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Online Ptsd Test

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Pete is correct.

For PTSD claims falling under the new PTSD criteria- a PTSD diagnosis MUST come from a VA MH provider.

The new criteria is in the PTSD forum here and also a link to the court action filed against VA regarding these regs and a link to my article at VA Watchdog Today regarding this important court challenge.So far they still stand as is-

non independent medical diagnosis of PTSD will be accepted for claims under the 'new' criteria.

If the stressor does not fall into the 'hostile activity' part of the new regs, then VA will ask JSRRC to verify the stressor.

A lot of info regarding whether a vet comes under the new PTSD regs,or old regs - is found right in the regs themselves-available in our PTSD forum and in 38 CFR.

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I just found this test online...Im sure it wont guarntee benefits, but it may be useful as a screening tool. I am curious Berta, tho, why it takes a VA Doc to certify PTSD when medical evidence from a private physician should suffice to be awarded benefits on conditions other than PTSD. I dont doubt what you say is true, but it seems to me to fly in the face of regulations which allow the Veteran to obtain IMO's from private physicians to be used as evidence to grant benefits. Im sure its about the VA having "special rules" that apply to PTSD...they have soooo many "special rules"...

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