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How Are The Other Va Medical Centers?

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I am 25 minutes from the Bath VAMC in Steuben COunty NY.

It is in the county seat but I live in the boonies as much of this area is farmland.

The Bath VAMC traditionally gets the highest ratings annually out of all VAMCs for Cleanliness.

Also the hospital food is pretty good.

It is a historic place, being a farm hospital built during the Civil War.

The Museum on the VA grounds is full of old medical instruments. As Civil War vets recovered from their war wounds, they helped with the crops, the dairy, and whatever livestock they raised on the VA land.

They have a National Cemetery which is absolutely gorgeous.

The grounds and roads within the VA complex are well maintained,even in the winter.We do get lots of snow up here.

Their hospital care is limited however and many vets have to go to Canandaigua VAMC or Buffalo for some further tests.

They have a Domiciliary, Chapel,State Vets division (vet reps), 2 canteens , and a Nursing home on the grounds as well.

Plus a large theater and rec room.

This VAMC treated me under Champva and my two USAF neighbors get very good care there.

Parking for those with Handicap sticker is right next to their main doors.Others have to walk up a little hill or over a little bridge from the parking areas to the VAMC

Still this is a fairly limited facility.

All of the VAMCS have a web page via the main VA web site with info on what type of care etc they have.

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Myrtle Beach is GREAT! All of the staff at our CBOC is amazing. We get farmed out to local hospitals for 911 issues but other than that we go to Ralph H Johnson hospital in Charleston which is about an hour and an 15 min from the beach. I can't say enough about the staff there and the treatment....they go above and beyond.

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Mt Vernon, Mo was the smoothest clinic operation we have experienced. Appointments arranged on same day; instant food voucher without asking. Cafeteria was outstanding in quality and cleanliness. We were on first name basis with our team, and they with us. Parking was a problem sometime, but usually sufficient except for handicap spots.

Drawbacks include extremely long trips to VAMC hospitals at either St Louis or Fayetteville Ar. Travel pay helped that, and cost of living there is super-low. Quaint town of Mt Vernon has unique country events and festivals. 'Apple Butter Makin Days' for example. This is REALLY country life, 4 hours from St Louis. Homes are ridiculously low cost & weather not too bad (except 2011).

We moved to Waco, Tx last Dec, and while housing cost is reasonable, the clinic is 'ok', but nowhere near the quality we were accustomed to. We are still trying to find out exactly who the VIST coordinator is, and there is a Blind Center on campus! The VARO here has handled everything in a speedy manner for us. However, we've had a couple of rude counselors. The in-house DAV has been great for paper-moving, nice guys, but not much information. (That comes from HADITand). Very nice VA hospital in Temple, about 30 miles. Waco has 2 large civilian hospitals as well.

Locally, there are lots of river activities (Brazos River), local park concerts, great restaurants, and Baylor University, TSTC, and a large McLennan County Community College. Most any commute in town to anywhere is no more than 10-15 minutes; not a really big town. Oh yes, the locals are real friendly.

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The Villages Florida is GREAT! All of the staff at our CBOC is outstanding and we have our own Hospital here in case of emergency other wise we drive about

an hour to the Gainesville VAMC, can't say much about the VARO in St. Pete I'm sure John999 can tell you more.


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