 2009. Thanks to all my friends here on hadit that made this possible. This is such a wonderful site to get information, and encouragement. All I can say is keep on keeping on and don't give up like so many others has said in the past. I don't know any details at this time other than I have been granted Dic. I guess I will find out more later. I just wanted to share the good news. WOW !!!! I'm so happy this finally happened for me. Thank God !!! :) :) Deceased Veterans wife Many Many Thanks
  10. Hello friends, I often read the great comments but I do not often make post or comments of my own. I just want to say THANKS for all the wonderful advice in the past and now I'm asking for you're help again. I have a DIC hearing with the BVA coming up real soon. Do you have any suggestions other than plenty evidence. I'm still waiting on two IMO's from the Dr's. I sure hope they get it to me soon, I'm on needles and pins. I'm trying to get my late husband's COD secondary to his SC PTSD. The American Legion Service officer is suppose to rep. me. The letter says i will have 30 minutes with my rep. before my hearing. Will this hearing last long ? Will I find out a decision that day ,or through the mail ? Any suggestions, or help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance. 4ransom
  11. I wish I could help you. I'm in the same boat as you. I have spent all week trying to get a IMO. No one wants to get involved. I wish you luck ! Sorry I'm no help. 4ransom
  12. Berta, Congrats on winning your case. You have to be tough to hang in there for 6 yrs plus. So glad you never gave up. Rod would be very proud of you. You deserve it. Many many thanks for all your help to me as well as many others still battling the VA on our claims. You have helped me more than you would ever dream. Keep on keeping on ! 4ransom
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