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New Claims Posted To Ebenifits 9 19 11

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Carl the Engineer



My previous claims were completed a couple of months ago and then I requested and received a copy of my medical records from the VA hospital where I go for everything and did some reading. I am claiming five issues that I found in the record and one just because I can. Comment on any, suggestions, and wish me luck.

1. Left shoulder condition-they took x-rays of both shoulders for my right shoulder increase and said I should request addition of arthritis for my left shoulder. Already 10% left shoulder for tendinopothy, so combined not stacked, probably no increase.

2. Plantar's warts-C&P examiner recommended that I claim this as I had them removed twice while on active duty and once since I left service, right foot only. Hoping for 10%.

3. Hemorrhoids-Just had my 50 year short colonoscopy, doctor commented on my having internal and external hemorrhoids, with history of such. No issues at this time, just would like service connection. Probably 0%.

4. Thoracic spine arthritis-Recent x-ray shows DDD/DJD and arthritis. Same thing showed up on my neck (DDD at 20%), doctor said it was progressed enough to have started on active duty. I'm thinking 10%.

5. Lumbar spine arthritis-Recent x-ray shows DDD and arthritis. See (thoracic) above. Probably combined with above. 10% total, unless ROM is the issue, graded accordingly combined with thoracic.

6. Acquired psychiatric disorder to include obsessive compulsive disorder-Been seeing a VA councilor for 4 months after ocd comments from family and coworkers. We'll see on this one. No clue?

Currently at 65 rounded to 70, so I would have to hit a 20 and a 10, or three 10's for a increase in compensation. Probably won't hit that, however, it would be good to get some of these SC'd for the future if I were to have complication in these areas, etc.



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I don't know how I missed your reply, but,

Yes, the VA did a MRI of both of my shoulders when I filled for an increase in my right shoulder.

I did get an increase in my right shoulder, however it was because of ROM. I went from 10 to 20 percent.

They did not do a ROM on my left shoulder as it has not changed from the original C&P.

My only issue with the left shoulder was the comment in my rating letter stating that they saw arthritis in my left shoulder simular to my right and I could file for it. I already have 10 percent in my left for tendinopathy, so I do not see a increase there, but filed anyway to see what happens.

Still at "Preparing for decision" today.


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Ducks quacking? You got me on that one...


I think it means "looks like you have your ducks in a row"...

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