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Hi all:

What are the requirements for being housebound when you are TDIU for PTSD?

Is their a form?

Thank you


If agoraphobia is part of your PTSD diagnosis then you can get housebound. I know someone who got it for agoraphobia. He had an IMO to back up the VA's own diagnosis. It was considered a new claim. I don't know if that means they open your original claim back up and look at it again. I think it is a couple of hundred bucks at most, but money is money.

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If you believe that you meet the Housebound criteria, and are 100% TDIU, I would just send the VARO a letter with your c file number on it requesting that they consider you for the Housebound SMC award.

The criteria for Housebound is within 38 USC 1114 and 38 CFR 3.350.

If a doctor has said that you are substantially confined to your home and cannot drive due to SC anxiety disorder- and this is a permanent 100% SC condition , this could match the Housebound criteria.

The VBM from NVLSP makes the point that all assigned ratings of 100% should consider housebound status as an inferred issue.

How did the VARO word this in your award letter?

They should have given a reason as to why you were not found housebound when you got the 100% SC.

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This is one of many cases at the BVA where the vet had 70% TDIU and was denied housebound.


They keep restating the 100% criteria-

However if a vet has less than 100% yet medical evidence shows they are HB due to SC , they should-in my way of thinking -qualify for it- but I do not have a case yet to support that.

This vet unfortunately had not offered any evidence at all that he was housebound due to SC.

I would think if a vet satisfies the Housebound criteria due to SC then

the vet should be receiving 100% anyhow.

Any thoughts on this?

Anyone have a case that the vet had 70% and got HB award?

The SMC "S" award is either for 100% and HB status or

100% plus separate 60% SC disability.

One of my vets got 100% last year and right in the 100% award he was granted the HB status too as 100% SC triggers consideration for this award and his medical evidence supported it.

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I wouldn't just send in a letter to the VARO stating that you want HB...this WILL lead to a C&P exam in which they WILL review your 70% TDIU/P&T, and you could end up worse then when you started. It would be best, IMO, to get an individual medical opinion that gives a FULL evaluation of your current condition AND says that you are agoraphobic. Anything short of that could open a can of worms (this administration frowns on PTSD and now isn't the time to play around unless you have your ducks in order).

My wife was granted HB for 100% PTSD, but, in her case, it was a reduction from A&A, so we are fighting it. What I've heard is that VAROs are being instructed to give out HB more often then A&A to save a couple hundred dollars/mnth. So, if your claim is in order and you have SOLID medical opinion(s) stating that you are indeed still unemployable and home-bound, I would go for it, but if you get an evaluation that is less then concrete, do NOT file for an increase.

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