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  1. congrats Navy04 on long overdue win...continue to help all these others with everything you have learned in your own process. Yutt
  2. well devil, good to go on doing your due diligence. You need to look up the criteria for each rating. Yes they will go into depth about Stressors. Since you were in Iraq and most likely got a CAR being a grunt, no need to worry about confirming everything. They will go into your background growing up, family life etc. They want to know how you were before Iraq and how you are post Iraq essentially. The C&P is a confirmation usually of what was diagnosed. The percentages for diasbility are based on the severity of your symptoms. It isn't about oh you saw more then someone else or less than. Merely having diagnosis is a start but then you need to look at what your symptoms are. They will go in depth on each symptom as well and ask for examples. The exam will probably be an hour or 2. THey will be judging everything about you ( , remember this. How you talk(fast or slow), eye contact (yes or no), language(curse or whatever), body language, demeanor, how you are dressed, how you are groomed, emotion (angry, cry, no emotion) just a few of the things I can come up with off the top of my head they want to know work history (lost of jobs or lost time due to PTSD) My list to go over: panic attacks (frequency) Irritiability No longer enjoy/Lost interest in things you once used to enjoy Suicide attempts or thoughts Homicidal thoughts Road rage Issues with crowds? Sleeping problems Nightmares isolating yourself? numb or detached feelings? anger problems any issues with cops (being called, restraining orders, Jail, probation, etc) easily startled at all? 4th of july effect you at all? Issues with hadjis? Anxiousness? need things done certain ways, almost OCD like? minor things set you off? depression? weight gain or weight loss? self medicate with alcohol or drugs? risky behaviors? ANy issues taking care of yourself? any issues handling your own finances? any education? (like finished school or went but dropped out) The VA diability compensation is mostly for losing ability to work more than quality of life. So if you are working that effects the level they grant you as well. I hope I helped a little. I will chime back in when I can think of more things. S/F
  3. Great info... Now the 20%, are you SC by reasons of AO for the DMII? I was diagnosed 2 yrs ago by the VA as DMII and take Metformin twice a day to get my A1C down from 9.6 originally 10.6 2 yrs ago to 6.3 recently as of a few weeks ago.......I never filed for it as I'm sure they will deny for it not being in my SMRs. I only remember on my exit physical being counseled for being pre-diabetic. Not sure that qualifies. Also have OSA that the VA issued a CPAP in 2010 but denied me when I filed a claim and I appealed, but I never knew to get a IMO at the time. It sat on appeal for 4 yrs and suddenly after I got the 100% TDIU P&T, my appeal came back for the OSA as denied. I just let it go at the time. I'm currently 100% TDIU (90% Combined) P&T
  4. You will still be subjected to future exams. It may be 5 yrs instead of every 2 yrs in my opinion. Inside your C-File has the date. If you have any other C&Ps it could trigger a reevalutation as well as a need for increase or If you seek TDIU. This is just my opinion.
  5. I think you are going to have to file a NOD(Notice of Disagreement). Hopefully you can contact them and get a new C&P without dragging this out. I fear this will be dragged out much longer for you. Does the VARO have your current address & Phone Number on File? I totally believe you when you said it wasnt there. Odd they didnt mail or call. I am just trying to chime in. I know this would beyond frustrating for me, so I can only imagine how you are taking it. I admit, I don't know a ton on missing appts, especially C&Ps, some others will chime in and get you locked in the right directon.
  6. Welcome, You can certainly apply for an increase in your PTSD. you can apply online VONAPP application or eBenefits, I think. There are new forms required to fill out now then in the past as I believe they were trying to remove ambiguity. You will need to consult the higher criteria for 70% or 100% on the PTSD to see if you meet either of them. They will ask about what has happened since the last VA rating. They will not be covering what has happened since your last C&P for PTSD. TDIU-is Total Disability Individual Unemployability. This you for not being able to work due to your disability or disabilities and you can't work. you have to show them you cant work, rather than just not wanting to work. If you get SSDI due to PTSD, then that should definitley help your case towards TDIU if that is the route you are going. P&T=Permanent & Total, which is usually added to TDIU if your disability has been static for 5yrs, usually. This is generally harder to attain as no future exams are required and other benefits are attached.
