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  1. glad some of the undue stress is hopefully relieved. Thanks for sharing your story with the rest of us. Stay positive and usually, not always, it will work out. have a great day and keep doing what you do for us all here on the site. We appreciate all your help.
  2. i'm interested in an IMO and my sleep apnea (OSA ) was denied again on appeal (I appealed it 3 yrs ago). Sadly to my own detriment, I never submitted additional evidence so I got hose. I have OSA diagnosed by the VA in 2010. I complained in service multiple times, its on my service exits physicals. I kept begging the VA for almost 3 yrs from when I got out until I had the sleep study. My pressure was default 10.0cm now it is 13.0. I gained a ton of weight before I got out of the serivce and after I returned from Iraq in 2005. I have SC PTSD, which i am medically retired from USMC. I have SC HT
  3. regardless you may find that you need a medical nexus to connect the dots for the VA. Medical nexus most likely by a non VA doctor will cost ya money and whichever doctor does the nexus will have to review your entire C-FILE ,medical file.
  4. just giving an update to the fellow vets that have helped or followed my thread. I just checked eBenefits and my case was closed. I haven't rec'd the letter yet but I went into VA letters and it says 90% but being paid 100% TDIU. It also said permanent and total box YES. well I'm grateful. This truly moved fast. Applied in December, C&P in Feb and now a decision April...astonished actually. I can now focus on getting help and i will try and help others as others have helped me. I had posted in IMO previously. I have a few questions, should I still pursue the IMO for Sleep Apnea 2nd to
  5. I don't know yet. I havent sent any paperwork to the doc for an IMO. he was talking getting me TDIU, but I'm already gonna be getting that on my own. I just want to SC the sleep apnea. I'm not looking to SC everything under the sun, im just trying to figure out if it is from my service or not. The type 2 DM, might not be able to connect, I dunno. What is GERD? no clue on how the connect a lot for OSA. I know it is difficult and they tend to deny even with an IMO, so Ive heard. the fact we have to pay for an IMO to begin with blows. All I know is I complained about sleep issues on my way o
  6. This is referral, they will be judging everything you say and due. Be mindful. This is not a c&p exam, which is for compensation. This is just a professional in mental health to confirm or deny the issues that your Pcp and soci Al worker have raised. Just be open and honest.
  7. They will ask what your stressor is to cause the ptsd, your history with courts/police, work history, social history, sleep issues, current symptoms. They will try and confirm ptsd or not. They will refer you to psych de part men t for counseling, psychiatrist for meds, if recommended.
  8. I can understand your confusion. Once you get a VA rating it can be reevaluated periodically, usually with mental disorders. They tend to be every few years, because they want to see if you are getting better or worse. Unless they are considered p&t (permanent & total), which is usually much higher ratings generally, then there are no future exams. The key is age, work history, ability to work...which is why any of us are being compensated to begin with. Was your husband in treatment at all last 6 yrs? Generally they also want to see treatment history. If he was in treatment, then
  9. you essentially need to connect the dots for them. If you have been fired multiple times for behavior or other sc'd disabilities that will help as well as current diagnosis. if they find out it isnt a sc'd disability that is included, they will deny. Reconsideration, I think is like a new set of eyes on the same claim. Have you applied or rec'd SSDI?? that will help your case.
  10. congrats my navy brethren, I can attest to getting recently approved for SSDi, that it is more relief. It is still peanuts $$ in the grand scheme of things but anything will help. Make sure you have filed for TDIU as well if not an increase just to 100%. I just read my c&P and they recommended TDIU. so I wait. I'm not trying to hijack your thread. I congratulate you on your recent success. Keep fighting the good fight and seek help. semper fidelis
  11. Hypertension (HTN) I was diagnosed with HTN in the Marines and for 4 yrs was left untreated. I had was only diagnosed finally after getting multiple different opions by corpsman which were clearly wrong. I produced all my readings while in service and post service. I take Lisinopril. I used to take a dual pill Lisinopril/HTCZ. I'm in process of spring cleaning and digging through containers of stuff thats been sitting in closets. I'm going to organize my personal c-file or what I have. C&P's, treatment records, claims, Military medical records, MED boards, PEBs. I will report back whe
  12. well, i just got the c&P from Monday via MyHealthevet...it seems I will definitely get TDIU, so that is positive. I'm happy for that but I guess I wanted straight 100% so I can get rid of my college loans. The c&p was 20 pages. 1 doctor conducted and another reviewed it. Both recommended TDIU eBenefits, says claim in preparation for decision phase, so I would think it will come with in the month and be updated to 100% TDIU (90% combined). I still want to get an IMO for my sleep Apnea. It wont increase my percentage. I went back and check the VA math. it would bring me to 93.
  13. Awesome news brother and I wish you success in you claims. I had my c & Monday, still waiting for 3 day hold to end so I can possibly see what it says. I looked on eBenefits and my claim went from gathering evidence ----> preparing for a decision. I should get TDIU worst case scenario, I hope. I told them I'm getting SSDI for PTSD, so figure that will solidify it. SSDI applied in September 2013, didn't send any forms in until mid January 2014, so within 3 was I was approved. Rather fast if you ask me. My tdiu/increase claim was 12/2013, so that too is going fast. I was also appealing
  14. Awesome news man. The bright side is you are approved as well and hopefully distress from the anxiety it causes, now you can relax and focus on getting help as well. I just had a TDIU/Increase exam yesterday. No clue how it went. Lady was way different then most I've had. Seemed to try and downplay. I'm thinking like look at my records, diagnosis by multiple MDs recently, SSDI being approved. I've been SC'd since 2005, didn't get back dated until 2007, when my retirement went through and the appeals and such when I came back from Iraq. My life is in shambles. If I'm not considered 100%
  15. Yes I have the effective date and it is correct. It's up until the last time I worked 12/2012. Yes I received some $ and I've paid bills mostly. Seemed I was "robbing Peter to pay Paul" with my credit cards analogy. I was curious as to if there was more on decision or whatever like how our VA ratings come out to us. Definitely no appeal warranted here. I feel relieved now I can truly focus on the help I need. Once again by no means am I truly proud.i won't be telling many people. Since my disability is mental (PTSD), people tend not to understand. I just rather not have to explain...why
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