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  1. IU and SSDI Journey

    Thanks Berta! I ended up not doing the CUE, just doing a reconsideration with new evidence. I am so glad I didn't file a NOD, which would have probably taken yeaaaaaars. Didn't expect to get P&T, but I did and I am grateful that this is over.
  2. IU and SSDI Journey

    I GOT IT! Last hill taken, I own the F'n valley. I don't even believe it yet. Claim shows complete and A8 letter shows 80% IU paid at 100% and P&T!!!! Reconsideration worked, with NEW evidence. (My VA Psychiatrist wrote a letter saying I was compliant with treatment and unable to maintain gainful employment etc) Put in for it on 20March, and today is 11April. I know it isn't "official" until I get the BBE letter in the mail, but commissary notes, etc and everything in ebennies points to success. Was in Prep for Notification this afternoon, then looked about 20 minutes ago and BAM, complete! Thank you for your support!!!! Overwhelmed, and feeling good about it, but also feeling depressed at the news.
  3. IU and SSDI Journey

    Update:So my claim was at prep for notification yesterday, and complete today. 80 percent from 70.Headaches (30) and TMJ(10) approved.Called my VSO and he stated that yep the IU denied due to the standard "you have not been shown to be unable to work" etc. I then called Roanoke VA #. Spent 30 minutes on the phone with a girl that ran through all the info. She determined that it was closed, (and re-opend this am), and closed due to they sent a form to Voc Rehab to answer, and she stated that it was closed before the 2nd try full timeline was even met.She stated she is going to put in a CUE and update the file. After speaking more about the VRE issue, we determined that the form was not sent to MY voc rehab here in Richmond, VA....but to SEATTLE WASHINGTON Voc Rehab. WTH?She stated that THAT was wrong also! (Not to mention a week ago a dependent claim was approved for me, and I don't even have a child with that name! My dependent has already been approved!)So I guess my question(s) is:1) Does her putting in a CUE make a difference in comparison to me doing so? 2) Timeline (WAG) since she put the CUE in?
  4. Thank you for your help

    Congrats wes1! Good news!
  5. Victory 100%


    You damn well deserve it, for all that you've done for so many others. Congrats, Asknod!
  7. IU and SSDI Journey

    I'll be meeting with my VSO next Thursday regarding my IU app. I'm doing everything online, and I'm going for the FDC claim, so I'd like to have everything uploaded before hitting the submit button. 1) I shouldn't have to fill out a Individual Unemployability 21-8940 form because that info is added in while doing the IU application online, is that correct? (THIS...is a confusing one while looking around the internet.) 2) I will be adding a "Statement of Claim" and referencing Dr's notes about employability in it. Cannot get the Doc to do a recent PTSD DBQ. 3) I see things about a "release of information" form, but it seems that it is already in the online FDC application??? 3) Other than adding in my SSDI approval letter to this, is there anything else that has to be added per policy? Thank you for any info, as usual! UPLOADED SO FAR: Mental Residual Functional Capacity Assessment form Sleep apnea IME-IMO TMJ/Bruxism Dentist notes 21-4192 Employer form
  8. Good info in the blog, Doc. I think I've seen quite alot of posters here that were successful with their Dr's using the word "aggravates" in their IMO's. I know when I had a private board certified sleep specialist/pulmonologist do one for me, he used that wording. He added this in his IMO: 'in my opinion it is more than likely as not that his sleep apnea is related to and aggravated by his other service connected related condition, PTSD' (He underlined the more than part) He also did a DBQ for me, and in part of that he also stated, '..he has a diagnosis for both OSA and PTSD. Based on his history and medical literature it is more likely than not there is a relationship between the diagnoses which contribute to and aggravate one another'. My VA MH doc and my VA sleep doc were no help, and I highly suggest you definitely get a private Doc, Buck. Cost me $250 or right about there. About to put everything together on my old intent to file, and add this SA stuff for IU....so you know they say when one ASSumes something. Same boat, keep paddling!!!! AGGRAVATES -- http://community.hadit.com/search/?&q=aggravates
  9. IU and SSDI Journey

    Update, and question again. So today, officially resigned. So no longer on FMLA. About to finish my "intent to file" for the IU section, was just waiting on my SSDI approval (approved) and my resignation (done). Here comes the IU journey. Any advice?
  10. IU and SSDI Journey

    Thanks Berta! (so happy it worked out for you eventually) I have an "intent to file" in the system that is asking for an increase on PTSD along with IU. Going to add the SA secondary to PTSD into it, headaches, et cetera. So I have the Sleep Dr stating "More than likely", the Voc Rehab "denial", my VA PCP stating "unable to maintain gainful...", and the SSDI approval. (The issue is, I can't add docs and finish the IU part on E-bennies until I suppose I RESIGN from work, since I was on STD and now on FMLA). Was told by some that being on STD/FMLA was the same as "working" and would be detrimental to applying for IU, so I did SSDI first.
  11. Agree with killemall. You got this Navy04, we can't wait for you to come back here and say DONE!
  12. IU and SSDI Journey

    SSDI APPROVED First Time !!!!!!!!!!!!! I put in for SSDI a month ago (05Apr?) and have been checking it everyday, of course. Finally today, I see it said a decision has been made and that they will mail me the decision. I just looked at the SSDI site in "payments" and it showed the Benefit Verification Letter: --You are entitled to monthly disability benefits. --Beginning June 2016, the full monthly Social Security benefit before any deductions is $x,xxx.40 Thank you everyone, for your help. Now on to the next hill....IU
  13. Closure, well kind of.....

    Congrats green!
  14. IU and SSDI Journey

    Thanks for the info Chief! Roger that, I have you 5 by 5. (I was an IT2(AW) for four years, as well)
  15. IU and SSDI Journey

    Update, and question. Good evening. I received the denial letter from Voc Rehab that I will supply to my SSDI case that just started, and it says, "We are writing to inform you of the following decision that affects your Dept of Veteran's Affairs (VA) benefits: Discontinuance of your Chapter 31 case." Yes, I was wanting this outcome (denial) to show to SSDI. Can anyone who has gotten this letter put what thier's says for denial? It goes on to say: Why did we make this decision: The decision was made based on the following reason(s): You informed that you are unable to work at this time due to the severity of your service connected disabilities, your pursuit of unemployability rating from the Dept of Veteran's Affairs, and your decline to be considered for Independent Living services. (is this correct??? Shouldn't THEY be saying something about THEIR findings? It seems that all of the above is what *I* stated/am doing. Then the letter says: What evidence did we use to make this decision? Rehab Needs Inventory, Physician Information, Intake Discussion/Meeting, and Your Statement in Support of Claim (VA Form 21-4138 which they gave me to sign), which reads: "At this time I decline consideration for Independent Living services and request to discontinue my application for Chapter 31. I reserve the right to reapply in the future for possible services." (It just seems that again that it's from my statements etc. I guess I am expecting THEM to flat out say YOU CAN'T WORK, instead of looking like I put in for IU...signed a thing saying I don't want ILP...and "*I* informed them that I'm unable to work......" Yes, I see the Physicial information and such, but this letter, to me, is sooooooooooooo vague. Is this good enough to send to SSDI? Am I just being ridiculous and need to drop and give everyone 20?)