  7. hey welcome and thanks for taking the time to share your claim in such detail. I can tell at least from the comments on your PTSD exam, the rater checked occupational and social with occasional decease is more than likely going to meet the 30% ballpark. I can't speak for the other claims, just trying to help in anyway and there shall be plenty of others, hopefully to chime in.
  8. Click on your user name on right hand top then click on My Profile. Once on the Profile, select edit Profile on right hand side. Then you can click on the change photo to change your picture. Also on the same page if you scroll down is the about me section, in which you can post your disabilities if you prefer with 100% TDIU P&T (Permanent & total), whenever it is P&T it is automatically assumed that there is no future exams. hope that helps
  9. i hear exactly what you are saying. Most PTSD, people didnt run for help when or immediately after it happened so it appears as if it didnt happen but we know it did in fact happen. What type of MOS were you in? ANy combat action ribbons or badges help as well. You have a diagnosis so don't sweat it.
  10. Welcome, Even as a reservist that is activated, you do have medical records. They are saying your old reserve unit never gave them your service medical records. You need to send them into them if you have a copy. You can also request a copy of all your service medical records by your branch of service. Most will be in St Louis and most should have already been sent to the VA, but it isn't always automatic. PDHA, PHDRA are all within you service medical records. Give them all of them, no need to cherry pick for specifics. You are saying no LOD (Line of Duty), for this stuff. You have a diagnosis, they will give you the benefit of the doubt usually, whihc is what that at least as likely as not (Means over 50% in you favor, not compensation percentage but their opinion). You need to become your own advocate. THe VFW, DAV and many other vet orginizations are nice, but they are usually overworked, burdened and don't put in the extra effort you might think. You need to start doing some of the leg work yourself, no offense. Keep us posted
  11. glad some of the undue stress is hopefully relieved. Thanks for sharing your story with the rest of us. Stay positive and usually, not always, it will work out. have a great day and keep doing what you do for us all here on the site. We appreciate all your help.
  12. the main issue I see is that you decided to quit work. The doc also is saying you can do something, even if it isnt something you want to do. Do you have SSDI? if so that will help your case as well.
  13. yea sounds very strange. If you have the Tan ID card you are 100%. The question would only matter if it is P&T, but you mentioned a date, which to me, would mean a reevaluation C&P in 2018. Granted the P&T status, is like a gold standard and VA doesnt want to give out the gold standard often as they hope(doesnt mean it will make it work), that you will improve.
  14. on Ebennies, does it say your combined disability percentage, then another line say you are being paid at the 100% rate due to unemployability, ? Yes or no, I'm assuming yes based on your post. then under it says is this considered permanent & total? you said No, but woman on phone gave information to the contrary. She may have been mistaken. If you have a reevaluation date then unfortunately it is not considered p&T, but also doesnt mean you lose your rating. It just means they will bring you in for another C&P exam to confirm your rating or in rare occasion reduce, which can always be appealed if it ever came to that. I would relax and get the help you need. What did you VA rating say when you rec'd the decision letter when you were approved TDIU? it will state clearly in it if you are P&T. I hope that you are to relieve the stress but assume you are not. If the award letter doesnt state chapter 35 benefits and a section that states no future exams, which means P&T. If you remain stable at your rating for 5yrs, they will usually consider it P&T. Just trying to help
  15. thanks for the reply. You have the MOS for lots of physical injuries. I think the lack of wartime, clearly hurts you. I understand getting treatment when not service connected can be tiresome. The 23 years you have been out, have you continued to get treatment off and on? have you always complained about these ailments? if so, that will help, but ultimately you need to connect the dots to your service records. You more than likely since you were denied will have to do it via the IMO route, which can cost you some $$. They don't do it for free, unfortunately. I saw one of your previous responses you were going to go through you SMRs and take notes (make stickies) whatever, so you can reference it in a appeal. The IMO doc will review your SMRs, any VA progress & diagnosis notes and your denial claim. They will connect the dots for the VA and cite references within your medical history, potentially cite any potential cases or studies if they can relate it to service. Do you currently have diagnosis for everything you claimed now from doctors? you need current diagnosis to go to the next steps preferrably from the VA. Orthopedic Pysch audiology and any other depts that fits the bill
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