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Ptsd Increase

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I thank everyone that reads my posts and offers some advice. I thank god this service is here, because it helps you answer questions, that jsut nag at you.

My situation is this:

currently on TDRL (10% ptsd and 40% subluxation for both shoulders)-combined 40% for USMC as of 8/1/07.

current VA ratings 10% tinnitus, 10% ptsd and 40% shoulders (they decided my VA case before I got all the evidence, based on my TDRL letter and now I am combined 50% VA comp.

I was receiving both pay up until next month when my TDRL pay is being offset by the VA waiver (50%) amount of 770. I will rec the difference which is about 187 dollars.

I have a NOD in process, I had my C&P exam for ptsd and most likely will be rated either 50% or 70% ptsd. I asked for DRO review by de novo process.

My questions are the following:

1. When my VA rating is increased for ptsd, what should I do about CRSC? I was only given 10% at the time of my retirement/tdrl (which was bogus, but I took it at the time), so at the time I did not qualify for CRSC. My shoulders were hurt in service but not in combat. My ptsd is combat related from Iraq, which should qualify me correct for CRSC?

2. when my first reval for tdrl comes up, I should have no probelm getting transferred from tdrl to pdrl with rate increase, I imagine, based on the new evidence and rate increase by the VA.

3. If you are getting 70% combined VA rating and not CSRSC, then your retiree pay (CDRP) is offset, since its only 50% on TDRL, but if I have pDRL ratings changed, since my ptsd is far more serious then my shoulders right now, then I would qualify for CRSC pay in addition to the 70% VA money correct? I bleieve it is 2.5% of retiree pay x #yrs of service?

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I've been trying to research CRSC. I beleive only my ptsd would fall under this correct? if so, and I am currently rated at 50 or 70% ptsd from an intial 10% ptsd, how much additional money would I rec if I am 70% combined VA rated?

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RE: CRSC...Make sure that your VASRD # for your PTSD is 9411. A VASRD # of 9400 or 9401 may not be considered combat related. You should submit evidence that shows your PTSD was combat related. Congratulations on getting the med. retirement. Depending on your time in service and your rank will determine how much $$$ you get. Most times, it's not much. you were very young when you were retired. around 7 years of active duty? I filed for CRSC. Got my first check this month....Hold on to you hat...$42.00 a month. sometimes, It's the thought that counts. Good luck with your claim...

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thanks Commander Bob for your comment, I appreciate the advice. I am currently on TDRL, 10% ptsd, 40% SHOULDERS, BUT 40% COMBINED RATING. I dont know if my code is 9411 or 9401/9400. I understand your point. My ptsd was due from material body handling in Iraq during a gate bombing, primarily. At the time, they said my pay was not combat related since it appears that they went with the highest disability in determining that, which was my shoulders and no it wasn't combat related. My ptsd is combat related, btu once again not sure what they coded, since I'm still on tdrl since 8/1/07. I havent had a re-eval yet. It's more of the point of getting it then it is the dollar amount. I was actaully reservist Marine. I didn't have much AD time unforteunately but had 7yrs overall. I think AD time came out to like 3 yrs or something.

MY VA rating is being increased, not sure amount for ptsd just yet, but when it does increase I should be able to get crsc correct? or should I be getting it now?

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I think the VA calls DOD's VASRD # by another name. It's called Diagnostic Code number. ( DC# ) at the VA. It can be found on your VA Rating Decision (form 21-6796?, the one I'm looking at, is twenty years old and could be obsolete) , to the left of your SC condition and % rating. What is the code for your PTSD disability?

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hey commander, thanks again. I just foudn the PEB finding sheet and it had the following codes:

#1 shoulders 5202 20% each so 40% combined

#2 PTSD, chronic, severe, combat related 9411 10%

It had my LOS as 4yr 2 mos, dont know how they came up with that number. but def says combat relaed (30981).

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