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100% Ui Or Pt

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I have been 90% Service connected for quite a while for numerous injuries and also have a 70% rating for PTSD.My Doctors at the VA told me I need to leave work and request 100% as it is affecting my health both physically and mentally.They're (VA) giving me a letter to take in to my work place tomorrow and turn in to Occupational Health to place me on extended Medical Leave until I have been processed out of service.I work for the US Government,Dept of the Army.My question is am I doing this right as per their directions, or should I be doing this differently?I just don't have a warm fuzzy about this whole thing.I have applied for my 100% with my VSO about a month ago.Somebody please give me some advice.After tomorrow I will start using my sick leave, annual leeave and compensation time till it's burn up and then wait for the outcome.Please give me some info on this.Thanks in advance.I'm really worried about this.

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  • HadIt.com Elder

That is about the only way.

It takes some time to process out. What about a disability retirement under csrs or fers?

The doc has put you out and the DOA will not argue with the VA on this issue.

The window between your current pay and getting the VA comop is the uncertainty in your case.


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If you are given a federal disability and if U are on CSRS U should get pretty close to what U would get on a regular retirement.

If you are on FERS then U will get 60 % taxable, the first year and 40 % the rest of the time until U reach your retirement.

It is assumeing that U will get SS disabilities to make up the rest. U can go on www.OPM.Gov to research disability retirements.

Good Luck.

3 years to retire

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I you fall under FERS you have to file for Social Security before you file for disability retirement. It is a part of the retirement process. You can do it online at SSA.com

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Thanks four information, help and encouragement. Sounds like I have a lot of work and headaches ahead of me. Nothing I'm not accustomed to though. I already feel the emptiness inside of me now that I am "leaving the workforce". Working here on the Army post has been a security blanket to me in a lot of ways, but it had it's downside as well with all the deployments going on and the bewildered look on the soldiers that passed me by as I assisted in their preperation for going to war. Thanks again and I will keep all advised as to status of my ongoing venture into the "paper nightmare" once again.


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