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Need Some Help On This One.....

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Hey there.....................

Got a Letter from the VA talking aboout using a DRO or going with the traditional method. Is this something new??

OK. Here's the problem. I have read a few posts where they said DRO's are a waste of time.

So, if that's the case, then I would elect to go with the Traditional.

When did all this start?

Last time I went thru this they just went ahead & did whatever they do & notified me.

Is this some sort of delaying tactic or what?

It say's if they don't hear from me in 60 days it will be handled in the traditional manner.

But, me thinks I'll send it back before 60 days.

So, any help greatly appreciated.



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  • HadIt.com Elder


The DRO is a fairly new concept, but has been in existence for several years. It CAN be very beneficial, if your local VARO does it honestly. It gives a senior rating official, who has had no input into your claim, a separate look at it, and the possibility of upgrading the award, or making the award if previously denied.

Some VAROs are NOT playing it by the book, and in that case, it is a waste of time. However, where it is being used correctly, it can be very beneficial and does not normally take too long. If you go the traditional route, without the DRO, your file might still sit at the VARO for as long as the DRO review would take, or longer.

The point is, you can ask for a hearing with the DRO, and you should also fill out the Form 9 for the traditional route at the same time (you must file within 60 days). You can also specify, that if you are denied at the DRO hearing, then you want automatic forwarding to the BVA.

The DRO gives you an extra bit at the cherry. Take it, it is worth while, more often than not.

The big mistake that many people make, is to think that the VA explains EVERY option. They don't. Remember, the regulation specifically states the "claimant can request a hearing at any time."

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  • HadIt.com Elder


Definitely meet with the DRO in person at a hearing. I just got an extra 20% by doing that. Connecting a face with a claim is a good thing. Bring your spouse to testify as well if you have a significant other.

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I had a DRO scheduled for last December,it took about 6 months to get it and in the mean time i submitted some new evidence through my VSO.About two weeks before the hearing my VSO called and said they canceled the hearing and had upgraded my award and gave me tdiu.


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Gray, It is dang if you do and dang if you don't. I filed my claim in Nov. of 2000. After two years of sending my file back and fourth across the U.S. they made a decision in Oct. of 2002. The next month i sent in the form 9 for it to go to the B V A. In june of 2003 i had a hearing in Atlanta and in Oct. it was remanded back to the R O VIA the A.M.C.. The A.M.C. made a decision to keep it and do the claim them self so it did not go back to the R O. I call the first of every month to cheek on it and this Oct. 1st it went to the rating board. When i called to day i was told i will be getting a statement of the case and would have one more Opportunity

to send in more evidence so i have not recived anything yet so time will tell.

Good luck on the way you do go.


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