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i have been reading and trying to learn cfr and all hoops and hurdles

one has to go through. when i can after fighting and learning and i

think i am ready to give good advice i plan on somehow helping other

veterans with their claims. but there is sure a lot to learn. there should

be some kind of class for this somewhere where you van be taught


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There is a 'class'-

NVLSP provides a Certificate in Basic Veterans Benefits-I forget how much it costs but I got my Certificate in 1997 and plan on getting another one next year as I believe the course will be updated quite a bit.

The NVLSP web site has more info-

They sent me the packet of test materials and then corrected them- just like a regular college course.

But they also publish the VBM which is a must read for anyone taking this course.

I think anyone who attempts to help vets with claims should definitely purchase the VBM every year.

Also NOVA has a disk of Claims advise and Jim Strickland at VA Watchdog publishes considerable info as to the VA claims process.

Also anyone can be a one time only veteran's representative for a vets VA claim-

the VA web site should have more info on how that goes-

and anyone can become an accreditted vet rep -after they prove to the VA they have basic knowledge of VA case law and regs-

that info too is expanded at the VA web site.

A volunteer veteran's advocate cannot charge a vet money for any services rendered.

I am sure they can ask for copy fees or mailing fees they might have spent money on themselves while helping a vet with a claim.

I commend your interest in helping veterans.It takes lots of study -especially regarding any new regs that come out and a wilingness to research a lot.

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I would like a class about the lessor known aspects of winning claims and to the fine print in the regs. You can know the general aspects of the claims process, but that is not where the real meat is at. They don't tell you how important your IMO is, or how to avoid pitfalls.

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yeah my imo was from a va doctor who gave me a good c and p she

was on my side after reading my c-file and treatment records . i would

not have won if not for her. the best thing to happen to me was when

they asked for medical opinion from her.

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