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Mh Screen

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Can someone answer this for me. A PHQ-2 screen was performed. The score was 4 which is a positive screen for depression. Is this a GAF score?

I am putting in a claim SC to service conection for pain for lumbar strain, Degenerative arthritus, Bilateral sciatica legs and bilateral plantarfaciatis feet.

Also have aPHQ-9 score of 13 which is suggestive of moderate depression.

This is from my MH doctor at the VA. I also have this note Mood diss order SC to medical condition (chronic pain). Do I need to have anything else added for my claim. My MH doctor has encouraged me to put in for this for compensation.

Thanks in advance.

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no it is not a gaf score. a mental health screen is not a diagnosis. the gaf (global assessment of functioning) will be assigned in conjunction with a confirmed diagnosis.

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Cut and Paste from elsewhere:

What is GAF?

GAF, the G stands for Global so it's an overall view of your total, whole, GLOBAL, condition and includes everything you suffer from.

The Global Assessment of Function (GAF) Score will show up as the Axis V (Roman Numeral) of the Psychiatric Evaluation.

The Score is of most importance for rating purposes at the time of your C&P exam. However, it will also show up on periodic reports made by one or more of your VAMC providers of care. Their score is a guide that reflects how you are doing at the time of each of your visits to a VAMC Mental Health Clinic.

For rating purposes the C&P evaluator's score carries a lot of weight; but know this your GAF score can and will change over time depending on the subjective judgment of the person evaluating you. DO NOT assume that because you received a low GAF at one C&P that you will receive a high rating from a rating specialist, DRO, or the BVA.

The GAF is very subjective and a rating specialist will not base his or her decision just on the number given by your Psychiatric Evaluation.

Go to the Release of Information Office of your VAMC and ask them to provide you with a list of your scores over time. My VAMC can do this. If your VAMC cannot or will not summarize the numbers, ask for a copy of the reports for each visit you have made over time to a VAMC Mental Health Clinic.

A GAF number will be given on the reports if you routinely go to a VAMC Mental Health Clinic. The clinicians treating you have to update your GAF several times a year. Look for the following AXIS identifiers:

Axis I is the Main Psychiatric Diagnosis. (e.g.: Manic-Depressive, OCD, PTSD etc.)

Axis II is any other Psch Condition that is impacting on Axis I

Axis III is any medical condition that impacts on Axis I

Axis IV is any social/economic condition that impacts on Axis I (i. e. going through Divorce, High Debt or whatever.)

Axis V is the GAF. (Simply a number)

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  • HadIt.com Elder

GAF is merely an opinion of how someone rates a person at a particular point in time. I think that to many people get hung up on GAF instead of the evidence of their condition.

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My MH doctor has multiple diagnosis notes stating Mood ( Major depression) do to sec to medical conditions (chronic Pain). Also put a GAF score of 45/50.

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  • HadIt.com Elder

If the pain is due to a service connected condition then I think you have a good claim for service connection for secondary depression due to chronic pain. Time to file your claim.

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