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Ssa Told Me I Didn't Pay Enough Social Security Tax To Receive A Check

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Did SSA use both your military work time and civilian work time? I'm going to ask that question in the morning. Thanks you

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This is in reply to the topic title.

YES - 100 % SC'd veterans can receive SSDI if they meet

the eligibility criteria for SSDI.

Service connected veterans are in NO WAY PENALIZED in regards

to SSDI benefits.

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It is possible that you did not pay in enough "quarters" (40) for full retirement.

If you are younger than retirement age, there was a scale of some sort, and I've forgotten it.

A key thing is to make sure that SSA actually has the correct number of quarter credited to your account.

A couple of decades ago, I found out that SSA had not credited several years of quarters to my account.

Since I still had the tax returns for the years involved, as well as the w-2s, it was no problem to get the corrections made.

Turned out that the Philly tax center had processed the returns, since I was overseas. Somehow, the information did not

get placed in wherever the IRS kept the records at the time.

SSA told me I did not pay enough Social Security tax to receive SSDI.

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Chuck is correct. You need 40 quarters and 20 has to made in the last 10 years to be eligible for SSDI. This was the reason I'm not eligible as well, according to my SS Statement. I worked for the Feds and didn't pay SS cause I retired on the old retirement system and not FERS.

Did you pay enough to get SSI at retirement age?

Although I'm not eligible for SSDI I did work prior to Fed service and earned enough for a little SSI check at age 62 and a little more at 65. But another member here said that because I'm 60% SC, I won't even get that. But hey, at least I'm not homeless, and my Oklahoma T-bone sandwiches aren't to shabby either.

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