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  1. If you hire a lawyer do they get paid from the date they started on your case or all the way back to earliest effective date?
  2. I will persevere in my claims also. Thanks for the encouragement
  3. I appreciate that you took time out of your day looking this up, it was very insightful and reassuring that I have a possibility of getting a higher rating. At this time I have an appeal in for an increase from 20% to a higher rating and earlier effective date.
  4. Foot drop is listed at the 60% rate and 20% is mild and 40% is moderate severe. There is no line item on the C&P exam worksheet for moderate severe that's why I was asking.
  5. Has anyone ever received the 40% rating for radicalopathy/sciatica? I am not at the 60% rating but I am worse off than the 20% rating. I have had two back surgeries L4-L5-S1 and a nerve simulator implanted with no relief. I am rated at 20% now and was wondering if it was worth the fight for the 40% rating.
  6. Thanks Berta. I was surprised by the turn around time. I emailed the VA Secretary right after he was named and ever since my claim has been moving.
  7. I just got a call from my regional office and was informed that I was awarded IU and Chapter 35 benefits. I am in shock as about a month ago I received a SSOC that stated the case was not settled and then my lawyer submitted a Functional Assessment by an independent physician 2 weeks ago. I received the call today stating I was awarded IU and Chapter 35 benefits. Does this mean permanent and total or will they award Chapter 35 for TDIU?
  8. Hopefully you will get at least 30%, I was given 10% for mine and was just awarded 30% after appeal. I was rated for Major Depressive Disorder secondary to pain. I have an attorney and they have put in for a DRO hearing for an increase as my C&P exam notes show an evaluation of 70%. Don't give up and peruse what you think is favorable to your case.
  9. Has anyone been able to service connect diabetes type II secondary to medications for depression or pain? In the past 8 years I have gained substantial weight due to being sedentary due to two failed back surgeries and depression. VA prescribed medications for depression and outside Neurosurgeon and outside pain management for service connected Degenerative Disk Disease.
  10. The VA and Social Security are two different facilitators. They do not talk to each other and you may get approved for one and not the other. I would apply for both as soon as you can.
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